they're so closer this year i think

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UT/UF Sans sits next to a cute Crush on the bus who wears ear buds all the time. As time goes by, they end up passing little notes to each other, growing closer and closer. One day, Crush offers their earbuds to the skell to show what kind of music they're listening to. There's no music. Crush is deaf and wears earbuds to kind of hide it. (I was thinking about a video I saw years ago when I read the bus ask hhh)

Ok so I googled deaf girl earphones notes lol, and I think I found the video you were talking about. It’s this one:

if anyone is interested.

Also this turned into a small one shot

UT!Sans: The first time you two interact is the first day he’s on the bus. He’s not completely sure where his stop is and his phone is dead so he can’t google it. He turns to ask you but when he sees the earbuds he just gently taps on your shoulder so you’ll turn to him. He starts asking you the question when he realizes that you’re still wearing the earbuds. He gestures for you pen and notebook you’re holding and then quickly writes out the question on a blank page. When you write the answer he just thanks you and lets you be, you didn’t seem like you wanted to interact and he respects that.

Next day he sees you on the bus, sitting in the same exact spot. Because the bus is fairly crowded he figures he can get away with sitting next to you again. He is, conveniently enough, carrying a pen and pack of post it notes in his pockets. He plops down next to you and carefully sticks a post-it note on the back of the seat in front of you.

’’I hope you’re not too bus-y, just wanted to properly tank u for the help yesterday’’

…the puns are starting to sink in.

But he keeps at it. Placing the block of post-it notes between the two of you so you can both reach them. The rest of the bus journey is spent trying to come up with the corniest jokes about traffic and writing *groans* and ’’omg that one was so bad’’ in response to some of his worst ones. Examples include:

’’Yesterday was my first time taking the bus, I wanted a car but I couldn’t a ford one’’


’’But I can Harley wait ’til I  get my motorcycle license’’

After a few days the puns are slowly replaced with questions and a real conversation starts to build. Everything from books to movies to his brother and just general life on the surface and all of its struggles. By now both of you carry your own post it notes and pens and Sans finds himself skipping his stop to talk to you for just a little bit longer. He’s really starting to like you and your humor and he wishes he could talk to you without the post it notes.

When you offer him your earbuds after a few days he takes it as you opening up to him a little more. His stop is coming up soon but he still has a little time left. When he takes the earbuds and doesn’t hear the music he’s kind of confused before he looks up and sees your sad smile. Then he puts two and two together. You never reacted to people screaming in the back of the bus or loud noises outside. He hands you the earphones and smiles back. Then he starts signing. You never introduced yourself when you talked through the notes so that’s what he’s doing now. Before you have any time to react, the bus stops and this is as far as he can take it. He grabs a post it note and quickly scribbles something before hopping off.

’’Thanks for trusting me enough to show me your song. I’d love to talk through more efficient notes, though. Text me?’’

His number is written on the bottom.

UF!Sans: He’s been on the bus a few times before and he’s seen you around. This time he’s sitting next to you, though, and that’s a first. He’s kind of flustered which he hates, and he’s doing everything he can to not look at you. He notices a guy a few seats across from you two, and he won’t stop staring. That wouldn’t be so unusual if it was at Sans. But this creep just won’t stop staring at you. Then, the guy slowly brings his phone up and starts taking pictures. That’s the last straw. He doesn’t want to cause a commotion in public right now, he’s way too tired for that sh*t. Instead he opts for sending a death stare in the creep’s direction. It’s effective and the guy quickly puts down his phone and looks away. He gets off on the next stop.

Sans still feels like he has to warn you though. He pokes your shoulder to get your attention and your head jerks up. He starts to speak when you gesture to the headphones. He wonders why you can’t just take them off but decides not to ask. Instead he picks up his phone and quickly writes a message in his notes telling you about the creep. He gives it to you and watches you read it before you start typing away on his phone. You tell him that you know the guy and that he’s not gonna do anything but you thank him for telling you and also making him stop. He just grunts and takes his phone back, turning away from you. He’s blushing and he doesn’t want you to see. He gets off on the earliest stop possible.

