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Crossing Oceans : Chapter 3

Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 5509
Co-written by: skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff
Summary: “Dipper closed the distance, taking his hand and lacing their fingers. It didn’t matter that he stuttered some. He could still be taken seriously. He was important. He mattered enough to be called more by his own father. How often had Wirt wondered since sending the card if his dad had gotten it and read a question about his birthday? As much as Dipper and his own dad had their troubles, he’d never had to ask to spend a birthday together.“

- Chapter 14 in “Lakeville, City of Lakes”

Wirt spends his birthday with his dad and things don’t exactly go according to plan.

Set between part three and part four of "Mystery Best Friends.”


Chapter 3

When they entered the hotel room this time, Wirt actually noticed just what it looked like. The room was awash with soft grays and olive greens. The walls were adorned with a few framed renderings of Parisian landmarks and cityscapes, one boasting an intricate damask pattern in a darker green. Above each of the twin beds were wall lights able to be angled away for reading should the other occupant of the bed wish to sleep. Two round accent chairs were stuffed in a corner close to a wall-mounted television and a small desk was pushed against the wall closest to the door that opened to the terrace. Over by the dresser, relatively untouched aside from when they’d been dumped inside, were Greg and Wirt’s suitcases and their respective carry-on bags, Greg’s backpack open and crayons and coloring books spilling out onto the floor.

It was cozy. It was soothing. It felt much more like him than the ornate, lavish, over-the-top suite his dad had booked. Though, Wirt supposed it wasn’t just their surroundings that he found comforting, but also the company.

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