they're quite a pair

Today, after having been warned numerous times about how slippery it was, I managed to slip on the wooden platform I have to cross to get to the university building and skinned my knee (not badly, thankfully).

On the other hand, I managed to fall without hitting the bag with my laptop, so kudos to me.

  • Interviewer: Iggy can you freestyle fo us?
  • Iggy: *clears throat*
  • Iggy: ...
  • Iggy: Courtney, Courtney, she's my pal, she loves her PDA, she's an organized gal! Lindsay and Justin might be dumb, but I'd be so proud if they called me their chum! Heather, Heather, queen of mean, she's got a nice scalp for a groovin' teen! Duncan and Beth, they're quite a pair, he's tough, she's goofy, but they both got flair! And Harold's the best, he's quite a guy, he's goofy and scrawny but he's got my eye!

More Undertale at Sacanime! In truth, most of these were taken towards the end of the day because I forgot to take pictures. Thankfully, there are pretty much always cosplayers in the upstairs area and vendors hall. These guys all looked pretty great. 

Some of the subjects have identified themselves. ouo

Lovely Undyne: @shinysylveon-s

#334: Winter ❄
  • Niall: "Dad...tell ma it's not that cold outside." Caleb whined as you pulled out another pair of sweats for him to squeeze into and tossed them onto the bed. With a chuckle falling from his lips, Niall shook his head. "'m not getting into that Cal." "But dad I'm hot. I can't breathe. I can barely lift my arms up. Dad please stop her." Caleb pleaded with a frown taking over his lips. "Babe...[Y/N]..." Niall sighed, giving into his sons pleads. "S'bit much no? He's only going to play in the snow for a few. Let him take a few things off...just look at him. He can barely move without tripping over himself hun." He chuckled with a shake of his head. "Fine...Fine c'mere Cal." You sighed watching as your son waddled his way towards you before you helped him out of the layers.
  • Louis: "Have you seen-are those my socks Lou?" You asked with furrowed brow as you made it into the kitchen. His eyes trailed down to his feet before meeting yours as he nodded with a smile on his lips. "Yeah they are." He grinned wiggling his toes in the fuzzy material. "They're fuzzy...and quite warm. I think I might need to get a pair for myself."He continued before taking a seat on one of the stools. "You've been wearing my socks?" You asked with a shake of your head as he nodded once again. "Think I have a few pair of em back at my place. Was gonna bring em back but I kinda forgot." "I knew my sock drawer was looking a bit skimp. Thought I was losing them in the laundromat." You narrowed your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest. "Stop stealing my socks Louis." "But it's cold though [Y/N]...and they keep my feet warm. You wouldn't want your boyfriend to get frostbite and loose a couple of toes."
  • Liam: A chuckle fell from your lips as you watched him unwrap the scarf from around his face with complaints of the brisk winds spewing from his mouth. "'Ave you been out there?" He asked as he shook off his jacket before draping it over the hook. "It's mad out there [Y/N]." He muttered with reddened cheeks as he rubbed his hands together quickly after seeing you shake your head at his question. "Think a cuddle will make things better Li?" You asked with a slight upturn of your lips. A giggle slipped past your lips as you watched him hurriedly unlace and kick off his boots before making his way over to the couch. He dropped down onto the couch, circling his arms around your waist and his face nuzzled in your neck. "You're so warm babe...let's not move for the rest of the night." He mumbled into your skin with a sigh falling from his lips. "I'm making dinner Liam...I can't stay on the couch forever."
  • Zayn: "S'not happening." He shook his head as he continued up the stairs. He shot a blank look at you from over his shoulder, not phased by your puppy eyes. "But it'll be fun...c'mon Z when's the last time you played in the snow." You jutted out your lower lip only to have him shake his head once again. "We're not even properly dressed to be playing in the snow [Y/N]." He sighed pulling his hat further over his ears. With a shrug and a grin you grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling him back down the stairs. "That makes it more fun...then we can go inside and warm each other up." You beamed up at him, leaning in to peck him on the lips before shoving him into a pile of snow. Giggles spilling from your lips as he gawked up at you. "The hell [Y/N]'re gonna get it now." He muttered with narrowed eyes as he struggled to get back on his feet.
  • Harry: Popping your head into the room, you saw Harry still bundled up in the blanket. "Seriously still in bed?" You asked with a cocked brow as he sluggishly lifted his head off the pillow to peer at you. Little arms wrapped around your thighs, mocking your stance, Charlie popped her head into the room as well. "Daddy get up. You promised we'd play in the snow." She beamed, dimples appearing in her cheeks. "Daddy's not feeling too good pup." He sniffled with a slight frown taking over his lips. "Daddy's sick?" Charlie asked with furrowed brows as she let her arms fall from around your thighs and made it into the room, climbing on to the bed to cup Harry's face in her small pudgy hands. "You were fine yesterterday." She muttered with knitted brows. "I know pup...when I feel a little better we can make snow angles and throw snowballs at mommy." He shot her a tired grin before wrapping his arms around her. "Now go tell mommy to put on her doctor outfit and take care of me." He chuckled as you rolled your eyes at him.