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the rest of the crew returns from the heist late, having had to hole up in various safehouses. they return to see gavin on the couch, sleeping. instead of a blanket, he's covered in the vagabond's jacket. in the armchair next to him sits the vagabond, mask still on and sharpening his knives in the dark. his polished guns lie on the table in front of him. no one dares ask.

haha yeeesssss. ryan just silently taking care of gav is my fav. throwing his jacket over him when he finally passes out from the stress of a heist. its a bit terrifying of a sight, but at least it proves to them that ryan’s not completely cruel. 

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I'm now wondering if Louis is allowed to casually mention Harry now to shut down the idea that they're not allowed to talk about each other because they're secretly dating since they seem to be doing the same with all fandom theories lmao

I didn’t think about that, but you’re probably right. I’ve mentioned a few times how I’m not generally pleased with the Harry mentions because 1) Louis praises everyone and gets promo for everyone, and does not receive any in return (except from Niall) when he needs it more than anyone else and 2) Louis pays a price for complimenting Harry. When he’s able to say how proud he is of Harry and then he has to talk about his baby, his beard, and how fake Larry is in the next breath, who’s winning there? Who’s benefiting? It’s definitely not Louis. But yeah, you bring up an excellent point - it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they’re having him mention Harry casually because we believe they avoid talking about each other or are not allowed to talk about each other because of their relationship. They really do seem to have a checklist of things that they’re “correcting” through Louis’ promo, so your theory makes a lot of sense.

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just curious how why you sure that they're secretly dating? 😁

coz they are. if it was untrue it would have been denied within 24 hours by her team. but instead they chose to help add narrative to the articles people and e! news etc. ran so they would have some form of control over how the news came out. it is likely they have been prepared for that moment for quite some time. glad they were able to keep it a secret for as long as they did though.

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I know this is so super wrong of me, but whenever I see Tyler Hoechlin & Dylan together, I swear they're secretly boyfriends & whoever they're dating are just their beards. Never have I wanted two heterosexual males to actually be like, "Surprise! We're not!" and just come out of the closet more than these two. I know there are people who see this as a sickness of fandom, but man, their chemistry on-screen is undeniable. Someone should make a show where they're cast & their charas are together.

Why is it wrong of you? As long as you’re not getting in the actors’ faces and screaming at them to COME OUT NOW, or dragging their actual friends and family into it or some other sort of out of line nonsense, then what does it matter if you ship it? 

They look good together, and they have great chemistry. Why not enjoy it? 

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*if you still accept rusame headcanon thingy ;w; idk if this has been done yet* A RusAme AU where both of them are gang/mafia leader of opposite sides but (good) shit happens and they're dating secretly~ So whenever theyre about to caught up making out by their subordinates, they'll pretend they're about to fight instead of making out and it looks very awkward the subordinates feel the secondhand embarassment seeing them hahaha (actually this can work on canonverse too now that I think about it)

totally no homo, bro

//I love this , yes / 

Volleygays as teachers
  • Suga: the art teacher but wouldn't hesitate to play stern mother when you don't do your art homework. is pining after the head of the math department
  • Daichi: dad-like math teacher. doesn't usually care if you talk during class but will murder you if you don't do your homework, or if you swear in class. lowkey pining after the art teacher
  • Asahi: the wild looking glasshearted drama teacher. help him the students either wreck havoc in the drama room or are too afraid to listen to him (the poor yr 7's)
  • Nishinoya: the loud music teacher who has no chill. is highkey banging at the drums and the drama teacher on a day-to-day basis.
  • Tanaka: the tech/media/graphic studies teacher. relatively good at what he does, but he always tries to hack the school system. has successfully managed to once before with Noya's help
  • Yamaguchi: The language teacher everyone loves. everyone within a 5km radius will swoon when he speaks in a language other than Japanese bECAUSE DAMN. dating the English teacher but denies it (nobody believes him)
  • Tsukkishima: the really really good English teacher everyone hates because he's somewhat condescending and cold but they feel conflicted because everyone thinks he's hot. Always fighting with the English and home-ec teachers and everybody knows that he's dating the language teacher
  • Kageyama: the awkward PE teacher that makes everyone do volleyball for the entire year. nobody minds at all because its fun and at least kags knows what he's doing (sort of)
  • Hinata: the adorable home-ec teacher who bakes really well but cant cook. like at all. always gets into fights with the PE teacher but everyone knows they're secretly dating
  • Yachi: the economics and business studies teacher who's also head of the freelance art club after school. super nice, but too trusting when it comes to things like homework. despite her denials, everyone knows she's dating the head of the music department.
  • Kiyoko: head of the music department. teaches when Nishinoya's away, when he's with Asahi, or when the class gets out of hand (more often then not). Is also the level-headed conductor in charge of multiple orchestras and bands. she often invites Yachi to come in the mornings during rehearsal to listen and give opinions. due to this, everyone thinks they're probably dating.

