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The crew answering the question of who they’d follow in the apocalypse really cracked me up. “Link would probably kill you!” “Rhett would probably kill you too, he’d just be nicer about it!”


Eva Green & Josh Hartnett :: Penny Dreadful Premiere - Flicks And The City interviews

Kai; Beautiful

❝Ah… it’s happened again, right? I felt many things just seeing all this unravel and being a person with tanned skin (though I’m Asian, I go under the Sun and got badly sunburnt when I was eight after swimming for four hours without sunblock) but I don’t feel offended being tanned skin despite being fair before or being surrounded by people with fairer skin—idk, I just felt like writing this. ^3^ Regardless of your skin color, you’re beautiful, yep. I’ve said it.
►1240 words || scenario, fluff, slice of life???

“Alright,” You breathed, finding the strength to put the book you were reading aside after slipping the bookmark in and then you turned to look at him. You saw how he snapped out of his little trance, as if he had walk down to the path of immersing himself in his thoughts, deep within that he hadn’t realize you had even said anything through the silent of the night. He swallowed and blinked at you, watching you place the book by the bedside table before directing your attention to him. He still had his eyes at you, blinking, once, twice, and then he said, “Yes?”

“Don’t yes me, Jongin,” You huffed, turning your body, shifting your position of your back against the bed rest and legs stretched out to sitting crossed-legged beside him, your kneecaps touching his thighs and your hands reaching for one of his laying lazily on his lap, “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head as if there was nothing going on in his mind, as if he hadn’t been thinking for the past thirty minutes—as if he wasn’t in his own dimensional world and he wouldn’t have heard you if you weren’t right beside him—yeah, as if.

He managed to offer you a small smile, his hand gripping onto one of yours before he laced your fingers together with his, feeling the complete warmth from your fingers, your palm pressed against his and when he inhaled deeply, he could smell your scent lingering in the air and he felt at complete bliss—if only that was the same in his mind.

“You look pretty,” He smiled wider, causing you to growl as you threatened to reach for the pillow, “Kim Jongin…”

“Okay, okay,” He gave up, letting go of your hand to stop you with his other before you could hold onto the corner of the pillow. He then stretched his arms out, along with his legs, creating vast space for you to crawl in between and even if he hadn’t said anything apart from his low and gentle come here, angel, you would’ve gone over to slide in his embrace.

You settled in his loving arms, his long legs caging you in and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Compared to Jongin, you were somewhat small—unless you wore heels—and boy, you felt victorious whenever you get to climb a ladder. However, the situation was different now. Even when you were leveled with him, you could see in his eyes that he felt small, he felt timid, or rather… ashamed? Scared?

You couldn’t tell which as you turned your body, pressing your arm against his sturdy chest, his eyes blinking at you slowly as if he was being sucked into a daze you brought upon him and you frowned when all he could do was stare at you, into your eyes and his arms tightened around you with a small squeeze, “Jongin… you’re not telling me,”

You could tell he was thinking, contemplating and there was this flare of confusion in his eyes, a sense of wondering as he breathed out, “Have you ever pictured me with whiter skin?”

You were genuinely confused, really. Jongin had always been comfortable with his skin, he was always chill about it—heck, he never talked about it, either. Neither have you. So why was this brought up? You were left shaking your head and with all the honesty in you, your reply was soft but genuine, “No… never, really.”

His eyes widened slightly, as if he was shocked with your reply—were you supposed to think about this?

“N-Not even once?”

You shook your head once more, pinning him down to a corner when he didn’t know what to say. He could only gape at you when you frowned deeply, the creases on your forehead forming—something that would happen whenever you were really lost—and there was this spark of worry in your eyes that ignited his senses, feeling one of your hands grip onto his arm, while the other remained on his forearms, “Jongin… What’s all of this about? Why are you even asking such question?”

He sighed and realized how much he was making you worry, how fast he has made your heartbeat because of this and for what? Just because of his skin tone? To be honest, he didn’t know where all of these came from—where such feelings surfaced from but he just found himself in a slump, thinking of how things would be different, how different he’d appear if he was a shade lighter but to you, none of that mattered and it never will.

“S-Sorry,” He muttered under his breath, placing one hand at the side of your head to caress your forehead, “Stop that, you’ll get wrinkles,”

“I am one step closer to hitting you—“

“I was just thinking, you know?” He admitted all of a sudden, moving his hand to peel your hand off his arm to hold onto his, feeling your fingers in the spaces of his made him have the confidence to speak smoothly, “Because everyone around me are fairer than me and I’d always get mocked ‘cause of my skin tone so I was wondering… what if I had fairer skin?”

“Do you know how attractive you look with the skin color you have now?” You asked him, making him seriously curious as he blinked at you, shaking his head as if he was lost like how you were a moment ago but seeing him this way ached your heart sometimes because he will never know how handsome, how dashing, how beautiful of a person he is no matter what skin color he has—he really needs to know but sometimes, you get it, the insecurities get to them.

“I think you look incredibly handsome and to me, at least, it doesn’t matter what skin tone you have, whatever shade, whatever color—it doesn’t matter,” You spoke, words laced with truth, eyes blinking with sincerity as you moved your hand resting on his forearms to his chest, pressing above a spot where you could feel the faint heartbeats under your palm, “What matters is within—words of what others say won’t define how ugly you are, but how ugly they are. I hope you know that,” You mumbled quietly and you have yet to say something more but you couldn’t look at him, not when he was staring right at you, “And as long as you’re comfortable with that, why change something just because of the words of others?”

He found the ability to smile once more, moving his hand to lap it over yours above his heart, his other tilting your chin up to say, “You know, based on everything you’ve just said, do you know how beautiful of a person you are?”

You shook your head, in slight nervousness this time, “I… I wasn’t aiming for that—“

“You don’t need to aim for anything,” He grinned, feeling much better now, tugging you closer to him as he whispered to your ear, “You’re the most beautiful person, ever.”

“Y-You’re beautiful too,” You meekly said to his face as he leaned away, merely inches away and he could only smile widely as if he was born with it but then again, he was. He was born with such beauty and you’d tell him every day if he needed that.

“But you make me feel beautiful, angel.”


Since the Yumoto one got enough notes last time (I don’t want to spam the tag with stuff people don’t wanna see) here’s the Ryuu one! If nobody kicks my askbox in and demands that I do Akoya or Kinshiro or whoever right away, I’ll just continue in the order of their colors. Two bonuses (plus one stupid crossover) this time because I can‘t decide and because the green eyes Wombat had in ep 9 look absolutely gorgeous on Ryuu.

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