they're probably just lying to you

  • Canon: this character's dead!
  • Me: oh no they're not, uh, they're just resting
  • Canon: they're stone dead!
  • Me: n-no - they're just stunned, that's it!
  • Canon: STUNNED?!
  • Me: they're - they're probably just pinin' for the fjords
  • Canon: PINING for the FJORDS? Now see here! They're bleeding demised! Look, they're lying on their back!
  • Me: that character prefers sleeping on their back, you know
  • Canon: this character has ceased to be! They've expired and gone to meet their maker! They're stiff! Bereft of life, they rest in peace! They're pushin' up daisies! Their metabolic processes are history! They're off the twig! They've kicked the bucket! They've shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleeding CHOIR INVISIBLE!
  • Me: remarkable character, that one
  • Me: lovely backstory
Listening to some girls gossip in the booth behind them...
  • ENFP: There's a quote that suddenly comes to mind. "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about things, small minds talk about other people."
  • INTJ: I was just thinking the same thing.
  • ENFP: It brings up some questions that we're sitting here talking about them, though. Are we small minds because we're talking about them talking about other people?
  • INTJ: I was just wondering that too.
  • ENFP: It's a conundrum. Are there varying degrees to our minds being great, average, and small? Can you be small minded in some ways, and great minded in others? Are there people who reach small minded extremes in which talking about them becomes okay without us being small minded as well? Are we still great minded because we are discussing this idea at length, or are we average minded because we're also discussing the fact that they seem small minded? I mean, we're assuming they're small minded because we're listening to them gossiping about other people, but we're talking about them doing it. We honestly have no other information about them to make this assumption, they could all be geniuses and we wouldn't know it. Or are we just people, and perhaps we all do this sort of thing all the time because it's simply human nature, and ultimately we are all great and small minded to some degree?
  • INTJ: Probably that last one.
  • ENFP: Are you sure, or are we lying to ourselves because we know that we're likely no different than those girls at all and we just don't want to admit it and would rather live in the delusion that we're better than them?
  • INTJ: Honestly, I just want to eat my food.

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how would UF, UT, and US skelebros react to their crush who will sometimes just lay on top of them if they're on the couch without warning and instantly fall asleep.

Aw! Cute!


Sans: He enjoys it. He’s a cuddly skele-bear! He’ll just pull you closer and fall asleep with you.

Papyrus: He doesn’t like being lazy and lying around a lot so he’ll probably gently wake you up with his loud voice and ask you to make puzzles and spaghetti with him. He’s worried that you’re going to pick up on Sans’ lazy habits.


Sans: If it’s just the two of you, he’ll act like he hates it, but once he falls asleep too, he’s going to pull you close. If Papyrus is home, he’s going to push you away. He doesn’t want to, but he knows that if Paps catches you two you’ll both be in trouble!

Papyrus: He’s going to push you off. He’s not letting you become lazy like his brother. If you do fall asleep on him, he’s going to make you run laps or train so you don’t fall into that lazy habit!


Sans: He’s not really the type to lay around, but he thinks you looks so cute that he’ll stay still and let you snooze a little before waking you up to go make tacos and puzzles.

Papyrus: He’s going to pull you close and fall asleep with you. He likes feeling your weight on him. It’s comforting so he’ll let you sleep and fall asleep with you!

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Okay, bear with me. But I head canon that Dex has a bunch of siblings (like 4) and over break let's just say that one of his siblings (like his older sister) snapchats/records Dex dancing to Skakira "Hips Don't Lie" while he's doing the dishes and sends it to the group chat. Chaos ensues. Dex is doing damage control. Nursey is just curled up and like "Shakira was right, Dex's hips really don't lie."

I wrote a fic where Dex had five siblings (older brother, older sister, younger sister, twin younger brothers) and his older sister would ABSOLUTELY DO THIS. His younger sister was probably dancing along with him because they’re dorks.

The point is, Nursey watches that video way too much over break. When they finally meet up again at Samwell, Nursey pulls him in for a kiss and a long hug. “I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“What? Of course I’m sure. What the hell, Derek?”

