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vitya talking to the russian team about his two Ls!

and this one is an excited vitya having trouble sleeping after the legendary banquet! (link only bc no reposting)

“Your life in exchange for the Blue Paladin’s freedom. Interesting indeed.”

One day Kirishima will probably manage to get a genuine laugh out of either Bakugo or Todoroki and in that moment he will reach his peak “too gay to function” state because any entity inside him which even remotely resembles the form of heterosexuality will respond to this event like “Fuck This Shit, I’m Out”, And leave him unable to do anything.

Happy Birthday Izuku! May all your hopes and dreams come true, Hero :>

Bonus: Later at school…

Bakugo can’t wrap presents for shit.


Paper Omens (click through for better quality)

grace-of-hearts replied to your photo:YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma SMACK! The kids…

Yurio’s face in the first panel is great. He wants to know what to do to fix this but he’s never handled friendships well initially himself. And he’s notably younger than Yuuri and Victor, so he probably feels a little out of his depth here.

whoo I caught a reply! :’D

NOP Yurio’s never handled friendships well minus Beka, but tbh they’re ALL out of their depth. People where scared of Yurio, Victor didn’t particularly care to befriend others (who mostly approached him for superficial reasons anyway), and Yuuri was ignored or bullied as a kid (outside of Yuuko).

Should also note that the three of them have VERY different attitudes approaching parenthood too. For Yuuri, the idea of a family (if not necessarily specifically kids) and being surrounded by loved ones is comforting, and not something he’d ever thought he could have until recently. In the haze of uncertainty that is life and a career after his retirement, he sees it as one of the only clear and tangible goals that he can accomplish, and share with his mates too.

Yurio is forever bitter about the absence of his parents from his own childhood, and has always specifically dreamed of having kids so that he could give them what he didn’t have. He’d never trade his grandfather for parents, but it’s also an experience he’s always craved, even if he’s on the parenting side. In addition, while the others are in no rush, Yurio wants kids earlier rather than later because he desperately wants his grandfather to be a part of that family vision, and he knows realistically that he doesn’t have that much time left. If he were alone, heck if it were just him and his mate Yurio’d think it irresponsible and wait until he has the confidence and experience to support them all, but given the much more extensive support system of their poly relationship and Victor and Yuuri’s seniority, he feels it could really work even with him being so young.

Victor probably hasn’t thought nearly as deeply about parenthood as he should have, but he likes surprising even himself and is used to making spontaneous decisions. While having kids is definitely something even he wouldn’t do on just a whim, when the other two bring it up, he decides more or less on the spot that it’s a wonderful idea and something he really wants too. Any additional form of love he can have with Yuuri, he’ll embrace with his whole life.

a little surprise gift for my bby @borntobeafangirlxd IT’S 2 DAYS BEFORE YOUR BIRTHDAY OMFGGGGGGG. you’re growing too old >w< but this is just a little count down present until i give you your big birthday present!!!!


To be honest, I think even the power of Mabel had a hard time getting these awkward dorks to talk to each other about their feelings. They had some very terribly hilarious failed attempts at asking each other out that make for good stories later on though.

Here’s a drawing I did for @f-da-program ‘s fic Kicking Against the Goad. This is probably my favorite scene from Chapter 7 ?? I just love this story so much and I had a lot of fun drawing this!

Gon’s hair is all down because I am lazy, mostly. My excuse is he’s sweaty… really sweaty? His hair just kinda flopped when I drew him. Maybe I’ll redo it with Gon’s hair up tomorrow. It’s kind of annoying me now.

Nick defends some rich guy, wins the case, and gets invited to some after-acquittal party. Of course, he gotta bring the Fey Wife™.

Everyone thinks they’re married but they’re both too lazy to say otherwise.

I dub thee "the Briggs!AU" part1

Maybe the correct title should be “the day Edward Elric decided that he should attempt to flirt with a girl just to see what would happen which ended up with unexpected results and he stopped after that because he did not want to repeat the scene no matter how funny it was at the time” (huge ass title but so true) good going Ed *claps slowly*

No seriously, when this popped up in my head i couldn’t not write this and then draw it *snorts*

If i like it, i’ll post the comic i made about this XDD.

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