He sees you again a few days later. Still sat there with your earbuds in and looking out the window. There are not empty seats, and he’d rather sit beside someone who doesn’t look at him with distaste so he slips into the seat next to you. You look over and give him a small smile before turning forward again. He kind of wants to talk to you, but you’re still wearing your earbuds. So he picks up his phone and does the same thing as the other day, he writes you a small message in his phone’s notes.

’’what’re ya listening to kid?’

You smile down at his phone and raise and eyebrow at him and for a moment he feels kind of stupid and thinks about teleporting off the bus. But you just give a very quiet laugh as you type out something on his phone and then hand it back.

’’It’s a very special song, it’s part of me’’

Well that wasn’t what he had expected. Still, you weren’t rejecting his attempts at conversation. He hands you the phone again, asking if maybe he could hear it. You pause for a second seemingly re-reading it a couple times. Then you shake your head and give him back his phone with an answer.

’’I’m embarrassed by it :(’’

Just as he reads the note you squeeze yourself out of the seat and bolt towards the exit. Huh, he hadn’t even noticed it had stopped. Just as you’re about to jump out of the bus you stop and turn around. You give him a smal smile and a little wave and then you’re out. He can feel his soul brighten a little.

This time he doesn’t delete the notes you left in his phone.

It becomes a sort of routine. Every time you’re both on the bus you sit next to each other and talk through his phone. He knows you better now, and his crush on you is growing more and more. He knows a lot about you. Your favorite movies and books, your interests, your humor and what your family’s like. But he still doesn’t know why you refuse to take of your headphones and talk to him. He ignores it though, and tries to push down the tiny bit of insecurity he feels because of it. And then one day when you’re talking about one of the human and monster talk shows, you ask him something out of topic.

’’Can I have your number? It would be easier to text than to go on like this. And then we wouldn’t have to limit our talks to the bus :/’’

This is his chance

’’I’ll show you my number if you show me your song’’

You stare at the screen for a while and then look up at him with a pensive look. Then you reach up and take your earbuds out and then hand them to him. He lift them to where his ears would’ve been if he were human, which is where he hears the best. Still nothing. Sh*t, did he break them?

But when he looks back at you, still a little panicky because sh*t he just broke your headphones, you’re just smiling sadly. Then you sign something with your hands that he doesn’t understand. You must have noticed that he didn’t follow what you just signed because you pick up his phone and, while making sure that he can see what you were doing, you went into his contacts. You add a contact with your number and then name it ’’cool bus person’’

Then you go back into his phones notes where you have been having your conversation. You type for a while and then give him the phone. This time you’re not looking at him as he reads, instead you’re looking out over the bus.

’’I’m deaf and there never was a song. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to look at me like I’m different. You still owe me your number though’’

He can’t help but laugh as he goes into his contacts and starts typing a message to you. Only now does he realize that holy f you gave him your number. As he’s typing he doesn’t notice the bus slowing down and coming to a stop. His head jerks up as you tap him lightly on the shoulder and wave as you walk away. Before you jump off you turn to him and make a motion with your hands as if you were texting on a phone. He nods his head to you. You look relived and smile one more time before exiting the bus. As soon as the bus starts moving he continue with the message.

’’It doesn’t make you different in a bad way. Made me think I broke your headphones tho - Sans’’

This isn't perfect but it's damn close

Hanamaki stumbles into their tiny apartment, wearing an oversized hoodie (that he stole from one of his boyfriends, probably Hajime) and a disgruntled expression on his face.

His hair, too long because he hasn’t had enough time to cut it, is swept up to the side with a green clip and what isn’t is brushing his shoulders.

