they're probably waiting for you

wanted to see if I could draw these two left-handed

the answer is nearly I had to do the eyes right-handed but I’m close


Here’s some assorted daily draws from the past few weeks. Sorry for the silence. There’s some other stuff, but I’m not ready to share any of it yet. I’ve successfully draw at least one thing, sometimes more, everyday for over a month and some change now. Who knows if it’s helping.

I’ll work on posting art daily or at least when I’m able because again, some of it I’m not ready to share and some is conceptual stuff that may or may not contain spoilers (jazz hands).

And thank you to those who sent me nice messages a few weeks ago when I was really down. I was really down again tonight so I read them again and it brought me back up a little. <3


Initiated kisses: Killian vs. Emma 

Sybbie and George in the Christmas Special.

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This is probably just complete speculation on my part, but idk. I feel like Troye and Tyler aren't as close anymore? Like Tyler especially. He didn't even congratulate Troye on the Yves Saint Laurent show. I just miss their interactions.

i’m sure twitter is not their main method of communication with each other

Not With You [Chapter Six]

A/N: So this week’s update is coming a little early because I won’t be able to post tomorrow morning (and yeah, I know that I could schedule the post but I thought people would appreciate an early chapter) because I won’t be home. There are only four chapters left. Anyone have any guesses on what will happen? 

As usual, odd chapters are by writeinmadness, even are by me!

You can find all the chapters here

I am nothing if I’m not with you.

Bad Decisions and Second Guesses

Grace’s hands are tight and balled into fists, her fingers digging into her palms as she watches the California scenery pass by. The lights blink aimlessly against the darkness of the night. She’s staring at nothing in particular as she let’s Hannah’s words ring loudly in her ears, her phone still pressed against her ear.

“I’m so tired, baby.”

There it is again. That word. It’s been tacked on the end of every sentence so far, Hannah’s voice light and obviously alcohol laced. She knows that she’s high too, and if her suspicions are right, someone gave Hannah ecstasy. A drug they both promised they would never touch, because it was chemical and anything chemical was crossing a line. Her worry quickly turns to anger and disappointment.

She should have been there with Hannah. She should have stopped her. She thinks to herself how irresponsible, how stupid, how fucking dangerous what Hannah did was.

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