“You’re not lying, right?”

“No I’m not lying, why would–” Dex realizes halfway through his sentence that Nursey is talking about that damn video. “Fuck.”

Nursey laughs. “I dunno… I might need some proof…”

“What kind of proof?” Dex asks despite knowing exactly what Nursey is about to say.

“You should probably show me with your hips.” Nursey whispers in his ear.

Dex punches him in the arm and starts walking up the stairs. “So, are you coming or not?”


“Your room is nicer. Let’s go.”

And Nursey basically loses all chill that he gained over break.

  • Me: I have a crush on you.
  • Crush: Really? I also like you.
  • Me (Internally): They're lying to make me feel better. They probably don't like me at all, it's just them being courteous and kind.
  • Me: So. Wanna go out.
  • Crush: Sure!
  • Me (Internally): They don't actually like me. I've pigeonholed them into a situation in which they feel like they have to date me and I am now being intensely manipulative and every thought I have ever thought about them is intensely wrong and bad.
  • Crush: I literally want to kiss you.
  • Me (Internally): I have once again, somehow, manipulated this person and made them think these things against their will. Clearly I've said too much.
  • Far, far in the future:
  • Spouse: So, what color should we paint the baby's room? Burnt Orange, or vermillion? I'm liking the vermillion with the oak crown, not gonna lie.
  • Me (Internally): They wanted the burnt orange. The unintentional rise of my breath 0.5249 nanoseconds too late clearly shifted their opinion. I am scum. I am disgusting, manipulative scum.

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I just saw a tumblr post that Enochian sigil that Cas carved into Sam and Dean's ribs basically boil down to "They're precious cinamon rolls and you would feel my wrath if you touch them". I kinda want Winchesters, Kevin or Charlie (shh I'm in denial) to translate the sigil in the ribs for kicks and having TMI moment xp

I mean they hopefully didn’t just leave the x-rays from 5x02 just lying around at the hospital, so they’re probably in the back of the car collecting dust. When they moved into the bunker Dean dragged out all the weird crap he collected over the years along with the other more sentimental stuff, and chucked it in a corner for sorting later. At some point it becomes extremely urgent that Charlie gets the Casa Erotica DVD starring Gabe to laugh at, and digging through the pile of horseman’s rings and Artemis’s arrows and that My Little Pony car ornament and all the other weird crap that ends up in the back of the car, she finds the X-rays and sees they’re covered in Enochian. Hey, it’s probably useful, she thinks, and Kevin’s just, like, around, chugging coffee and translating stuff endlessly, so when they’re done laughing at how the universe was saved via porn, she sneaks the X rays to Kevin and under the cover of darkness he quickly translates it.

The next morning at breakfast, Charlie is like, “I bet you both twenty bucks I know something even more embarrassing about the apocalypse than you do.”

Cas has no idea why she is grinning at him like that. 

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SCREW YOU, ANON!! Come on stop being a coward and come off anon so we can see who you really are! Kaito don't listen to them they're just jealous of your beautiful art skill

Sometimes I’m really tempted to get anon asks off and see if anyone dares to send me the same messages again… but whatever. I have fun with these.

Let me tell you something important. There are mean people everywhere. And they might say mean things to you, but you don’t have to let it get to you. There’s more than a 90% chance that what they say is just a lie. 

Some people wake up and just don’t feel okay, so they send hate to others. Others feel bad about themselves, and that’s why they do that, too. And some people really think so but are just… not polite enough.

Listen here and do something for me, okay? Don’t listen to anyone who tells you something mean and does not provide evidence that you’re really that bad. Because… they can’t. You’re not bad. You’re trying and doing your best, and they’re just lying! Don’t let them get to you!!