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I know you're done for the night, which is fine. But I just thought of Nishinoya working in Suga's office building, and Asahi is a construction worker, and they're secretly dating. So at the end of the day, the two of them talk about their thirsty friends over dinner

OKAY BUT WHAT IF ASAHI AND NOYA’S RELATIONSHIP IS STILL QUITE NEW AND ASAHI GETS FLUSTERED BECAUSE HE ISN’T USED TO SEEING NOYA IN OFFICE ATTIRE AND FINDS IT SUPER HOT??? Or they didn’t realise they would be working in such close proximity so actually seeing each other outside of their new dating situation is a bit of a shock to the system *v*

I think Noya would totally pretend to not be dating Asahi just so he can look like he’s super forward and confident by going up and seemingly chatting him up out of the blue, and then can later brag about bagging a totally hot boyfriend. The rest of the office staff would be in AWE of his daring (not knowing the truth lmao). Noya would be practically glowing under the attention, kind of like he gets when Hinata calls him senpai <3

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I wanna request a fic c: taekook, highschool!au - badboy!jeongguk & vicepresident!v they're secretly dating ;)

title: yes i’m a bad boy

author: admin juv (galaxicious@aff)

pairing: taehyung / jungkook

length: oneshot /1.5k words counted

Hoseok sighed and slammed a pile of reports on the table, making Taehyung jump from his seat. Hoseok looked frustrated, and it isn’t a good sign.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Taehyung asked, putting away his phone as he leaned in closer to inspect the older. Being the president of the school council wasn’t easy. Hoseok had to deal with all the things the wretched school throws at him- be it organizing festivals, taking care of delinquents or even dealing with students with poor attendance. Hoseok was too nice of a person to not help, so the school takes advantage of this by throwing whatever stuff that needs to be done to Hoseok. Being the Vice president isn’t easy either. He had to help out Hoseok with whatever he had to do, and it’s honestly tiring.

“Ahh.. there’s a boy in the school that’s causing trouble. What’s his name again? Junghwan? Jungkook?” Hoseok was too busy trying to remember the boy’s name that he didn’t notice Taehyung tensing up visibly at the mention of Jungkook.

“Hyung, so who’s the boy?” Taehyung asked nervously, watching Hoseok skim through the pile of reports he had.

“Ah! Jeon Jungkook, age 18. Reported to have caused truancy, vandalism, rude, has a dirty mouth, broke lots of girls heart…. wait what?” Hoseok went on blabbering about the number of things Jungkook did, but Taehyung isn’t really listening. All Taehyung could focus on is how he’s going to clear up this mess for his boyfriend. Yes, boyfriend. Taehyung has been trying to hide this from Hoseok. (the poor boy would probably blow a fuse) He knew Jungkook didn’t mean any harm, he’s just trying to have fun. But obviously the school takes his action as rebellious.

“Yah Tae are you even listening?” Hoseok asked as he smacked the younger’s head, causing a whine to escape Taehyung as he rubbed his head.

“What did you say hyung?”

“I said, I’m putting you in charge of dealing with this Jungkook boy.” Hoseok said and raised an eyebrow at Taehyung’s flustered expression.

“W-what? why? Why can’t someone else do it?”

“Because you dealt perfectly fine with our previous case. who was it? Ah Yoongi!”

Taehyung sighed, he couldn’t possibly deal with Jungkook. The only reason why he could handle Yoongi was because he practically offered Jimin to him. He doesn’t know why, but Yoongi agreed to stay put if Jimin goes out with him. Taehyung knows Jungkook’s going to tease him. The boy teases him whenever he can and it’s driving Taehyung crazy.

