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Some of it might come down to interpretation I suppose. Like the whole ‘providing no guidance and hovering’ I actually see as being respectful and taking their son seriously. I’ve never taken it as them waiting for him to fail, more that the situation is usually important and they’re around to support and be backup if it ever happened, but they don’t want to bulldoze over him trying. (Mostly talking about Yuusaku, there, since Yukiko doesn’t solve the cases.) With them, it’s always feeling like ‘if you need us, we’ll be here’.

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Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t

nabokovsshadows  asked:

What do you say to the people who think Harley and the joker would abuse/neglect a child? I've seen this starting to be debated

I think it depends on the interpretation honestly.

Like classic BTAS/comic JxHQ would not be suitable at all to have a child. I feel they’re lack the empathy would make them likely to give into frustration and anger as well as them both being just fairly narcissistic and selfish. They lack the patience and overall empathy to handle a child.

Now, our new DCEU interpretation is a different story. While they’re both obviously cruel and unstable, they’re also clearly capable of love. Joker’s ability to not only love Harley but go to such lengths to protect her and keep her from anyone else shows me he’d likely do the same for their child.

DCEU Joker would probably be incredibly protective of his child and be proud to have an heir to his criminal legacy that is a creation of purely him and Harley. His ego combined with his love for Harley would likely (oddly enough) make him a decent father if it weren’t for their lifestyle. Harley’s devotion to Joker would likely make her consider having his child as the highest honor and she seems the type to be capable of being motherly especially to their own child.