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RFA+V+Saeran reacting to a MC with braces and glasses, not the nerdy kind though if it makes sense, and love reading comics. Thank you!

Thank you for the request and yep, it made perfect sense…. I think. I’m sorry if I got some details wrong D:

Zen: At first he might be a bit turned off because of the ‘nerdy’ look but soon after, he finds you pretty cute both with and without the glasses. He loves watching you read comics because you have a dorky smile on your face which then puts a dorky smile on his face.

Yoosung: He would find you absolutely adorable! Something about your glasses and then way you read comics struck something in his heart and his eyes were just drawn to you from then on. When he discovered that you had braces, the first thought in his mind was the time you would take them off, how cute would you be then? (he wonders)

Jaehee: Finds your appearance very cute and anticipates the day your braces come off! As much as she loves your glasses, they do get in the way of you guys kissing hugging. She doesn’t really read comics but if you love them so much, she might make an effort to read with you!

Jumin: He would have never thought he would fall in love with someone who still had braces however something about you must have charmed him. He finds your glasses cute but takes them off you if he wants to kiss you. Finds kissing sometimes awkward with your braces so he’s just waiting for the day he can enjoy a looooooooooong kiss with you.

707: Didn’t notice you had braces until the second month of your relationship, he was just too hooked on talking about comics with you. He’s shocked beyond belief and apologises for not noticing but says that it doesn’t make a difference to him. “You’re cute either way.”

V: Can’t really see your glasses and braces, can’t even see you when you take off your braces however he loves hearing you talk about your comics and sometimes you read them out to him. He lives for moments like these where he can relax and listen to your voice all day long.

Saeran: Quietly teases you about looking weird with glasses and braces however is absolutely shocked the day you wear contacts and have your braces removed. He thinks he’s looking at another person but when he realises it’s you, he takes everything back with a red face. He’s just so stunned at this moment so that the only way for you to bring him back to reality is with a little kiss.

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I honestly don't know why people always compare two different types of artists and when they think one looks similar to the other they call one of them a copycat. Styles can look similar, no need to flip out when they do. Btw I love you're art style and It's always fun to see it on my dash. Really inspiring :)

its unoriginal because we’re both drawing people

what we need to do is start drawing furries–that’ll really show em 

Look at her isn’t she cute?

Adaara Lavellan is probably my most morally complex character and I should talk about her more:

Her story revolves around a question: “Is it better to be respected by the people you lead, or liked?”

She’s preparing to take on the Role of Keeper of her Clan, she has the makings of a good leader but isn’t sure how to go about it.

Her Mother taught her the importance of reaching for more, of taking power, and holding on to it no matter the cost—Keeper Deshanna taught her to view her charges as Sheep in need of a Shepherd (that is to say that she must lead with absolute authority lest they wander into Wolves.)

And she listened; She claimed a leadership position in the clan, keeps her competition in their place beneath her heel, and treats her clan like weak minded sheep.

Her clothes tend to have intimidating silhouettes, she isn’t the nicest person around, and she enjoys it; She likes seeing the fear in their eyes because it makes her feel powerful. 

And in the end, Deshanna and her Mother, Panora, got what they wanted from her: they made her into a Monster…but she wasn’t always like that, and she doesn’t want this to go on.

Believe it or not, there was a time when Adaara did not seek to supplement her own power or want monuments built in her image.

There was a time when she was just an impressionable young girl.

Long Adaara Meta under the cut

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then & now

me in Florida: damn that is a huge bug; does it have two stingers?? at least it’s just on the ground i guess

bug: *begins flying*


me: *screaming internally as dread and abject horror wash over me*

Stuck On Repeat

It never ends for those left behind; forced to relive every event leading up to the darkness. They’re forever trapped in the in-between and they will never stop trying to reach out to us.

01. Skulls - Bastille, 02.My Last Breath - Evanescence, 03. Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones, 04. Blinding - Florence + The Machine, 05. And the World Was Gone - Snow Ghosts, 06. A Girl A Boy and A Graveyard - Jeremy Messersmith, 07. Quiet In My Town - Civil Twilight, 08. Hallelujah - Imogen Heap, 09. Asleep - Emily Browning, 10. Creep - Jayme Dee, 11. Exile Vilify - The National, 12. Grapevine Fires - Death Cab for Cutie, 13. The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid - The Decemberists, 14. O Children - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds



i’m a fucking arsonist, i’m a rocket scientist


Shane Walsh // Joe Teague

“You do it for love.”



some nice dudes have really nice voices, like, they talk with a softer quality. not necessarily in volume, more like if you took a voice and sanded down the edges. Wait, actually, it’s kind of similar to the quality of Haru’s VA, but like… shifted over.