“Alright Tae I’ll leave it to you!! Make me proud my little pony!”

And with that, Hoseok left Taehyung alone in the room once again.

Taehyung sighed and slammed his head on the table repeatedly hoping that if he was unconscious, he didn’t have to deal with this shit.


All of this started when Taehyung walked in on Jungkook pinning a girl with a skirt so short she’s practically wearing nothing against the wall. He remembers how hard his face had burnt and how he spurted out an apology before leaving the room.

After that incident, Jungkook was everywhere.

Taehyung sees him in the cafeteria, he sees him in the library, he sees him in the toilet too and he thinks he’s going crazy. Taehyung found something oddly attractive about the boy; the way his lips would curve up into a snarl when he snaps back at others, the way his head bobs along to the rhythm when he listens to music. He stares at the boy all the time, but quickly turns away when he makes eye contact with him. They played this game of hide and seek for almost a week before Taehyung finds himself being cornered by the boy in the restroom.

“I see you noticing me all the time… Do I attract you that much?” Said boy whispered against Taehyung’s ear as he placed his hands on each side of Taehyung’s head, successfully trapping him. Taehyung gulped and looked anywhere but at him. The boy had such captivating eyes and a cute nose (he might bite it if he leans any closer).

“My name is Jungkook, and you’re Kim Taehyung.” Jungkook smirked as he watched Taehyung’s head whip up in shock at his name being mentioned. How the fuck does he know?

“I have my ways.” Jungkook answered, seemingly knowing what Taehyung was thinking. Jungkook leaned in closer and smirked at Taehyung, making him blush even more.

“You’re cute. Meet me at the rooftop during lunch? We could get to know each other.” Jungkook purposely let his breath linger over Taehyung’s lips a little longer before leaving him totally plastered the wall. Taehyung’s legs gave away as soon as Jungkook left the restroom. He placed his palm over his chest and tried to calm his beating heart.

Was it him or is it getting a little hot in here?

After careful consideration (nope he pounced on Jimin and threatened him to come along with him), Taehyung met Jungkook at the rooftop and somehow, Jungkook is actually such a sweetheart. The rooftop became their usual meeting spot and when Jungkook confessed to Taehyung, he thinks he legitimately fainted on the spot.


Taehyung sighed as he walked through the empty hallway and towards the council room. He had too many assignments to finish, but he promised Hoseok he would drop by to help out with a school event. Taehyung didn’t want to leave Hoseok alone in school to finish everything by himself. Upon entering the room, Taehyung thinks he should have rethought his life choices. Jungkook was standing in front of him with his tie thrown on the ground and first two button of his uniform popped open. Taehyung bit his lips as he watched a familiar smirk spread across Jungkook’s face. No, he had to get it together. He couldn’t let Jungkook win this round.

“What are you doing here?” Taehyung tried to maintain a straight face as he closed the door shut. Jungkook merely gave him a shrug as he strutted over to Taehyung’s side, cornering him until his back came in contact with the wall.

“Mhmm.. Your president asked me to meet you here. He said you’re going to council me for being bad.” Jungkook said as he laced his fingers with Taehyung’s and pinned them above his head. Taehyung gulped as he looked away from the burning gaze Jungkook was giving him. It’s been quite some time already but Taehyung still isn’t used to Jungkook’s intimidate gazes.

“Why did you get yourself into so much troubles? You’re giving me a hard time here.” Taehyung asked, trying to push Jungkook away. Not only did the boy not budge, but he simply chose to lean in so close that Taehyung went cross-eyed just by looking at him.

“If I didn’t cause trouble, I wouldn’t be able to see you, right?” Jungkook lulled out, tongue darting out to lick at his own lips. Taehyung wanted to retaliate, but the words got caught in his throat as Jungkook began kissing down his neck, leaving dark bruises as he went along. Taehyung wanted to push Jungkook away, he wanted to ask the other the stop. But it’s been so long since he saw or even talked to Jungkook and he finds himself enjoying this current situation. Jungkook’s mouth met Taehyung’s and their lips moved together messily. Taehyung let out a gasp when Jungkook slipped a hand under his shirt, allowing Jungkook to slip his tongue in. Taehyung’s legs were shaking and he would have dropped to the floor if not for Jungkook’s firm hold around his waist. He let out a soft moan when Jungkook gave a hard suck on his tongue, hands shooting up to grab at Jungkook’s arms. Jungkook smirked against his lips as he moved his hands up to slip off Taehyung’s tie. He was just about to undo the first few buttons of his shirt when the door suddenly flew open and Hoseok came prancing in. Jungkook pulled away from Taehyung, finding himself amused by the look Hoseok was giving. Taehyung’s eyes widened as he met Hoseok’s gaze. Poor president looked offended yet horrified at the same time.

