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hello! this is a purely selfish post that I wanted to get out there….but i’m trying to promote my fanfics! If you want, give them a look over and leave me a comment with how i’m doing and what i can do to improve! Thanks for reading this far, and i hope you have a pleasant day :3  

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‘You planted a new flower 

for every child who could not be saved

and soon the graveyard was a garden.’

th is is as good as its getting with my mouse ok ay

Your fave is problematic: the Moon
  • vain as fuck: is one of many moons and only the fifth biggest moon in our solar system but still insists to be called The Moon™
  • she’s that child that never moves out: is probably the love child of an ancient Mars-sized planet that grazed Earth when she was still very young. and now the Moon is holding on to Earth so hard that she hasn’t left home for several billion years
    • very likely that she will never move out!
  • pretends to be bigger than she really is on a regular basis with the moon illusion
  • hasn’t treated her acne problem for 3 billion years… girl, go see a dermatologist for your endless craters
  • pretends to be a cold hearted bitch on the outside with her big cold mantle but we all know she still has a burning passion for all the asteroids she attracts in her hot core of 240km
  • not only trying to steal from her mother’s oceans every single day with her gravitational force (creating ocean tides), but balls so fucking hard she also attracts the Earth’s crust (creating Earth tides). nice try bitch! like Earth is gonna let go!
Preference 6: You Shoot Guns For Fun

A/N: This is my first request guys!!! I hope that this was good enough i didn’t know what you meant by shooting guns for fun but i hope this is what you meant! There will be swearing lol 


“Ash I’m home!” You call out as you started to take off your shoes. “Up here!” You heard as a respond. You jog up the stairs and into your shared bedroom where you see Ashton with some papers. “Hey babe. How was hanging out with your friends?” “It was fun.” You say giving him a peck on the cheek. “What did you guys do?” He asked facing you now. “We went to that shooting range it was actually quite fun.” You say with a laugh. “A shooting range?” Ashton says a little loudly. “Yeah. It’s really fun and I have surprisingly good aim!” You share with Ashton. “How do you even know how to work a gun?” He asks with furrowed eyebrows. ‘Well before you go into the shooting range they show you the basics on how to use a gun.” You can see the concern written all over his face. “Look Ash, it’s safe I swear. How about next time you come with me and I can show you how much fun it is.” “Alright.” He says after hesitating and going back to his papers while you keep him company.


“Hey babe. Where’ve you been?” You heard Calum ask as you walk through the door of your apartment. “Nowhere just out really.” “Just out?” He says his tone getting louder and angrier. “Yeah just out.” “But where did you go?” He presses. “I went to the shooting range okay? What’s the big deal?” You heard Calum give out a relieved sigh as you both walked into the living room. “It’s just that I was gone for a long time because of tour and I thought you had met someone else.” He says embarrassed. You just laugh shaking your head. “I promise nothing like that happened. I just picked up a new hobby from when you went on tour.” You explained to him. “Well that’s one hell of a hobby Y/N.” He says laughing. “I know. I wouldn’t have thought I’d like it but my friend went and she said it was fun for her so I started going.” Calum nodded understandingly as you both decided to go out for some food.


It was just another day where Luke had decided to bother you. You were just doing some paperwork when Luke decided he would start shooting at you with a nerf gun. The first couple of times you would just tell him to stop but he wouldn’t so you whipped out your own neck gun and started firing back. You were trying to shoot at Luke as he was running away but you still got him with nearly perfect aim. He stopped and looked at you. “What the hell?” “What?” You asked confused. “How is your aim that good? Last time we had a nerf war you barley even got me.” “I might of might have not been going to a shooting range.” You say to him causing his eyes to widen. “That’s cheating!” He says pointing a finger at you. “No it’s not! It’s simply just practice since we always have nerf wars and it’s fun!” You respond defending yourself. “Whatever. It’s still cheating.” Luke says. “No. It’s practice. Say it with me Luke praactiice.” You dragged out the word. “Fine but that means I can practice too.” “I never said you couldn’t.” You replied with a smirk. “This is war.” He said before stalking off as you just laughed picking up the nerf bullets.


You strolled down the produce aisle in search of some milk and eggs since you were running out at home. Your phone then started to ring quite loudly making people stare at you while you gave them a sheepish and apologetic smile. “Hello?” You said into the receiver. “Y/N! Why is there a gun on the kitchen counter! I just got home and I see and gun on the kitchen counter. What the hell!” Michael yells into his phone causing you to pull your phone away from your ear. “Michael calm down!” You whisper yelled since you were in public. You had gotten back from the shooting range and left your gun on the counter before going straight to the grocery store. “I just got back from the shooting range and left it on the counter and went to the grocery store.” You explained as you heard silence on the other end. “You’ve been going to a shooting range?” He asks. “Well yeah. It’s really fun maybe we can go together sometime.” “I’d rather play Call of Duty with you to see who would win.” You chuckled agreeing to play a game with him when you got home and hanging up.

Ok, I don’t want to be the person who is giving y’all the bad news, but I need to tell you something…

I think Mika is going to die, you know… It’s because… This chapter is too perfect. Like, they’re together, blushing, hugging each other, smiling…

Really, just think about it, it’s just too damn perfect to be real or at least to last long. They’re, like, preparing us for MIKA OR YUU’S DEATH. OR BOTH.