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Wow. I love how fast you can get requests finished. And in really good art, too! That's something I can really appreciate in an artist. Speaking of requests, I've been thinking about Team Talon a lot. They're just so cute. You think you can maybe draw me something?

Thank you! Sadly I will have to stop taking as many requests soon because of work…

But here are Talon!

28 Days of OTP

Day 8: Bertholdt x Reiner

I honestly love this couple to death because its adorable. I love how awkward Bertholdt can be and Reiner being the powerhouse. (what is he, mitochondria?) 

But their dynamic as characters makes me ship them so hard :)

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Do you know any kdramas with cute male leads? Like cute to their s/o, like Ahn Min Hyuk from Do Bong Soon and the goblin from Goblin and Healer. They're literally so cute when they're in love!!!

This is the ask I’ve been preparing for all my life!  Because I love sweet enthusiastic puppy male leads in love. I had started a Top 10 Kindest Kdrama Male Leads list a long time ago, but I don’t really do top 10 lists and I never got around to finishing it. Anyway, here, in no particular order, are the male leads who would probably have made it onto such a list:

1. Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon) in Flower Boy Next Door

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2. Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) in Oh My Venus

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3. Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) in Queen In Hyun’s Man

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4. Lee Min Suk (Seo In Guk) in King of High School Savvy

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5. Soo Jung Hoo/Park Bong Soo (Ji Chang Wook) in Healer

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6. Crown Prince Yeong (Park Bo Gum) in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

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7. Su Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) in Luck Romance

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8. Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) in Reply 1988

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9. Louis (Seo In Guk) in Shopping King Louis

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10. Jung Joo Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk) in Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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I have to included an addendum to say that even though I really enjoy the male leads I wouldn’t necessarily recommend all the dramas equally. Some of them I enjoyed a lot, some of them I was lukewarm on. I dropped Shopping King Louis because there wasn’t enough conflict and it was too fluffy to keep me interested, I dropped Moonlight Drawn by Clouds because the pacing bottomed out in the last few episodes. And I’ve never actually started Weightlifting Fairy, the male lead has a really positive reputation in fandom though and I plan to watch it soon.

Hope this helps!


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Can u do an imagine where newt takes care of the reader when they're sick and it's super cute and fluffy. Really could use this right now hahah

Sorry for the wait! Here ya go!

Edit: realized now you put imagine not HC….I’m so sorry lol

Master list

-Newt would worry a lot. His usual philosophy would no longer count in this situation, because you’re sick and he can’t quite handle it.
-He acts calm, loving, and overall a joy to have around when under the weather.
-But, on the inside he’s wondering if you’re alright, and if he should probably just sit by your side 24/7 until the sniffling stops.
-He’d attempt to make you soup, but it never came out right. You’d eat it anyway because it was sweet of him to do so.
-He’d bring you tissues, and even carry a trash can around for you.
-He’d cover you with his coat and kiss your forehead, even if it’s sweaty from your fever.
-He’d prepare his own medicine for you.
-He’d have to force it on you. Always.
-He’d constantly be shooing away his creatures from your side, saying you need rest.
-He’d help you bathe, and give you nice warms baths that almost always resulted in more, but he’d have to stop it because you can’t exhaust yourself.
-You’d groan and whine and roll around pathetically in bed for days.
-He’d probably have to sleep elsewhere.
-But, every morning he gets up before you, the back of his hand pressing gently into your forehead to check for any more signs of a fever.
-And when you’d whine about taking your medicine again he’d smile at you.
-“Come on, give me a smile.”
-But, you’d glare at the wizard. Yet, you’d give in to his kindness.

Hope you like!

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Scorbus birbs dozing off on New Year’s!

It’s midnight the 1st here in Korea, so tada! I’d like to thank the HPCC & Scorbus fandom for an amazing 2016, love you all <3 Here’s to a 2017 full of love, happiness, sweets, and smiles!!

guys go listen to “휘 (Hwi Hwi)” by Laboum it’s such a fun spring/summer song and the girls have really good voices that don’t sound too “young” but still fit the cutesy. Sorta like if Mamamoo were a cute-concept group. 

Anyways it’s really good, listen to it here bc they deserve lots of attention. And while you’re at it, listen to the iconic “Shooting Love” and my personal favorite ( and their debut song) “어떡할래 (What About You)” 

*looks both ways* *whispering* guess I’ll leave this here.*runs away* There’s a note on top of the drawing.