It’s messy and he’s tired and his sketchbooks won’t stop falling to the floor in a whirlwind of papers and it’s been a long day with long classes.

“Issei?” He kicks off his shoes and calls, stopping in the kitchen to finally put down his sketchbook with a million loose papers.

His bag is unceremoniously thrown to the side, but he’s too tired to care about material possessions when he could be cuddling his boyfriend on the couch or bed.

Speaking of said boyfriend…

“Issei?” Hanamaki asks again, searching in the living room and the bathroom.

He hears a soft answering whine coming from the bedroom so he walks in quietly.

The sight is almost enough to make him melt, because his boyfriend is wearing an old hoodie and sweatpants and cuddling into a pillow. The blanket is thrown hazardously across half the bed and half the floor.

Matsukawa is stretched on the bed, taking almost all of the space up. His face is relaxed and peaceful, but he looks exhausted from classes.

“Hiro?” Issei mumbles, one eye cracking open. “Where are ‘Zumi and Tooru?” It’s barely understandable, with how scratchy his voice is from sleep and how he pressed his face to the pillow, but Hanamaki understood perfectly.

He steps into the room, sitting down on the corner of the bed with a squeak of the lumpy mattress.

“They’re coming; the train was running late so they’re still at the campus.” He answers quietly, brushing some hair out of Issei’s face gently.

All he gets in reply is some mumbling and a tug on his wrist, causing him to lose his balance and fall next to Matsukawa on the bed.

The other makes a happy sounding grunt and pulls him closer. Takahiro takes a deep breathe of his boyfriend’s familiar smell, cuddling closer to bury his face in his chest.

Arms are wrapped around his waist and their legs are a mess and he doesn’t know where he starts and Issei ends, but that’s okay. It’s nice and warm, and his tired body is relaxing into the sheets. He can barely think, but he knows one thing for certain.

He loves Matsukawa Issei.

“I love you too, you nerd,” his boyfriend grumbles into his hair. “Now go to sleep, I’m tired.”

Hanamaki giggles and cuddles impossibly closer, half onto Matsukawa.

But that’s okay.

That means there’s enough room for Tooru and Hajime when they come…


It’s unfair, you’re the only one growing up.

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tbh everyone on tumblr has been saying things like 'this is it' 'soon' 'not long now' 'we're getting closer' for the past what like 4 months? I know no one knows when they're going to come out but this is so tiring, thinking something's happening when it really is nothing like sorry but

I get that it’s frustrating to see the horizon of something you’re looking forward to, and have it pushed further back. I mean, what if a kid woke up on Christmas morning and their parents said “Nevermind, we’ll get to it next year.”

Except that we’re not “entitled” to watch Harry and Louis come out (should they be each other’s partners) in the same way that we’re “entitled” to a family holiday that’s been promised. This fandom tends to take personal ownership over the lives and desires of Harry and Louis. I enjoy speculation and trying to figure out the puzzle pieces because the various pieces of this band and its media image baffle me. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, but it’s not of major importance to myself. And I have to remind myself to be respectful to the two people at the center of it. My disappointment at things like the livestream is a reflection of myself and my relationship to this fandom more so than of the fandom itself. So whenever something’s disappointing, I need to keep in mind that my feelings should not be what’s at stake here. 

The moment my self-worth becomes tied up in whether Larry happened today, or whether Larry is real, is the moment that, for myself, will need to take step back. You may have different lines, but knowing what’s healthy and functional for yourself is important. You have every right to do what you need to do, that means staying part of the fandom or taking a step back or changing the parts of the fandom you’re exposed to. If you’re finding it tiring to wake up every morning wondering if today gets to be Christmas, think of ways that you can mitigate the stress. The way that works for me is reminding myself that it’s not about me. If that ever stops working, I might try stepping back from the fandom, or distracting myself with a second look at some things, or changing who I follow. Do what works for you to keep it a fun experience for yourself. 