And personally… anon hate does not affect me, because… as a skeleton, nothing gets under my skin. All that hate just goes right through me ;D

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im not sure about how the baby would come to be BUT IMAGINE. cecil making the weirdest faces to get to make their baby laugh while carlos snickers from the doorframe; sleepy cecil getting up at 4:00am and finding carlos asleep on the couch with the baby in his arms, and the sight is just so sweet he can only smile fondly and join them, and they all snuggle together and it's a bit too tight and they're exhausted but it's just perfect

Ohh, this is THE CUTEST thing in the world, I swear. I always imagined that, as Cecil is Janice’s Uncle, he probably knows a thing or two about babies and would be a pro, changing nappies and using bottles with ease, whereas Carlos would be a bit nervous, but willing because NEW LIFE and WE MADE THIS LITTLE CREATURE THANK YOU SCIENCE. Imagine Cecil returning home after a trip to the shops to find Carlos, who had given him a pleading please-don’t-leave-me-I-might-be-a-bad-dad kind of look, lying absolutely enraptured on the bed with the baby resting on his bare chest, cos that’s how you bond with tiny little babies, and Cecil just about melts because they looks so cute and perfect and he immediately joins in and I am TOO INVESTED IN THIS. 

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Sam probably looks up 30s-40s slang all the time for Steve and uses it. He probably tells people that they're, "Going stead," and he always tells Steve he's "Stuck on him." Steve thinks it's corny and Sam just sounds wrong saying it, but he understands he does it to make him more comfortable and it's so touching and cute.

sam curled up in bed next to steve, maybe after a particularly excellent round of sex, lying down facing steve. he’s got that glow in his eyes, and he goes “i’m stuck on you, steve rogers,” really soft and warm and genuine. his eyes twinkle. steve feels like the air has been sucked out of the room, because sam is so beautiful–lying here, a beautiful smile resting on his lips, his hand reaching over to rest on steve’s cheek–and they’re together? sam has chosen him? it still blows steve’s mind. he leans in so that their noses brush.

“you’re so old fashioned,” he mumbles teasingly, and sam breaks into a big grin.

“learned it from the best, old man.”

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I just thought of something else I wanted your opinion on Alex, coz I know you were friends with some of the 'big' larries before. I get that some of them are just the kind of people who just really buy into conspiracy and probably just genuinely believe what theyre saying, but what do you think of blogs who say they have information, like knowing for a fact that there are houses jointly owned by L&H. Do you think they're just making that up? Given wrong information?

I think there are two things going on – lying and gullibility. There are definitely some big Larries who straight up lie, and they are clever enough about it to have those lies spread throughout the fandom and be widely believed.

I will give an example of how it happened with me once. 1D was in New York in early August of 2014. Louis was spotted entering and leaving the Standard Hotel several times, where he was staying with Eleanor. Harry was never spotted there, and everyone agreed he was staying elsewhere.

One night when Louis wasn’t spotted, Lottie posted a picture of a cityscape. Harry also wasn’t seen that night. So that sets the scene.

This blogger approached me (I had very recently begun to gather followers and a bit of renown – on my way towards becoming a “big Larrie”). She said, my contact in the hotel industry told me that Harry Styles is staying at [hotel] (not redacted, I just don’t remember). Then she told me to look at Lottie’s Instagram picture. She told me that it was taken from the penthouse of that hotel. I did a google image search and sure enough, it was!!!!

I was so impressed. I thought that this blogger knew where Harry was staying, so when Lottie posted that picture, she checked to see if it was taken from the same place, and it was!! So after “stunting” with Eleanor, Louis took his little sister and they spent a night hanging out with Harry, and then Louis spent the night with Harry. I was totally convinced. And believed all the nonsense that blogger said afterwards.

But of course…that blogger is from New York. What really happened is that she recognised where Lottie’s picture was taken and spun the rest of the story from there.

So you have the liar, and you have the naïve idiot who believes them.
Emmie is one who I think is very naïve. She has said time and time again that she is friends with update accounts, with stalkers, with fans around the world and they all tell her the same thing and are consistent, so they couldn’t possible ALL be lying to her. Except. Yes. They could.

Then there are those who believe their Anons, and pretend that they have an actual source when they tell their friends, who therefore believe them, and spread the story.

But some are being very deliberate and strategic, like the blogger who told me that little story about Harry and Louis in New York. It was a strategy, and a very effective one.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled the other day and as they’re like, pulling it out of my mouth, the dental assistant lady is like “do you want to save them?”