                Oh well hello @little-noko, I know we never actually talked to each other but I really like your blog and art style. So here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift. Hope you like it. Also sorry for the quality my camera sucks, and it was my first time drawing both Decay and Paper Crane. So hope you like it, it took me a while actually or I would have given it earlier. Also sorry again and 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for being amazing.

P.S Please notice me. BYE : P  

Aaaaaw, I’m so happy that you like my blog and you did a wonderful job to draw both of my babies ! I’ll do my best to keep being amazing even if I don’t know how I actually do that.

But thank you, for everything ;u;

I showed my mom that pic of Harry smiling from yesterday (is my wallpaper now), and she said “His arm is full of tattoos, uh?” and I looked at the camera and said “Yeah, he got lots with his boyfriend”, she laughed a bit and say “Really?” and then “Are they still together?” and I said “Yes, of course (always). They’re going to get married soon” and she was like “Ah that’s cute, they’re going to be together forever, aren’t they? They have lots of affinity” and I just set here screaming internally

“Stuck With You” - Digital Oil Painting

I really love the image of the Doctor hugging Rose here, because his face is so intense. He might have lost the Tardis, they might be stuck for a while, but there’s no way he’s gonna let anything happen to his Rose. And his face when she says being stuck with him isn’t so bad. He’s an utterly smitten puppy.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

  • Boyfriend: you ship sting and rogue? Really? Why? But they're not even gay.
  • Me: Sting's first appearance shows him saving Rogue from an arrow that he could have easily deflected. Throughout GMG he shows little to no regard for friendship and bonds, but makes it a point to keep Rogue out of harms way and even fights for him. They're boyfriends. Here, read this fic.
  • A few days later
  • Boyfriend: sting and rogue are so gay. They love each other. They're like, even more gay than Freed and Laxus. How cute.

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can i request a scenario for Minseok and Kyungsoo where their girlfriend has really bad eyesight and she somehow lost her glasses and they tease her about it because they're on the top of her head of something? ^w^

haha that was so cute

“Honey have you seen my glasses?” You ask and Minseok grumbles something inaudible.


“I said, hold on babe.” he perks up when he hears some rattles near the bedroom. He stands up instantly and makes his way to you, knowing you were blind as a bat and would be knocking over things if he didn’t help you out. “Don’t move, let me look for it.”

“I swear it was just here!” You huffed in frustration and the moment Minseok enters the room, he suppresses a grin when he sees your glass sitting on top of your head. 

He relaxes then; crossing his arms and shaking his head, amused. “Where did you leave it?” He asks teasingly.

“Just here!” You point all around the room and Minseok can’t help but chuckle. “Why are you laughing? Come help me!”

Minseok grins as he pushes himself off the door and makes his way to you. He sighs as he holds onto your shoulders, making you look at him.

“What–” Before you could ask what he was doing, he reaches on the top of your head and places your glasses back on for you. Your eyes widened as your eyesight cleared and a blush crept to your cheeks as you realized it’s been sitting there all along.

“You’re so cute, jagi.” He kisses your nose before turning away, leaving you a little flushed. 

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Kyungsoo would definitely enjoy himself watching you look for your glasses when it’s just there sitting on top of your head. He wasn’t usually this playful but the situation was so cute and amusing, he just wanted to have a little fun with you.

“Maybe it’s on your bedside table?” He suggest, already snickering.

“Maybe you can help me?” You snap back.

Kyungsoo laughs when he finally has his fun, knowing you might just beat him up or worse…cry in frustration if you didn’t find your glasses soon.

“Okay okay. Shh. Relax, I will make it appear before your very eyes.” He says, mocking a magician. 

You roll your eyes and cross your arms just as he reached over your head and placed your glasses back on for you. Your mouth slacked open in shock.

“Better?” He chuckles and when you finally got over the surprise, you hit his arm. His eyes blew wide at the assault. “Ow! What was that for?”

“You knew all this time and you just made me look?!” You pinched him this time and it hurt but Kyungsoo couldn’t help but laugh and leaned in to steal a kiss.

Miane~ You were too fun to watch! Hey! I said I was sorry–” He says before running away as you growled at him in frustration.

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aaah so cute haha hope you liked it!

