they're so cute :33

heavenlysams  asked:

(for the 5 sentence fic thing) Sam looked down at the tiny, wriggling bundle of fur in his arms.

The kitten, still wet from the pouring rain, was almost entirely white but for a soft smear of gray fur over its nose that expanded into a spot that ringed around both eyes and one ear, a grayish shape on its belly that reminded Sam of a goblet if he squinted at it from the right angle, and two patches of gray behind its back legs.

Dean was muttering about dirt in the bunker and allergies and about how silly it would be to keep it and how this thing’s gonna be an outside cat if it’s anything at all, you hear? but the kitten, oblivious, huddled the crook of Sam’s arm, snuffled against his skin, and began to vibrate with happy purrs.

Before Sam could really think about it, he said, “Galahad.”

“Uhhhh… I was thinkin’ maybe, I dunno, Spot, or Cyclops, or maybe anything but that, because… well, don’t you think he’s a bit wimpy for a Galahad?”

“It’s okay,” Sam said, and scratched the tiny kitten’s head, “he’ll grow into it.”

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