they're really hype

Hey so it might be a little too soon to celebrate, but apparently the new DD update has completely removed the cult ending from the game files. As in, people cannot find them anymore, and all the different scenes have been rolled back a number (making the elusive cult ending scene lucky #18 now just Damien’s ending, which was #19).

They’ve also apparently found some new dialogue for Joseph and or Mary.

I think we may have done it, guys.

I think they’ve finally listened to us and removed that incredibly cliche, mildly homo/Christianphobic, and poorly written ending and are going to actually make this game into the LGTBQ+ positive game they promised us when originally creating the game.

We are 50 Blessings. 
Together, we M͏͟A҉́͏R͡͏̨Ç̡H̶̶̛̕͝ 
Into the future. 
You have reached a Wrong Number. 


I really am surprised at the lack of love for Justice League. As someone with no real invested interest in comics or their movies, I really fail to see how it was any more predictable or worse off than any other comic film, bar a special few, most I’ve had the displeasure of watching tbh… And I swear to God they better go ahead with The Flash movie. If the universe tries to deprive me of Ezra Miller as THE FLASH I will be pissed.


“From now on, we’ll be with you.”

Goodbye, 77th Class. Thanks for all the memories.

so yeah im literally gonna be at work from 9:30am-9:30pm tomorrow so someone just pls remind me at some point during the day to watch the new rwby ep whenever i get back cuz imma forgET and i am somewhat clinging onto hope for this series

“The glory days of the Doctor and Clara” or as I like to call it, the time when I have never before seen and felt such dread and anxiety over fiction in my life.


Nothing Much To Do Ep. 75 x Lovely Little Losers Ep. 79

“Welcome to Team Love Gods Part 2. Our celestial mission being to set Pedro up with someone…anyone. Now, it’s gonna be a real labour of love so that no one has to feel like a loser anymore.”

also the candle wasters are sneaky little shits on so many levels and i love them for it

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I'm dying, the cw is so goddamn embarrassing. How do you send your plants to the wrong panel? It can't be that hard to get dates right. At least now we know that most of the questions on Sunday will most likely be from their plants. That TMNT one also makes me think they're really going to hype up blorg.

It’s not even at the same time! How dumb do you have to be? I’ve been laughing since I found out. They can’t do anything right.