- Kaye Allen

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hiii can I have headcanon of Bakugou and Todoroki's reaction when they're on a date with their gf, they pass by a pet shop, and she just lights up and begs them to go in so she can pet the dogs? I miss my dogs so much I just ;w;

Awwwwwwwwwww babe. Here you go. Some cute puppers for you

Bakugou is in the shop before you are. He really likes dogs, he has two himself but he can never resist at least looking at puppies. He has a natural way with animals too, despite his somewhat menacing aura they gravitate towards him and love him. He’d go to one of the employee’s and asks *cough*demands*cough* that they let the dogs out so you can play with them a little. He really doesn’t mind this type of interruption on a date, in fact it might be his favourite part of the day. “You know we can just go down to the shelter and offer to walk some right? We can do that tomorrow if you want.”

Todoroki wasn’t expecting you to get excited over something so little, though he’s never had pets and while he always wanted one he sometimes can’t understand why people get so excited for animals. Remembers why when he gets in the shop becasue he loves them all and he’s considering buying one. If other people have pets at the dorm he should totally be allowed to have a puppy, you can see it all the time too. “I know this isn’t the same as your own but I’m willing to share with you. Help me pick one.”

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I'm sorry people keep bothering you about ships, so here's a cute Rus///Ame thing: Alfred is really clingy, so whenever they're together, he always has a hand(or two) on Ivan- in his back pocket, around his waist, holding his hand- and when they have more privacy, Alfred will just sit in Ivan's lap and stroke his arms and face.

anon you are so sweet! thank you. also this is canon and adorable and i’m locking this in my head forever aaAhh tysm for this headcanon dude ^^

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(so i hear you guys like the commandos and don't get enough asks for them well i am here to change that right here right now) imagine steve and the commandos having to huddle for warmth during a bad snowstorm and they have a sort of platonic love for each other because they're in this shit together and they only have one another for right now so it's not all the "no homo" manly crap it's super cuddly and cute but also "this is crap" because they're cold and it's snowing buckets

Peggy can really only describe it as a…puppy pile. They have been stranded in Austria for weeks and Peggy has only just been able to call in for reinforcements to pick them up, having received a rather jumbled telegram about a week ago, filled with misspellings and ink smears. She supposes she can see why

Steve is at the bottom, being both the warmest and the one most comfortable being piled on. She can just barely see his dirty, blonde hair and the slope on his nose, his long eyelashes fanning his cheeks. Barnes, of course, is curled up right next to him, and she sees him swat at Jones and telling him to shove off ‘cause his elbow hurts. The others are all piled haphazardly over each other, Dum Dum near the edge because he “smells like a hog,” Morita and Dernier sprawled on Steve and Barne’s feet.

She clears her throat, hiding a smile as they all scramble up, disheveled, exhaustion lining their bodies. “Boys,” she says, and they salute her.

“Ma’am,” they chorus respectfully. She just barely manages to sigh in pleasure. If she ever needed an ego boost, it was good to visit the Commandos.

“I’ve brought you a plane.”

“Oh, thank god,” Steve says faintly. 

“None of us wanted to smell Dum Dum for much longer,” Barnes says, and Dum Dum glares at all of them as they all nod. She laughs and they trudge after her, quiet and tired and miserable, but at least they’re all alive.

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Hello, I just wanted to say I love your writing? You're one of my favourite blogs on here and I'm so glad I found you, your scenarios always seem like they're vivid enough to be real and it amazes me how you always manage to make it that way with everyone you write. I hope it's okay for me to ask for relationship headcanons for Nam Taehyun, but if it's not then don't worry about it, and I hope you have a lovely day! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

first of all, how dare you be so cute? ;-; *cries* And wow that’s really heart warming and I’m so glad that I have you as a reader because wow you’re so nice and friendly  *hugs* Y’all I appreciate everyone of you! Just by reading my work, I feel so happy because wow, you’re taking your time to read something I wrote and *heart melts* Anyway, I hope you have a great day! Stay happy and safe!!! Bruh I AM ALL ABOUT THIS NAM TAEHYUN LIFE I AM BASICALLY TRASH.

