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Was Hanzo absolutely shredding on that violin at 7:36 bc that would've dropped my jaw in half a second lmao

You bet he was. ;^)

i can see the angst possibilites of the new team 7

sarada and mitsuki are in love with boruto who has no idea that he’s their sunshine. they are blinded by his light whenever he smiles at them. he can make them laugh anytime anywhere because he’s an energetic fluffball. but they see his ambition and they want him to change the world because he’s a prodigy and their sun and the sun deserves to shine everywhere.

as they grow up, sarada falls out of love. she still loves boruto but as a friend, as a teammate who she would do anything for. but mitsuki never falls out of love. he can’t. he thinks he’s selfish because he can’t let boruto go. everyday he tells himself, ‘tomorrow. tomorrow i will move on.’ but he never does.

and then comes the day when he has to choose between his village and boruto. and boruto realizes that the sun needs the moon to be whole. he goes after mitsuki and he tells him what he never told him.

and mitsuki says ‘i love you’ back.

they kiss and marry and are those tears in my eyes


3² Jin

Keith has always been better at actions than words and I think he shows that best in how he handles the lions switch-up after shiro’s return. He may not have been the best at offering lance comfort and advice when lance came to him with his insecurities, but he was also immediately willing to step aside and not only gave his position back to shiro, but more importantly he didn’t demand the red lion back from lance.

He took lance’s concerns to heart and took ACTION to remedy the situation in the best way he knew how.

This more than anything else I think shows how much keith cares about lance and how mature he’s grown in handling things like this.

Basically what I’m saying is… character development…. and I’m so proud of my boy


Gray feels bad. Guilty, almost. He knows he shouldn’t take advantage of Natsu’s intoxicated state but the opportunity is too good to pass up. Besides, if Natsu hadn’t been so reckless during their mission his leg wouldn’t have gotten all messed up and he wouldn’t be on magically enhanced pain killers strong enough to make him drunk.

“So,” Gray hums. “I’ve noticed a lot of the shirts I shed at the guild hall end up at your house. S’up with that, Ashes?”

Natsu blinks at him slowly. He’s very alert and focused for someone who can barely speak properly. Natsu grins lazily. “I hoard them.” He grabs Gray’s hand and brings it to his mouth. He brushes his lips over his wrist and buries his nose in his palm and breathes in deep. He purrs. “They smell like you. I wear ‘em when you go on long missions.”

Gray gapes for a moment. He wasn’t expecting the reason to be cute. He was expecting something stupid and possessive like so no one else can take them. He squeezes his fingers around Natsu’s. “Is that so?”

Natsu nods, once, twice, then decides the room spins too much that way. “Mhm. I have a pile you can have back. They don’t have much of your scent on ‘em anymore.” Gray stifles a smile. Natsu is already so affectionate when he’s sober. When he’s drunk he’s a full blown sap. “And the scent’s the best part,” Natsu slurs.

Gray looks up at the ceiling to hide the giddy smile that breaks out over his face. “I see.”

“Why’re you all the way over there?” Natsu pouts at the space between them on the bed. “C’mere,” he says, tugging insistently on Gray’s hand.

“Only if you answer another question.”

Natsu sighs. “You said that would be the last one.”

“Just one more.”

“Okay but you come closer first.”

Gray chuckles, but obliges until they’re shoulder to shoulder, hands still clasped tightly together.

“So?” Natsu looks at Gray expectantly.

Gray bites his lip. He knows what he wants to ask. It’s been at the back of his mind the six months they’ve been together, but the words are stuck in his throat. He’s pretty far gone, Gray reminds himself. He probably won’t remember in the morning anyway.

Gray takes a deep breath. “What was it like for you,” Gray starts tentatively, “when you… fell in love with me?”


Gray’s gaze is still fixed on the ceiling, but he can see Natsu struggling out of the corner of his eye. He shakes his head. He shouldn’t have asked. “Never mind. You don’t have to answer.”

“Shut up, Snowflake. I wanna.” Natsu bumps his shoulder against Gray’s. He thinks for another second. “I guess it was like falling asleep.”

Gray’s brows furrow. “Huh?”

“Like, it happened slowly at first, right? Then just.. all at once,” Natsu explains.

Gray’s stomach flips. “Oh.”

“And as you always point out, I’m basically a big kid, so I fought it at first. I think I knew deep down it was good for me, but I still tried not to fall.” Natsu laughs. “And that was dumb of me. Struggling against it. But it happened in the end. And it made me feel-” Natsu purses his lips.

“Rested?” Gray asks, hoping a joke will ease the swell of his heart.

“No! Mavis, shut up.” Natsu snatches his hand away to softly whack Gray in the chest. “Well. Maybe rested. In a way. But that’s not the word I was looking for.”

Natsu falls silent and Gray focuses on keeping his breathing even, on not letting the race in his pulse make him more nervous than he already is.

“At peace.”

Gray looks at Natsu. “At peace?”

Natsu smiles. “Yeah. I’ve been happy for a long time, but the way I felt when I figured out you were mine- that you’re my mate-” Natsu leans forward and nuzzles into Gray’s neck for a moment. “I felt more at ease. Like I was home. Even though I’ve been happy at Fairy Tail, I hadn’t felt that since I lived with Igneel.” Gray bites down on his lip to keep it from trembling. “That’s what it was like for me.”

Tears prick at Gray’s eyes, warmth blooms deep in his chest. He pulls Natsu closer, until his head rests on his guild mark. He buries his face in Natsu’s hair and smiles. “Thanks, Natsu.”

Natsu yawns. “Any more questions?”

Gray squeezes his arms around Natsu. “No, that's… that’s all I needed to hear.”

Natsu hums, kisses Gray’s chest, and falls asleep.

do not

do not imagine philip drawing lukas on every occasion he gets. don’t imagine him almost having to nail lukas to the chair the first time because “this is way too gay, shea” but “you’re gay for me though, waldenbeck”. don’t imagine all the “stay still, you idiot”s and the “you stay still”s. do not think about philip going through every pencil box he can find in this damn town, finally giving up because “no blue is a beautiful as your eyes’”. don’t imagine the “would you just hurry up already”s and the “no, i want this to be perfect”s. don’t imagine lukas secretly waiting and longing for these moments when he can feel his boyfriend’s eyes on him for hours and don’t imagine philip smiling a bit in the corner of his mouth as his pen grazes the paper because he knows.