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ew ikr tbh i think they just grew closer while writing the book and that's why the gay levels in videos are higher. it's not fanservice they're probably just more comfortable together (orinarelationshipidkmaybe)

w h o a  i never thought of it that way!  That’s such a good point though because they felt a lot closer since the middle of last year (when I believe they started planning the book) and incredibly so since the beginning of this year.
But jeez, I didn’t think this before but writing the book must have been like, pretty emotional at times - like we saw how emo/heart-eyes they got just talking about what the book meant to them in the explanation video so just imagining them sitting down and reminiscing together about meeting each other for the first time, getting to know one another and everything that has happened since then and now i can’t help but feel it had an impact on their comfortableness and what they show on camera (which as ive said before feels v natural and in some ways accidental? like as though they forget their on camera or something).
but yeah wow thank u jane for pointing that out :0

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So, why do you think Astrid said that she and Hiccup were "just friends" in episode 11(maybe) of RTTE but at the end of the episode they seem like they're an item, so to speak? What is really going on between them? I do like the idea of them being together, but Astrid's comment kinda bothered me. So what's your theory on this?

Unpopular opinion time!

I think they’re just friends. I think that there were a couple kisses but Astrid didn’t know how to take it anywhere closer to a relationship, and Hiccup got distracted by exploring, which is completely in character for him to get his mind on something and forget everything else. And then suddenly it was a year or two since they kissed and they haven’t talked about anything but dragons or the academy or the map whenever they’re alone. And it’s not that Hiccup lost interest, it’s that he kind of forgot that any sort of interest was on his to do list in the first place. And Astrid spent most of her life training and she has no idea how to go about this so she just doesn’t. She starts thinking about her own future, talking about joining the guard.

And then that brings us to rtte, where…nothing has happened yet. And I’ll stick by that, I don’t think there’s any secret liasons, I don’t think there’s any subtext. I think there won’t be any hiccstrid until there’s an Astrid centric episode…which won’t really be Astrid centric, because it’ll be Hiccstrid centric.

And I know the standard argument I’m going to get in response to this is that “it’s a show for little boys, they don’t want romance”. But I think they should put character and storytelling ahead of dumbing down things for who they think their audience should be. I know quite a few six year old boys from the babysitting circuit and I’ve never seen a single one say that they don’t like something because of a romantic side plot. They watch frozen and say “Anna is brave”, they watch little mermaid and say “Eric is nice”. And they probably wouldn’t notice a hiccstrid storyline because they’d be flying around the room like a dragon whenever dragons aren’t actually flying on screen. I think it’s lazy writing to blame the children. Children are smart, and people who can’t see that are dumb.

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I'm placing my bets on 2017 being the year they a) move out and away from each other, b) do less and less vids together, c) reveal they're either single or have been in relationships the whole time. I can't help but think SO many people are convinced something MASSIVE is going to happen in 2017 that is will actually be the opposite.

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Think about all the thousands of hours of footage Winston & crew have shot these past years and then think about the end products we've received. And then cry. So many different stories could have been told but weren't because they didn't fit the stupid image they're trying to uphold. It's like sacrificing Zayn's high note in You & I for "the cool effect" or whatever it was, but multiplied by a billion. We don't want the cool effect. We want an image closer to the truth. (And Zayn's high note.)

This is so depressing.



Gintoki rounded the corner whistling to himself and winked at the group of first years when they passed each other. He got mixed reactions and snorted because of the girl that looked like she wanted to hex him for looking in her direction. Unlike Hijikata, Gintoki wasn’t some massive heartthrob that basically broke the hearts of everyone in different years once they realized the closest thing to a love interest he had was mayonnaise. 

It was late in the evening, he almost wanted to turn around and track the first years to see what they were doing out so late. Likely they were scurrying back to their houses now, but he was still curious and thought he might be able to spook them. Too bad he had someplace to be, otherwise he’d work on building up a good reputation with the impressionable youngsters. 

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