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When 12x11 came out and ppl made gifs paralleling Dean saying he loves that fish w/ Cas being called a fish, it seemd like good fun, but now i feel like there's no ignoring it like there was such an emphasis put on Ramiel being a fisher and hating angels going after Cas and the way it was shot with him preparing to throw that lance it reminded me of ppl who use makeshift spears to fish. I dunno it's a v sugestvie shot, speight did an amazing job. I also loved how we got a flipped image, first of

a prince of Hell throwing Michael’s lance that was created to kill Lucifer and hitting Cas(interestingly, a former vessel of Luci), a good, righteous, humanity loving angel in the Jesus spot, and then when all hope seems lost and Ramiel is about to hit Dean, Sam, the Boy King, Lucifer’s true vessel spears Ramiel, in true Michael fashion. I liked how the tables tabled there (AND we got to see the painting itself, too, so we can compare&contrast) :))

I love this :D

I don’t have anything to add, but filing this under interesting inversions on the story this season. Like, it’s a great example of the way re-telling works - taking all the elements of the same story but turning them around completely. 

The truth is this – human hate can adapt to anything. You think you are safe. But if someone hates you, they will come up with the reason after the fact. (from Years of Future Past #2, written by Marguerite Bennett, 2015)

X-Men comics are fantastic. This is powerful. 

Savage: I love you, brother.

Maul: I know.

Feral: *enters room looking very happy* I’m dating Rex!

Maul and Savage: *in unison* That, I did not know!


me: i really really like talking to them!! i want to get to know them more, messaging them more often will help!! communication is key for friendships to grow!!!

also me: wait but what if i’m bothering them?? oh god i can’t message them…. what if they don’t like me?? i can’t do this…, what if i’m annoying them?? what if i come off as clingy or too desperate to know them?? i don’t want to get attached… what if they think i’m obsessing over them for talking to them too much?? what if…..


INTP–INFP Just Chill

INFP: Ohhh! I just remembered that I forgot to pick my classes, oh god!

INTP: Oh, did you just get eligibility the other day?

INFP: Yeah. I was going to stay up until midnight so I could pick them, but I chickened out and fell asleep! D:

INTP: You’re such a nerd.

INFP: ಠ.ಠ

INFP: You don’t know what it’s like! Now, I’m never going to get the classes I want!

INTP: Dude, it hasn’t even been a day, you’ll be fine.

INFP: NO. Just imagine it first.

INFP: You get the opportunity to choose. You miss the chance. You wake up the next day and everything you wanted is gone. AND THEN YOU’RE REALLY STRESSED OUT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

INTP: Except that didn’t happen to me because I already picked all my classes, and got the ones I wanted.


INTP: But guess what! I didn’t stay up until midnight, either! I actually completely forgot about classes. And then the next morning, I remembered, went online, and I picked them.

INFP: Well–

INTP: And I got everything! And it was fine!

INFP: You don’t un–

INTP: It’s going to be fiiiiiine, INFP.


INTP: Fiiiiine!





INFP: Fine.

INTP: That’s the idea!

Sometimes having a soulmate doesn’t fix anything; sometimes it’s just brokeness: squared.

based on MCU, no aou, soulmate au trope: ‘you see color when you find your soulmate’, Tony/Bucky as unfluffy angsty soulmates, just be happy dammit, background steve / peggy. 4k; 'color struck’ is a phrase stolen from another author orz

Sometimes, Tony still thought about his old professor from MIT. Every month, a flower shop received a payment to deliver fresh flowers to the man’s grave, but it had been more than long enough that he couldn’t remember what the man looked like, or what his name was unless he dug up the old articles. There was one video of some convention where the man had spoke, but his mannerism and voice were unfamiliar.

Sometimes, Tony thought about him, but mostly, he remembered meeting his soulmate.

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(undertale spoilers)

it was never the player that “corrupted” chara, as some people argue. long before the player arrived, chara, sharing asriel’s body, tried to force asriel to kill human beings. although the dialogue above is fairly clear, there’s even more evidence that chara had planned to do this from the beginning:

vhs tapes / asriel speaking to chara as they die

this is referring to the plan to get a total of seven human souls (chara’s after they die + six more) in order to “free everyone”.

although it seems that chara only got worse after being resurrected in frisk (thanks to pure luck and then the player’s help), chara had ill intentions from the beginning. my personal belief is that chara saw asriel’s resistance to kill humans (what ultimately got them both killed) as a betrayal and stopped caring about monsters OR that because chara had no soul they couldn’t care anyway. 

but regardless of why chara did what they did, it’s a fact that chara DID want to kill humans. it was CHARA who provoked the humans with their own dead body. asriel pretty much says so. 

chara doesn’t deserve our hatred, and it’s pushing aside their complexities to simply call them “evil”. but regardless of what made them act out, the fact is that they did go to great lengths to kill others. chara wanted to kill even before becoming part of frisk, and that cannot be ignored. 

but despite chara’s actions, they remain an amazing and intelligent character.

if none of the above makes sense on its own, please check these out:

Guys there is something so beautiful about being alive like I just ran through the sprinklers with my friends and laughed like a maniac and felt more electrified than I have in months and I’m still soaked and my hair will be a nightmare tomorrow when I get up at the asscrack of dawn and what I’m trying to say is that you can’t keep waiting for the best days of your life; you just have to love the best moments more than anything and you’ll be okay