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NEXT CLASS MEME: Five Romantic Ships

↳  [1/5] Grace Cardinal & Maya Matlin

Chariot hears music outside of her tower window one night. When she goes to investigate, instead of finding Croix holding up a boombox, she sees one of Croix’s roombas with a speaker and iPod attached to it floating outside

She looks down further and finds Croix smiling and floating a few feet below DJ Broomba.

What song(s) did Croix play to serenade Chariot with?


ZOO | Chloe + Jackson

1.02 Vs. 1.09

Sarcasticasides’ young Nori and Dwalin at the supermarket, inspired by this post. There’s not actually much room for the groceries.

(For some reason in my head all modern AUs automatically take place in the UK unless stated otherwise so here they are in the biscuit aisle…)


Happy birthday !!! @dreamy-94

(honestly, it’s like 2am and i apologize for this terrible excuse for a birthday present I promise ill draw something better later


robin & regina + costumes in each realm

Days of Outlaw Queen

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Calum and Y/N (ig) hate each other but secretly like each other a lot and go into the woods behind the school to hang out in fear of being found out by all their friends and everybody else since they're both really popular haha idk just something I came up with

This sort of confused me just a little so I changed a few details, but I hope you still like!


“Fucking assholes. Daring me to enter the woods for a whole lunch period. There are bugs out here, and even worse; bears! I could die! I’m already going insane look at me talking to myself!”

You weren’t handling this too well. Your group of friends decided it would be fun to bet $30 dollars each you couldn’t spend the whole hour and a half lunch period outside. You weren’t one to back down and who couldn’t use an extra $150 so you agreed, it’s only been 10 minutes and you already regret it. Your feet hurt and you were lost now.

“Where’s the school?” You glanced around and saw nothing but trees and more trees.

“Oh god no. No no no no no. Hello? Is anyone out here?” Your voice echoed into the woods but no reply. You pulled out your phone but no reception.

“I am so fucked.” You turned and sat down on a large boulder near you.

“You know it’s pretty stupid to wander out here all alone. Plus not marking where you are? Novice mistake.“ 

You cringed at the voice you knew all too well. Calum Hood, soccer player and well known asshole. There was no real reason as to why you bumped heads but you just did.

"Joy. You’re here.” You rolled your eyes, voice dripping with sarcasm. He smirked as he jogged to the rock you sat on.

“Yes joy, because without me you’re gonna be lost.”

“Why are you even out here?”

“These legs don’t stay fit by sitting on my ass all day. Running around a bit before practice.” Calum jogged in place to emphasize his point.

“Whatever just get me back to school.”

“I don’t particularly like that tone (Y/N). Ask your hero nicely.” Calum smirked as you scoffed.

“Hero? More like z-”

“Okay byeeeee!” Calum waved and started to jog off but you quickly sprang off the rock and grabbed his nicely toned arm. 

“Wait no!”

Cal turned back with a smirk at the expression on your face. You needed him and he knew it.

“Please lead me back to the school.” You muttered, crushing your pride in order to get what you needed.


“Thank yo-”

“In exchange!” Calum cut you off and you dropped your hands from his arm.

“For fucks sake.” You groaned and started to walk away before remembering you don’t know where you are.

“You gonna listen now?” The smirk was evident in his voice as you turned back around to face him.

“I’m listening.”

“Let me take you out somewhere.”

“I would rather lick the bottom of a shoe than go on a date with you.” You responded with your hands on your hips. Sure he was cute with his blonde streak, multiple tattoos and dazzling smile. Even hotter when he was sweaty and shirtless during practice but he hated you, and you hated him. That’s just how it goes.

“I’m not that bad, come on. You don’t think I notice your looks during practice? With your little friends drooling over the team, more specifically number 24 a.k.a. me.” He walked closer to you but you stepped back. This continued until your back hit a tree and he trapped you with an arm on either side of you.

“Either you go out with me to a movie, maybe some dinner and a cruise in my car or you stay here lost with wilderness and wild life. Your choice sweetie.”

After a minute of silence, you nodded your head and accepted to his terms. 

“Come on.” Calum softly grabbed your forearm and started to lead you back to the school.

“By the way, your ass looks great in those jeans.”

“Shut up.”


UPDATE: Part 2 was requested, click here for it!

the signs based off of people i know
  • Aries: likes to be c00l and edgy but is really just a big fucking nerd
  • Taurus: is a bigger nerd, likes cartoons meant for kids, probably writes fanfiction
  • Gemini: rEALLY fuCKING excITEd aBOUt evERYTHING
  • Cancer: just really likes cats
  • Leo: thinks they're super cool but everyone else knows they're a dork
  • Virgo: is REALLY obsessed with something that no one else could give a shit about and will NOT stop talking about it
  • Libra: smol, perfect cinnamon roll
  • Scorpio: pretends to be really apathetic but is full of emotions and cares about literally everything
  • Sagittarius: is probably somewhat problematic but everyone loves them anyway
  • Capricorn: people either love them or hate them. no in-between. picks fights 24/7 but is still a sweetheart
  • Aquarius: is that one kid that talks to no one but when they do is super deep and philosophical
  • Pisces: says "fight me" but is very small and will cry if you fight them

no, the machine in question is not a car seat or public-restroom diaper changing station.


we would make him a  k i n g

what bothers me most is how those ‘sex with whoever be like’ things are clearly mocking each of the boys for a joke and yeah it’s cool to JOKE about harry being polite or liam having a big dick or niall loving the fans or zayn disappearing those are harmless but you’re gonna JOKE about louis’s sexuality? after he’s stated in countless ways that he’s straight? it’s fine to have your own thoughts on it but it crosses the fucking line when you use the sexuality you’ve decided for him to mock him