they're seperate

eye color aesthetic

brown eyes: autumn, life. reading a book in a window seat. foggy days. bike rides. brownies and chocolate chip cookies. foreheads touching. music through headphones. soft kisses on the inside of a wrist.

green eyes: kites flying. picnic baskets. clouds and giant oaks. seas and giant cliffs. cuddles in a hammock. smoothies. wicker baskets. old fashioned record players. kisses to a collar bone.

blue eyes: oceans, skies, ice cream and laughter, sunny days and diving into pools. Freckles on a kid’s face. half hidden smiles behind flowery hats. kiss to entwined knuckles.

black eyes: space. beginnings. fireworks and crashing waves. sand between your toes and a beat pumping through your heart. red lipstick. plum lipstick. shimmer. gradients. a tender, half-second kiss on the lips.

grey eyes: owls. misty mornings. mourning doves. the sounds of a waking city. war. mysterious. the deep winter. wolves in a den. soft music from the other room. snow cones. a kiss to the forehead, lingering.

amber eyes: whiskey on the bar. sunlight dappling through the trees. horses. red balloons. wool hats and scarves fluttering in the wind. cannonballs and belly flops. lake side houses and jumping off docks. a kiss on the nose, making eyes cross.

hazel eyes: strawberry fields. ice tea and lemonade. mint chocolate chips and warm coffee. parasols. flower crowns and long skirts. round sunglasses. lip rings. burned CDs. the brush of a  kiss on the back of the hand.

red eyes: cherries. sundaes with fudge. changing trees. high noon. laying on the beach. umbrellas in drinks. ice cubes. bloodied knuckles. new moons and starlings. easy smiles and breathless laughter. neck kisses.

violet eyes: lightning strikes. nebulae. cat’s cradles. dark eye shadow. long nails with rhinestones. black berries and pancakes. soda in a glass bottle. the same song over and over again. tickle fights and forts. kisses along the spine.

Miraculous Ladybug: come for the cool animation and fun superheroes


thinkin about andromeda some more and I’m worried the game is gonna continue the path bioware/other aaa game companies have been and we’re gonna have javik 2.0 where you have to pay money for STORY THAT’S IMPORTANT TO THE GAME