they're really confusing me

me: *hates doing research for class with every fiber of my being. complains at every step of the way. breaks out in hives when professors say the word “database”*

me: *procrastinates doing homework by reading about obscure 17th century Spanish nobles and the history of Naples, using the exact same databases*

Me while watching the x-men movies
  • me: erik don't
  • me: erik pls
  • me: come on erik stop
  • me: what the fuck erik
  • me: how stupid can you be erik
  • me: magneto more like shut the fuck up
  • me: what an asshole, calls himself magneto thinks he is cool
  • me: put that stadium down or so help me you fucking idiot
  • my friends: wow you really hate magneto right?
  • me: ...
  • me: why the fuck would you think that?? i love him okay? how dare you