they're seperate

Wonder Woman
  • Friend 1: So if Wonder Woman is from an all-women island, how do they continue to exist? I mean, how do they reproduce?
  • Friend 2: Oh, I could geek out extensively about all possible theories, but I don't really like any of them. I have a single theory for all women-only islands in all works of fiction ever: trans women.
  • Friend 1: Oh?
  • Friend 2: Like, the texts just say they're all women. No where in canon does it ever say that they have to be all cisgender. The most logical explanation would be a species close to humans as physically diverse as ours, where the male gender identity simply didn't exist.
  • Friend 1: So Paradise Island is like 50% cisgender women and 50% transgender women.
  • Friend 2: And intersex women of course. But without any men around to invent sexism, and with cissexism and transphobia being products of sexism, I don't think the women on paradise island see any of these things as seperate categories. They're all just women with different bodies.
  • Me: Headcanon fucking accepted forever and I don't even give a shit about comics or super heroes. Anyone not using this explanation for all-woman islands is a fucking coward.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: dean and cas didn't even like each other at all in the beginning like i couldn't imagine them being friends but they became best friends and they know each other better than anyone they fought and they've died with each other and even though they fight and at times they want to hate each other they can't and they're seperated all the time but they always come back to each other and they roll their eyes at each other's stupid jokes but smile because that's their best friend and cas knows that dean loves him and dean knows that cas loves him and that's canon and no one can take that away from me

i mix ppls personals and not-personals up so much idk who is who do you know how long i was following @preposterousness and @streetdogmillionaires for and I had no idea it was the same person?!

eye color aesthetic

brown eyes: autumn, life. reading a book in a window seat. foggy days. bike rides. brownies and chocolate chip cookies. foreheads touching. music through headphones. soft kisses on the inside of a wrist.

green eyes: kites flying. picnic baskets. clouds and giant oaks. seas and giant cliffs. cuddles in a hammock. smoothies. wicker baskets. old fashioned record players. kisses to a collar bone.

blue eyes: oceans, skies, ice cream and laughter, sunny days and diving into pools. Freckles on a kid’s face. half hidden smiles behind flowery hats. kiss to entwined knuckles.

black eyes: space. beginnings. fireworks and crashing waves. sand between your toes and a beat pumping through your heart. red lipstick. plum lipstick. shimmer. gradients. a tender, half-second kiss on the lips.

grey eyes: owls. misty mornings. mourning doves. the sounds of a waking city. war. mysterious. the deep winter. wolves in a den. soft music from the other room. snow cones. a kiss to the forehead, lingering.

amber eyes: whiskey on the bar. sunlight dappling through the trees. horses. red balloons. wool hats and scarves fluttering in the wind. cannonballs and belly flops. lake side houses and jumping off docks. a kiss on the nose, making eyes cross.

hazel eyes: strawberry fields. ice tea and lemonade. mint chocolate chips and warm coffee. parasols. flower crowns and long skirts. round sunglasses. lip rings. burned CDs. the brush of a  kiss on the back of the hand.

red eyes: cherries. sundaes with fudge. changing trees. high noon. laying on the beach. umbrellas in drinks. ice cubes. bloodied knuckles. new moons and starlings. easy smiles and breathless laughter. neck kisses.

violet eyes: lightning strikes. nebulae. cat’s cradles. dark eye shadow. long nails with rhinestones. black berries and pancakes. soda in a glass bottle. the same song over and over again. tickle fights and forts. kisses along the spine.

weirdnonsensefandomstuff  asked:

omg i love eldritch skywalkers please share more of your ideas? like on leia and ben/kylo? or how leia and luke find comfort in each other because of their shared monstrous heritage?

  • Her son is born shining. Many mothers have said similar things; but Leia means this quite literally, for she bears what on first glimpse seems to be some kind of opalescent octopus. It shifts and judders into shapes that human eyes cannot comprehend, and Han ducks his head, swearing through his teeth.  “Don’t look,” she says, soft and infinitely sad. Her son is like her: this should be a wondrous thing. And yet it isn’t. She takes the bundle of light and shifting colours – at least half a dozen colours that have not been seen in this universe – and at once it solidifies into a little baby. “Look,” says Leia. “Look how much he looks like you.”
  • He does. When he is human at least: the same knowing smirk, a smuggler’s grin. And at other times he looks like her, just like her, only at those times Han can’t look at him for longer than five seconds without cringing in pain. Hey princess, he said, when she brings it up, says how it bothers her, sometimes I can’t bear to look at you for longer than five seconds, you drive me kriffing mad, but I love you still – and she had slapped him, kissed him, and they’d laughed into each other’s mouths. 
  • Kylo Ren is roiling rank blackness. He is void. He is starless night. He is, he is, he is: this is what Leia and Han tell themselves. Their shining boy, their Ben, is locked away somewhere in there. But that isn’t right. And when Han faces Kylo Ren he doesn’t see darkness but white light, endless and shining and beautiful, and that’s when he realises how badly he has misjudged this. Because Ben didn’t die; Kylo Ren grew out of him, and they are one and the same, and it isn’t as easy as plucking Ben free from the mess that is Kylo Ren, for Ben made his choices again and again, and made himself into the monster that burned the temple. How could I have been anything else. I am a monster, you could not bear to look at me, says Kylo Ren, says Ben, and Han –
  • Han never gets a chance to answer. I love you. You’re a wonder. You’re –  
  • Kylo Ren wants to eat Han’s heart (Snoke’s suggestion: something final, derisive, the act of one who will never fall to the Light), but he doesn’t get a chance, because Rey – human and whole and beautiful – is intent on ripping his own out. 

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Oh my god, oh my god! I just thought of this like a minute ago! Okay so whenever they're seperated, they can't stop thinking about each other. Billy keeps singing love songs, and Harold can't stop doodling Billy on his notebooks and schoolwork.

Star-crossed lovers. Yes please. 

Mr. Krupp sees Harold’s drawings and is like, “I can’t even punish him for this. I doodled Edith in my planner just yesterday.” 

Meanwhile Billy’s a cappella group is like, “Billy, we get it that you miss your boyfriend, but we’re supposed to be rehearsing ‘Footloose’ right now, not ‘It Must Have Been Love.’” 

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matt : "the lovebirds are fine" lovebirds. love. alec and magnus have argued. next episode they're seperated and then reunited. hug and kiss next episode. matt doesn't seem the type to say "love birds". matthew 'I'm so funny at teasing" daddario. lovebirds = love. malec will admit their love publicly and hug and kiss next episode.


I might have done $15k worth of damage to my mom’s car (I would take a bus or a train everywhere if I could, I hsould not be driving), but at least I’m not brother who just put someone in a ditch.

“Fili. I think -”

“Shut it Kili, we just need to get through here. Uncle Thorin is on the other side.”

“How do we tell him about Bilbo…..?”

“I don’t know yet.”

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Please help spread the word on the Tsimhoni kids! They're three siblings from the US who don't want to spend time with their divorced dad because the oldest son said he saw him hit their mother and they're scared of him. A judge on a supervised parenting time hearing ordered them to go to lunch with the dad+have a "healthy relationship" and the kids (14, 10 & 9) refused. For that they got put in juvenile hall until they're 18(+they got seperated). Don't let them get away with shit like this!

This judge just compared it the Charles Manson and then told a child he was not allowed to see his mother or anyone other than the one person he didn’t want to see and even used scare tactics like being forced to pee in public and she still has a job … how?