they're so comfortable around each other that personal space is non-existent

2 ➳【bakugou / midoriya】

“Kacchan, please move.”

The only respond Midoriya’s plead received was a grunt.

“Kacchan,” Midoriya tried again, shaking Bakugou’s body that was sprawled out on the bed. Midoriya’s bed, to be exact. “I wanna sleep.”

“Fuckin’ noisy… Deku…”

Even in his sleep—or was it half-asleep state?—Bakugou still managed to sound irked. Midoriya expected no less, but right now drowsiness had started to pull his eyelids down and at this rate he’s going to fall asleep on the floor. And it’s all because of the person occupying his soft, comfortable, and warm bed.  

“Kacchaaan,” Midoriya called out, dragging out the ‘a’ on purpose. His voice sounded sluggish. “If you’re not going to go back to your own room at least make some space for me. I’m sleepy…”

Despite his words and condition, the movements of Midoriya’s hands were anything but lethargic. He put more force in his attempt to shake the blond-haired boy awake, and was considering pinching Bakugou’s cheeks as a change of tactic when a grumble that suspiciously sounded like ‘fucking nerd doesn’t know when to stop’ escaped Bakugou’s lips. That was the only warning he got as a hand gripped Midoriya’s forearm and oof, suddenly the freckled teenager found himself landing on the bed, head pillowed on a strong arm and Bakugou’s—handsome, his mind unhelpfully supplied—face being way too close to his.

Heat spread through his face in an alarming rate, and his heart picked up its pace. The gears in his head were already putting together the event that had just occurred—instead of moving, Bakugou had chosen to pull Midoriya into the bed, apparently—but their work came to a sudden halt when Midoriya became hyper-aware of the non-existent space between their bodies, Bakugou’s warm breath, Bakugou’s sleeping face (Midoriya thought he looked adorable, peaceful and without the furrow between his eyebrows, but he won’t voice that now because he wanted to sleep, not avoiding his face from being blown up, thank you), and Bakugou’s arm (Kacchan does have really, really nice arms).

It was kind of weird, really. They had done more intimate things than this like kissing, but there was just something in the air that made Midoriya—

“You’re so troublesome… Izuku.”

Midoriya’s mind might had blanked out for a second there.

“Ka— Kacchan?” he stuttered out, cheeks flaming, chest tightening, and all kinds of weird feelings dancing in the pit of his stomach. He didn’t mishear that, did he? Bakugou really called him by his first name, right? Right?

Well, All Might did say that dating couples usually call each other with their first names and honestly, Midoriya was waiting for the right time to do it. But now that Bakugou had beaten him to it, he was not prepared for the impact, especially with the voice he used to said it, all heavy and husky with sleep—

A warm palm slapped over his mouth. “Stop mumbling, Goddamnit. Just go the fuck to sleep,” Bakugou grumbled, and Midoriya noted that the furrow between his eyebrows was back again, even if his eyes were still closed.

Midoriya gulped, the way Bakugou said ‘Izuku’ still resonating in his head. When he was free to speak again, he said, sounding almost out of breath, “Right. Sleep.”

Bakugou slung an arm around Midoriya’s waist, pulling him closer until they were chest-to-chest. Midoriya put his head on the crook of Bakugou’s neck, and while Bakugou’s soft snores entered his hearing, Midoriya was finally aware that his previous drowsiness had disappeared into thin air.

Needless to say, comfortable as his position was, Midoriya didn’t get much sleep that night.