“Well, it was definitely fun speaking to you vice-president. I look forward to our next council-ling session, Taehyung-sshi.” Jungkook said aloud as he threw a wink to Taehyung who was trying to straighten out his uniform. Hoseok was still too flabbergasted to say anything as Jungkook grabbed his stuff and left the room, door slamming shut on the way. The room was left in an awkward silence as Taehyung cleared his throat and ventured around Hoseok to sit on his desk. He tried his best to appear normal, but he was flustered and a little disappointed that his meeting with Jungkook got cut short by the president walking in on them. He would have to text Jungkook to make a proper schedule next time so their “session” won’t be interrupted.

“Taehyung, what was that just now?”

“I have no idea hyung.”

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How about ironpanther, where they're secretly dating and the team finds out somehow, OR they're not secretly dating, the team is just slow to catch onto things

Combined with
Anonymous said to letspretendiknowwhatshappening:
Can you write Tony coming out to the team as bi and being really nervous about it? And kinda scared, shaken, stammering/mumbling? Because he managed to hid it from the press, so it’s not public knowledge, 

Cause I thought they’d work well together. Hope you guys like it!

“They gave me a woman’s number.”

“They gave it to you? You know what that means.”


Tony shrugs, “They think you don’t have game.”

“How dare they.” T’Challa smiles down at Tony, who’s spread across his lap with a book in his hands.

“I know, right? You’re cute and charming, and you somehow won me over. How couldn’t you be?”

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PB&J prompt! Another epikegster but this time they're all three dating (secretly of course) Also congrats on all the followers that's awesome :D

Ahhh first request! Thanks so much, lovely! Hope you enjoy :D

Keep it Quiet, Play it Cool

The party’s already well underway when Bitty turns around and sees them.

Jack, in a t-shirt and jeans, looking awkward yet-somehow-really-attractive just as he does at most social gatherings. And Kent, in the flannel Bitty likes because it makes his eyes look a really pretty green, slouched with a half smirk and a hand tucked in his pocket.

They haven’t seen him yet—which is probably a good thing, because he’s about five seconds away from actually bursting into tears. They hadn’t told him they were coming! He thought he was going to have to wait a whole two more weeks before either of them had any free time in their schedules, and by then Bitty was supposed to be busy with his family for the holidays—but they’re here.

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The Sheriff and Derek being friends thing... Stiles does get jealous. Derek and his dad have been hanging out more and more, so somehow stiles gets it in his head that they're secretly dating. He's hurt they didn't tell him. Confused about why. And a bit jealous, although he's not sure why. Stiles finally confront Derek about it and Derek looks at him like he's an idiot. Then says i'm not dating the sheriff, i was trying to work up to asking out his son though.

Stiles is absolutely the dork who would work himself into a panic thinking Derek and his dad are interested in each other. No matter that his dad’s literally twice Derek’s age and the way his dad looks at Derek is nothing like the way he looks at Melissa. It’s inevitable, ok? Because they’re two of the best people Stiles knows (never ever tell Derek that, ok?) and why wouldn’t they realize that about each other?

And that they’re going to fall in love, and Derek will move in and Stiles will have to start calling Derek stepdad and Christ, how is he supposed to deal with Derek being in his house like that, every day? Waking up in the morning and stumbling downstairs to find Derek leaning against the counter with a bowl of cereal, in too-loose pajama bottoms borrowed from his dad. Watching him smile and trade sleepy morning kisses with Stiles’ dad. Stiles’ dad, ok?

And meanwhile we have Derek quietly reveling in having a mentor, a father figure (he’d felt this huge swell of warmth and years-absent pride the first time John called him “son”), and John’s having a surprisingly good time getting to know the kid his son’s obviously head over heels for.

