they're right next to me lol

I was playing ovw as pharah for the first time and there was this mercy on my team that kept following me and healing me and saying hi to me and jumping with me and even when I was eliminated she waited at the respawn area for my pharah and when I would put a spray up she’d put hers right next to mine and she single res’d my pharah four times like the pharmercy was real

Zootopia One Shot #3: The Burrow Complex

In Which Judy is a Sick Idiot, Wilde is a Cocky Idiot and Everyone Else is a Right Ass

“You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah I- ow! Not so hard!”

“This is your own fault. You’re an idiot!”

“Can’t you just call me a hero or som- ah!”

“No. I’m gonna call you an idiot because you are an idiot.”

“Okay, okay, I get it!” He winced again when she gave the cut next to his eye a particularly vicious swipe. The air smelled like rubbing alcohol and sweat and the cologne that he’d no doubt put on that morning, lingering and musky and sickly after being mixed with soot and whatever else had been on the floor. His tie was lying next to him, shredded past recognition, and his shirt had lost two buttons, skewed and messier than normal.

It had been a fright to see him at first. He’d knocked on her door a few times and had been met with a yelp of surprise, the rabbit on the other side of the stoop pulling him in, slamming the door behind them before locking it and threatening the entire city with a taste of her tranq gun.

Relax Judes, he’d told her, leaning against the wall, pathetically nursing a bruise that was no doubt forming under all of his fur. It was just a few punches. I got some in, if that’s any consolation.

It hadn’t been, and after she’d pushed him into her desk chair and had drowned a rag in antiseptic it had been easier and easier to lose any sympathies he might have had coming his way.

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