WINNER’s Nam Taehyun as a Boyfriend:

  • Taehyun as a boyfriend would be a roller coaster ride.
  • Expect lots and lots of bickering, especially if you’re being stubborn.
  • Lots of late night talks, either on the phone or beside each other.
  • Would abruptly kiss you whenever he pleases and would have a triumphant smile on his face whenever he catches you off-guard.
  • His hands would be all over the place, on your waist, on the small of your back, on your thigh or simply on your cheeks.
  • He will tease you to no end, either it’s because of your bad Korean speaking skills or that time you kept on talking with food between your teeth, he will never let you live it down.
  • Back hugs and bear hugs are a common thing between the two of you, since he’s very tall and is very clingy~
  • Would make impromptu dates, like getting store bought ramyun and giving it to you as if it was worth $500 and would even place a straw so you can sip your soda. Or going to the park with his guitar and would make a random song out of the things around you.
  • Y’know that k-drama thing where the guy tucks a lock of hair behind the ear of the leading lady? Yep that happens to you too and you just get so quiet because he’s so up close even when you two have been dating for awhile now it still makes you feel shy. 
  • Gets jealous easily.
  • You’re talking to Mino? You bet you’ll hear an earful how much of a slob the rapper is. You’re talking to Jinwoo? Lol he’s going to bombard you with aegyo even if he himself is cringing.
  • Sneakily puts vegetables on your plate because he doesn’t like to eat vegetables.
  • Random piggyback rides are a thing~
  • Asks you what you’re wearing before the two of you go out on a date to dress himself to be fashionably coordinated with you.
  • Lots of movie marathons!!!
  • Take lots of funny pictures of you and candid shots. (likes to make it as a wallpaper because wow you look so beautiful)
  • Fights with him would be verbal but not enough to offend or hurt your feelings. He’s a fiery person and is very passionate, so the fights would be as strong as him.
  • When apologizing, it would be hard for him since he’s really prideful, but he will apologize from the heart and would give you a tight hug and would kiss your hand because he feels bad for fighting.
  • Being in a relationship with him would bring you out of your comfort zone to try to experience new things, like pottery or finger painting, which may lead to poking your nose with paint and will end up giving each other face paints.
  • Likes to lift you up and spin you around because Taehyun can’t contain his feels.
  • Likes to make your lap into a pillow and would make you run your fingers through his hair because it relaxes him.
  • Asks you to harmonize with him even if you suck at singing (the dude needs to practice his vocals 24/7)
  • His cats loves you, so much so that they would betray him and come to your side instead.
  • When he asks you to kiss him, he purposely straightens his posture so that you’ll have a hard time reaching for his lips, making you loo like a fish flapping its fins out of water.
  • But eventually, he lowers himself so that you can kiss him properly.
  • Doesn’t get teased by the hyungs because he knows what he’s doing with your relationship, and is probably more mature about it more than them.
  • Likes to look at you when you get ready because you’re so busy preparing yourself and wow he’s so enthralled how amazing you look with or without getting done up.
  • The type to lovingly look at you while you use his arm as a pillow and would be like “I can’t feel my arm because of you.”
  • So you just roll your eyes because how typical of him  But then you don’t realized the bunny smile he had on and he would pull you closer to him and he would be like, “Rest your head on my chest instead.”
  • After a long day of making music, he would plop down beside you and wouldn’t say anything but would just hug you.
  • Gives Mino the stink eye whenever Mino invites himself to your dates, because he wants to be alone with you, since he’s been busy with recording.
  • When picking movies for movie night, he would pick classics like Forrest Gump or Strangers on a Train. But also he would be the one to suggest watching Mean Girls or The Notebook.
  • Makes endless songs about you
  • Sticker pictures and polaroids. Nuff said.
  • Would pull you in so you can sit on his laps and he would lock his hands together so you can’t escape.
  • When Taehyun falls for a person, he really pours his heart because he wants to give you the best experience of being with him even if it seems he can’t express his feelings well through words, he really loves you. ~

Look at these cuTEES! ;D

Adri(e)nette is my personal favorite corner of the lovesquare. shh, I love them all, okay So, here are some sweethearts without their jackets! idk if they ever showed Mari without her jacket already, so just ignore any inaccuracies ;w;

Was really tempted to have Adrien in a tank top ;D

Also, Mari with freckles because that is important

EDIT: I fixed the background, whoopsies! wasn’t supposed to be transparent

So I hear you do pond ratings? Here it is so far and soon I will get more friends for it (also Antonio I see you peeking in the background and whoever guesses correctly who my magikarp are named after gets to feel smug about knowing it.)

the good ol’ mountain theme, it’s a really cool looking theme, though not a lot of the decorations feel right for it, it’s a good effort despite that. you get lots of points for having the cute kitty friends at your pond, im sure you will get more friends soon! id say this is a 8.5/10 good job!