But Stiles is getting, well, he’s always been a little awkward, but now he’s worse than usual, flushing at odd moments, strangely surly at the next. Shooting the Sheriff wide, wounded looks over the dinner table on the nights they eat together. When he finally asks what’s going on, all Stiles does is sigh and say “Nothing. Is there something you need to tell me?”

Which of course, the Sheriff doesn’t, because there’s nothing to tell.

Until one day he walks in on Stiles and Derek cuddled together on the couch. And Stiles just grins up at him – strange moodiness gone like it had never been – and says “So hey, since you’re not actually dating Derek, I figured it would be cool if I did?”

And the Sheriff’s just like

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Sort of like they're playing against each other and then, someone hit's lily with a quaffle and they're secretly dating so no one knows about it, though there's a suspicion and after the accident everyone just sort of realizes

A flash of red and blue shot past him, and James couldn’t help but smirk. Despite the fact she was on the opposing team, James couldn’t help but be proud of how Lily played. It helped she was his girlfriend of course.

But no one was supposed to know that.

Of course, there had been suspicions and rumours. He’d been caught leaving her apartment building last month, but he told them all an old family friend lived there. They’d bought that, mostly.

Puddlemere United’s Chaser and Captain dating Appleby Arrows Chaser? Who would let that rumour go easily.

Which reminded him, he’s on the opposing team. She has the Quaffle. That’s a problem.

James leant forward on his broom and shot after Lily, knowing he’d be able to catch her. He easily knocked the ball out of her hands, a tucked it under his own arms.

“Cheers Evans.” He smirked, sending her a wink. She rolled her eyes.

James shot off, heading towards the other end of the pitch. He passed the Quaffle to Longbottom, and then continued on his way down the pitch in case he was needed.

Then he heard the crowd gasp.

James turned in time to see the Quaffle begin to fall to the ground, followed by the person it had just hit on the head.

LILY!” he screamed, forgetting about everything and racing to get to his falling girlfriend.

He began to panic as Lily got closer and closer to the ground, and he was still too far away. He urged his broom to go faster.

But he got there, he caught her when she was a meter from the ground; he nearly cried with relief.

“Got you Evans. Lils? Lily? Come on love wake up.” he pleaded, landing his broom and throwing it away. He held Lily in his arms whilst the Healers all ran on.

“Excuse Mr Potter, we must take her no-”

“I’m coming with her.”

“But the match-”

“I don’t give a damn about the match. I’m not leaving her.”

“Yes sir.”


Lily didn’t wake up until the next day. James didn’t leave her side for a second. When a Healer came in to tell him Puddlemere had won, all he did was nod and carry on watching Lily.

“James?” she croaked, blinking as she slowly woke.

“Lils? Oh thank Merlin.” James sighed, bringing her hand to his lips.

“What happened?” she questioned.

“You were hit by the-”

“Yes I remember that. I meant with the match. Who won?” she asked, causing James to chuckle.

“Puddlemere apparently.” he replied, reaching forward to move some hair out of her face.

“Damn it. If only I’d- wait. What do you mean apparently? Weren’t you there?” she asked, sending him a puzzled look.

“And leave you to fall to your death? No chance Lil. I came here with you.” he told her.

“Oh.” she replied smiling at him, blushing slightly. “Thank you.”

He chuckled before placing a kiss on her forehead.

“Erm - Mr Potter? Miss Evans?” a voice called timidly from the doorway. The pair turned their heads to see a Healer. James recognised her voice as the one who’d told him the outcome of the match.

“Yes?” he asked, sending her a smile.

“I just thought you’d want to see today’s Profit.” she replied, shuffling forward and handing him a copy before quickly scurrying from the room.

James looked at the paper. “Bollocks.”

“What’s the matter?” Lily tried to reach for the paper, but he just turned it to show her.

“We’ve been outed.” he stated, passing the copy to her so she could see the headline.


“Shit.” she whispered, her eyes scanning the article.

“Looks like we’re going to be answering a lot of questions when you get out of here love.” he mused, scanning his girlfriend’s face to watch her reaction.

“Apparently so.” She agreed, before smiling and leaning forward to kiss him. “It was about time anyway.” She mumbled on his lips.

“Definitely.” he agreed, before grinning and kissing her back.