they're really confusing me

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You drawings are cute but they're super whitewashed. Just fyi.

…I’m…really confused. I draw chibis…and I don’t think I’ve coloured any of them…so…I’m not sure how they’d be whitewashed? I mean, I’ve tried to draw the hair and stuff like how the characters have it in the musical, if it doesn’t look right then it’s my limits as an artist, not any intention to whitewash. 

Does anyone else think my chibis are whitewashed? (Aside from the fact that they’re LITERALLY white because they’re not coloured in O-o)

I’ve actually wanted to try drawing non-chibis but before now all I’ve ever drawn are anime-style and they all tend to look the same. Big googly eyes, sharp nose, and I know a lot of fans in this fandom are sensitive to the features of the characters due to racial issues so I’ve avoided doing it so far because I don’t trust my skills to get them right.

[Edit]: Oh! There was one coloured one! The Sailor chibis with Laff and Laurens! But I quite literally took the colour of Daveed and Anthony’s skintones *using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop) for the skin colours so I hope they don’t look whitewashed O-o

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What if they both really like one another but are at the stage where they are confused as fuck about what they do to eachother like maybe in the beginning it was all fun and games till one point they're like oh shiiii I felt something idk if they're just really confusing me and I'm tired oh it haha (a little exaguration on that but this is Like a movie where you're just making up scenarios but you can't be sure if it'll really end like that but you want it to .. do you get me ??

yeah i get you 100% my dude. like,  i don’t know what jikook’s relationship is or how they feel about each other. but this could be very plausible. jikook could be in taht stage where they were kinda like “lol i act like i’m gay around u but it’s jokes dude” like all other “i’m straight, no homo” boys out there. but then one day they were both like “wait….i’m like…. gay….. for them….” and now they’re in this like purgatory between just friends and a relationship and they don’t know where to go or how to handle it. 

i can totally see that being real. 


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“Here, give me your hand.” He raised his hand, and Alec twined their fingers together, Magnus’ palm hard against his. “Do you remember, the night of the battle on Valentine’s ship, when I needed some of your strength?”
“Do you need it again now?” Alec said. “Because you can have it.”
“I always need your strength, Alec,” Magnus said, and closed his eyes as their intertwined fingers began to shine, as if between them they held the light of a star.

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hello! I mean no disrespect at all but I really don't understand your system? I was wondering if you could explain it to me? what's a "median" system? and why are all your headmates cartoons? again, no disrespect intended I just really want to learn so I can understand you better! thanks!

ok here we go this is gonna be a long answer

so first off, I do not have headmates! headmates refer to multiple systems which I am not - I am a median system. theyre cartoons bc theyre fictives. here is a good picture that can maybe help you visualize the difference between multiple and median:

the best analogy I can come with for my own system (remember every system is different) is if you would imagine a car

my body is the car and I, the host, am the driver and am controlling the car. my facets sit in the backseat and don’t ever drive the car, they just make commentary and watch the road we’re driving on. sometimes, however, one or two of my facets will sit in the passenger seat and while they’re still not driving, they’re closer to me and I can hear them clearer and they can see more of whats going on. they will sometimes give me directions and tell me where they want me to take them/what they want to do/ect 

if you think of a singlet, median and multiple as a spectrum I would probably be about here on it: 

I hope this helps and makes sense!! no offense taken btw, I appreciate you trying to understand me better!! it shows that you care :3c

Me while watching the x-men movies
  • me: erik don't
  • me: erik pls
  • me: come on erik stop
  • me: what the fuck erik
  • me: how stupid can you be erik
  • me: magneto more like shut the fuck up
  • me: what an asshole, calls himself magneto thinks he is cool
  • me: put that stadium down or so help me you fucking idiot
  • my friends: wow you really hate magneto right?
  • me: ...
  • me: why the fuck would you think that?? i love him okay? how dare you

I’m so paranoid about Fall Out Boy
There’s been such a big build up for a new thing in November that I don’t think it’s just a new single coming out today
I almost think they’ll drop the whole album on us just to see how we react

okay InuTrash, this question has bugged me for most of my life:

How the HECK does Inuyasha’s Suikan work??????

Like the folded over part at the front: in some parts of the Yura episode it looks like there’s actually an additional flap of fabric, but in other episodes and official art, it looks like it’s all one piece, so I’m guessing some part of it folds over.

HOW?!? And how does that measly little black string keep it folded, if there’s not some kind of clasp or something????

I’ve seen Japanese artists on Pixiv attempt to draw out how it works, and they all do it differently, and I still don’t get it.



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Hey, how close are Spidey and Deadpool in the comics? I mean for real. Because sometimes I think they're kind of enemies or at least Spidey don't like Wade much and sometimes I see something that makes me think they're friends and I'm really confused... Or maybe they become closer after some time? I need the truth! xD

They’ve regularly teamed-up to defeat various villains, much to Spidey’s reluctance. He despises Wade. You see, Peter was very selfish at some point in his life, and it got Uncle Ben killed. So he fights this part of himself. And Wade embraces his selfishness. Peter hates it. He hates Wade’s recklessness when he himself fights himself so much, at great costs. 

Wade, on the other hand, loves Spidey. LOVES him. Spidey is the embodiment of a true hero and pure goodness in Wade’s eyes, even though Spidey’s coldness toward him sometimes gets to him. He likes to brag that they are best friends, especially to his daughter, apparently.

But in the new Spider-Man/Deadpool series, Wade asked Spidey to help him earn the right to call himself a hero and when saved the city from Mysterio, sparing the baddie’s life, Spidey finally agreed to give Wade a chance. Peter is still wary of the merc, but you can tell Wade is slowly growing on him.

They had seemed to reach friendship level in Deadpool annual #2 but in Uncanny Avengers #1 couldn’t stand Wade again… hopefully when Wade and Peter solve the issues at Parker Industries they will be best friends, and not just in Wade’s mind.