And I’m like, mouth full of bloody utensils, not sure how to answer because I KNOW she’s probably joking, but what SHE DOESNT KNOW is that I legitimately, actually SAVE TEETH AND BONES AND CREEPY SHIT LIKE THAT so I’m just like, lying there gargling “I dohnt knowr, canh ah?”

And she was just like “..what? No”

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It wouldn't surprise me if the show glosses over Malec (and Clace for that matter) having sex for the first time. I think as the characters get older in the show, they'll probably just have shots to suggest sexytimes have happened (like maybe they're lying in bed together having a plot-related convo), but they might not put much emphasis on their actual first time. In any case, whatever they do will be done well bcuz the writers seem to really care about all the relationships. :)

That’s very possible! But I actually hope they don’t gloss over their first times, especially not in Malec’s case, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an LGBTQA “first time” scene in a “mainstream” show (I know there’s some, but it’s rare; it’s not something you see). Like, I feel they could work that scene in a way that’s poignant and beautiful.

But, like you said, whatever they choose to show, the cast and crew care for these characters a great deal and I, for one, can’t wait to see how they develop them on the show as we move forward. :)

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With more hints about a potential KRY album (yaaaaay~), how well do you think it'll do in Korea? Promise You did pretty well in Japan, but there's probably not a big correlation about how well KRY ballads will do in Korea.

I’m not sure tbh. People always argue that Korea loves ballads, but a lot of people also argue that D&E, who released a ballad-type song as their title track, would have done well had it received any attention/promotion at all from SM. And considering it took SM nine years to think, “KRY should finally release an album,” and it seems like their attempt to make up lost revenue from SJ and TVXQ releasing no group albums/going on no huge tours for the next 2-3 years because of enlistment… I don’t know how much promotion they’ll give them. People argue the song speaks for itself, but after the way SJ’s last releases have gone, and same with D&E’s first Korean album, I don’t think a song speaks for itself among the korean public, and you need the public to love a song to have a digital hit (and even though a lot of the songs high on korea’s digital charts are pretty awful, those groups have a brand promoted in korea, so they get a lot of hits just by being bandwagoned, and unfortunately, sj’s ‘brand’ in korea is negative bc of how sm chooses to promote them when sm remembers they exist at all, bc of yyj, etc etc, so they get the opposite reaction and that’s why even knetz have to say, in response to songs like ‘Devil’ that they deem freaking amazing (which it is), “please don’t judge before listening” because apparently this is a new concept, ugh).

I think KRY is going to slay quality wise, anything they sing is going to be damn amazing. But I’m worried because of how SM is choosing to do any releases recently, because of how SM gave no attention to the D&E subunit and if that’s how they’re treating SJ’s subunits, you already know it’s going to have even less attention than what SM did for SJ for this Devil album… But I know SJ fans and anyone who has ever listened to KRY in Japan will probably eat it up, so it’s pretty obvious it’ll do well physically (and they probably will get more attention from their upcoming Asia tour and from that upcoming Seoul concert - I don’t think D&E did any concerts in Korea so they probably also have that in their favor). What also worries me is how close they release KRY to the upcoming EXO subunit because if it’s BCD, I have no doubt SM is going to have it overshadow any SJ subunit release.

And if SM releases the album like they did Kyu’s album, so late in the year that even though it slayed digitally and did pretty well physically, it’ll win no awards because it just won’t qualify, then… :/ :/ :/

Haha, sorry for not really answering your question. I think KRY is guaranteed physical hit, even people who bandwagon hate SJ tend to recognize KRY as damn good vocalists even if they downplay how good they are and ignore the fact that KRY are probably currently the best trio of vocalists in Korea but okay. But you can’t really predict how it’ll do digitally, and you have to consider possible promotion (or more likely, the lack thereof) and the fact that KRY are probably going to be branded ‘Super Junior KRY’ like D&E were, and the bias against Super Junior in Korea is a damn shame and may hinder them which really truly sucks.

The only thing that’s really certain is that the album is probably going to be the most amazing thing released in kpop 2015, whether anyone outside of the fandom ever hears it or not.