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The sweet Sophie Hunter/Cumberbatch in Friends and Crocodiles (2005)

“Interviewer: How eager or not eager is [John Silver] to take on this mantle at this point?

Luke Arnold: It’s a little bit of both. He’s now very invested in this world. He always used to say he didn’t believe in Flint…He’s now part of it. It’s really the two of them ready to take this war to the world. And I think as well, Madi is really integral to giving him the confidence to take that up. I think everyone around him…he has relationships with Billy, Madi, Flint, all the Walrus Crew. And I think as a guy who never wanted to be a part of anything before, who was not a joiner, because of these relationships he’s starting to feel a part of this war, a part of this group of brothers, and I think is feeling the potential that he could take up that mantle and be the Long John Silver who starts this revolution.

Inteviewer: The relationship between Flint and Silver is very complicated, lots of back and forth…They are allies right now but is there always like, I don’t know if it was a threat or not, but [Silver] said maybe I could be here to succeed you, so is there a strange dynamic still between them?

Luke Arnold: I think there is but I think that, in this world, they’re about as close as two friends can be, and that was the acknowledgment in that scene. I think it was less a threat but the acknowledgment that they’re really close. And also when he finds out about Flint’s backstory, he knows how self-destructive Flint is, but also how destructive as a force he is to those around him. But he’s also aware of the power Silver has now. [Silver]’s managed to very quickly rise up to a high position of power in this world. So…I think it’s less a threat but more just acknowledging where they’re both sitting in the moment. And being such good friends, as honest as they are with each other in that moment, I think it’s kind of a surprise to both of them that they ended up there.”

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I can't stop going back to look at the picture on page 111 of DAPGO of d&p. They're sitting so awfully close and I don't know if Phil is sitting behind Dan or what but half of Dan's body seems to be right in front of Phil's and they look like a legitimate couple and it's so cute they included it. Idk if you or anyone else found that particular photo special haha

If this is the pic you mean then yes it’s probably in my top ten… er, maybe top fifteen… fuck it there are a lot of pics I love but yes I do love this one a lot. There are a few photos in the book where they look pretty cozy in ways we wouldn’t normally get to see them looking cozy, and I just love it. This book is amazing, and I really didn’t think I’d end up loving it so much.