they're so beautiful i'm gonna cry


Hi. Sorry. I just wanted to bless tumblr with these two beautiful angels. There’s a sort-of reality show in Italy where a man or woman sits on a “throne” and there are about 30 people there for that person. The person on the throne chooses 2 or 3 people to go out with each week to get to know them. They only see each other when they record the show and the 60 minute date during the week. They get to the end of their “journey” (which can take 3-5 months) and they’re usually left with 2 or 3 people that they like the most. Then there’s “the choice” where they basically choose the one they want to start a relationship with and it’s all cute and romantic and so on… so, this reality show has been going on for almost 30 years I believe and for the first time the host (a woman I love so much) introduced the LGBT+ throne. The guy with the eyebrow piercing was on the throne and the other one was “courting” him. It was literally love at first sight. The choice (first picture) aired December 16th and it was so beautiful even homophobes were moved by it. I’m not even kidding. They’re the purest, sweetest, most intelligent and funny people to ever bless that show with their presence. I’m so proud to have witnessed their love growing each week on my tv screen. I’m so proud that Italy finally had this on national tv at 3pm. These two look at each other in such a way that it makes you want to fall in love and fall hard.

These are Claudio and Mario. I will never forget them and I will never be grateful enough for what they’ve shown us. Their love is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and they made me feel even when my mental illness made me numb.

Thank you.


nettles-coterie  asked:

I just found your blog and I'm gonna cry it is so beautiful. Do you like Jerusalem crickets? We called them potato bugs when I was little and they're one of my top favorite bugs.

Do I??

Is there any way not to love that face?

They’re neither from Jerusalem nor are they crickets but they’re still perfect!They’re the closest thing the US has to a Weta and you know I have to find one of those to keep as a pet one day! It’s a must! 

Behold! Weta eats a carrot because adorbs:


So I feel the need to make a gifset and share why this little moment is one of my absolute favorites. I just really love it because Emma asked Hook if he thought she could save Henry. We know Emma isn’t the type of person who asks support from people. All her life she learned only to rely on herself, never needing anyone or anyone’s encouragement, because no one was there to give it anyway.

I believe though that when it comes to the things that are most important in your life, (and for her here it’s saving her son) your greatest fears and insecurities will come out and you will reach a point when you will start to doubt yourself. It’s normal, it happens, it’s what makes us human. And there is nothing wrong with needing someone to reassure you that you can do it. I love her relationship with Hook because she can share her deepest fears and insecurities with him.

She relies on him and here’s the thing, I hate it when some people say that Emma has become less of a badass and strong woman because of her moments of vulnerability with Hook. She is still the badass Emma that we know. This does not make her weak, it makes her REAL. And when I say real, I mean I hate the kind of mentality that you’re either one or the other, and strength and vulnerability cannot both exist in one person, because it can and it does in Emma Swan. And we see it especially when she is around Hook, It’s only when she’s with him that we see the whole Emma.

I also believe that it takes a quiet sort of bravery to open yourself up to a person, because you’re giving the person power to affect your life in a way that is significant to you. And I like to think that the courage to ask him, was borne out of the feeling deep inside her that she is safe with him, that he will give her the words that she needs to hear. Because that is who he is in her life - the person who lifts her up, makes her feel good, and carries her burdens with her, just by being there, just by being himself.

I cry that finally Emma has that person in her life. And I’m so happy that that person is someone who sees in Emma all the beauty, all the strength, and all the magic in the world. And he just wants to let Emma see herself the way he sees her.

UGGHH these two. Do you see why this relationship is SOOO IMPORTANT TO ME

Me Watching Madison Scouts 2013
  • Nice, Nice.
  • I really like this music
  • ooh. Dem sets tho. Beautiful
  • Helicopters, cool.
  • Dat flag toss ripple.
  • This music makes me wish I could play an instrument
  • I wish I could toss a rifle like that
  • ....This show makes me wish I had a penis.
  • This flag line is perfection tho.
  • They're using their trumpets as gunssss. And the percussion is making noises to go along with it agh this is perfect.
  • Wait did he just..... Across the drums. Wat.
  • No.
  • nonononononono
  • What,
  • I bet that guy loved practices when it came to that part of the show.
  • ....Everyone's dead
  • Oh no. I'm gonna cry
  • They're singing. I'm crying
  • I've never had these kind of emotions because of a Drum Corps show before.
  • I'm so sad
  • So beautiful
  • fuck.
  • They took you out for a date
  • Ashton
  • *you went to coachella*
  • A: "let's get some food"
  • Y: "yeah, there's a corndog booth over there"
  • *eating corndog in silence*
  • A: "sooo... You like corndog?"
  • Calum
  • *you went for a romantic dinner*
  • C: "you want some wine?"
  • Y: "yeah that would be nice"
  • C: "here you go"
  • *pour wine to your glass and spill a little bit on the table*
  • C: "shit"
  • *spill a little more*
  • C: "oh fuck"
  • *get his hand on the fire over the candle then drop the bottle*
  • C: fuck this
  • Luke
  • *you went to the All Time Low concert*
  • Y: "omg they're so amazing"
  • L: "ikr they so beautiful"
  • *luke screaming Alex name every 3 seconds*
  • Michael
  • *netflix and chill*
  • M: "let's watch TFIOS"
  • Y: "okay but I'm probably gonna cry like a baby"
  • *scene of hazel speech on August's funeral*
  • Y: "mikey this is too sad" *look over michael*
  • M: "ITS OKAY FOR MAN TO CRY TOO" *cries in punk rock*