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Lego Batjokes Prompt Fill: makeout scene

This ended up being more serious (and less in-character as far as the movie is concerned) than I necessarily intended it to be, but I mean, y’know. Happens.

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The Big Fat Liar, the Little Lady, and the Spud

I like to think these two became buddies, even if in a highly dysfunctional friendship sort of way. The way their characters foiled made for really nice scenes between them that were among my favorites of the entire game; also their link artes are cute. Elize is just so cute. Everyone looks cute next to Elize.

idk, like…… what counts as oppression? do members of the lgbt community have to be beat down to be considered lgbt? does there need to be a greater stigma? and legitimate question: if asexuals aren’t considered part of the lgbt community, then what are they a part of? are they anything?

Food Problems
  • Kid 2: why you eat diabetic food? are you diabetic?
  • Me: No, I'm not diabetic, and you mean I eat healthy food that doesn't come from a box loaded with sugar and salt.
  • Kid 2: I eat healthy food!
  • Me: Like what?
  • Kid 2: Corndogs.
  • Me: Ah yes, corndogs, the pinnacle of healthy food. This is why carrots and squash showed up on your lunch plate, kiddo.
  • Kid 2: Can I have a cookie?

make me choose | izzyfrays said: malec or sizzy?

“Here, give me your hand.” He raised his hand, and Alec twined their fingers together, Magnus’ palm hard against his. “Do you remember, the night of the battle on Valentine’s ship, when I needed some of your strength?”
“Do you need it again now?” Alec said. “Because you can have it.”
“I always need your strength, Alec,” Magnus said, and closed his eyes as their intertwined fingers began to shine, as if between them they held the light of a star.

Me while watching the x-men movies
  • me: erik don't
  • me: erik pls
  • me: come on erik stop
  • me: what the fuck erik
  • me: how stupid can you be erik
  • me: magneto more like shut the fuck up
  • me: what an asshole, calls himself magneto thinks he is cool
  • me: put that stadium down or so help me you fucking idiot
  • my friends: wow you really hate magneto right?
  • me: ...
  • me: why the fuck would you think that?? i love him okay? how dare you

I’m so paranoid about Fall Out Boy
There’s been such a big build up for a new thing in November that I don’t think it’s just a new single coming out today
I almost think they’ll drop the whole album on us just to see how we react

anonymous asked:

Hey, how close are Spidey and Deadpool in the comics? I mean for real. Because sometimes I think they're kind of enemies or at least Spidey don't like Wade much and sometimes I see something that makes me think they're friends and I'm really confused... Or maybe they become closer after some time? I need the truth! xD

They’ve regularly teamed-up to defeat various villains, much to Spidey’s reluctance. He despises Wade. You see, Peter was very selfish at some point in his life, and it got Uncle Ben killed. So he fights this part of himself. And Wade embraces his selfishness. Peter hates it. He hates Wade’s recklessness when he himself fights himself so much, at great costs. 

Wade, on the other hand, loves Spidey. LOVES him. Spidey is the embodiment of a true hero and pure goodness in Wade’s eyes, even though Spidey’s coldness toward him sometimes gets to him. He likes to brag that they are best friends, especially to his daughter, apparently.

But in the new Spider-Man/Deadpool series, Wade asked Spidey to help him earn the right to call himself a hero and when saved the city from Mysterio, sparing the baddie’s life, Spidey finally agreed to give Wade a chance. Peter is still wary of the merc, but you can tell Wade is slowly growing on him.

They had seemed to reach friendship level in Deadpool annual #2 but in Uncanny Avengers #1 couldn’t stand Wade again… hopefully when Wade and Peter solve the issues at Parker Industries they will be best friends, and not just in Wade’s mind.