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@mchanzo when you were saying Sombra would totally lock these two in an elevator so they’d confess… I had to draw it

i’m gonna write an au where samwell is a town that people have a tendency to run away to instead of a college, and it’s gonna feature:

  • eric bittle and his bakery 
  • (don’t ask him about his family just don’t)
  • (Homophobia™ will be involved there but only there)
  • shitty the bartender
  • (his one cool uncle died and left him the money that he used to open it)
  • (it’s pissing off his family more than you could imagine)
  • lardo the artist
  • (left art school to travel, fell in love with samwell, never went back)
  • (she’s famous online and actually makes a good amount of $$)
  • ransom and holster the high school teachers
  • (they arrived in samwell at the same time but not together)
  • (now they’re never seen apart)
  • dex the mechanic
  • (moved from his original small town to this small town)
  • (is very angry but can fix literally anything)
  • nursey the writer
  • (moved to samwell for Inspiration™)
  • (has written 3 popular books since then but has no intention of leaving)
  • chowder and farmer the happy couple
  • (that’s their thing)
  • (they’re possibly starting a family and they’re both just happy with it)
  • jack zimmermann nhl super star
  • (has won multiple stanley cups and is on the fast track to winning more when he disappears after he looses a shoot out)
  • (shows up in samwell days later, books a hotel room, and slowly starts learning how to enjoy life again)
  • (this is where the story starts)

sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion

Oliver’s formal education is severely lacking. But Oliver is highly intelligent and I think he just soaks up  information like a sponge. 

He failed classes in high school and college because he didn’t care- he was too busy being absolutely terrible and getting away with whatever he wanted. But when he’s actually interested…

He learns how to fix a plane radio just by spending time helping his father and spending enough time tinkering. 

He becomes fluent in Russian in roughly a year. 

He learns a decent amount of Chinese over the course of five years. 

He learns how to fly a plane in under a year. 

He recognizes a random quote from the Odyssey and is able to recite the rest of it back at least a year after reading the book. 

He learns Argus’s tactical patterns despite only working with a team on a handful of occasions and remembers them five years later. 

He develops a range of technical skills which allowed him to operate as a vigilante for months before adding the computer skills of Felicity. And for two years before incorporating the tech support from Cisco. 

I think four years working with Felicity has allowed Oliver to absorb a lot of computer science knowledge (he’ll never be anywhere near her level, but he’s more skilled than the average person). I think Oliver is continually storing away tactical strategies and fighting techniques that he observes in allies and enemies alike- it’s part of why he’s such an accomplished warrior. I think Oliver has far more political knowledge than most people assume, just because he’s spent so much time around people like Moira, and Robert and Walter and Malcolm. I think that since getting back from the island, Oliver has spent a good deal of his spare time reading, making up for the education he now realizes that he wasted. 

I think Oliver’s spotty educational history, his brooding nature, his quick temper and his general tendency toward action over introspection, all hide the fact that he is an incredibly intelligent man. One capable of concocting brilliant strategies. But who is continually ignored and underestimated because he doesn’t display his intelligence in the same ways that the math and science geniuses around him do.  

nursey finds out dex is gay and develops a huge, ongoing high-school-movie-esque Plan™ to make him fall head over heels in love with him

dex of course is already in love and every time nursey executes part of his plan it goes wrong. dex thinks it’s hilarious




Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

me: i’m gonna check out this pairing on ao3 Just For Fun lmao i don’t really ship it
me, an hour later, dealing with Intense Emotions and whispering “they’re in love” to my screen:

Now that we know that both Kaneki and Furuta are fulfilling the role of “kings,” I went back to read Nico’s interactions with both of them regarding their same question: who is the One-Eyed King? 

Well, before the most recent reveals, we thought that Nico lied to Furuta and told Kaneki the truth. Now, however, it seems that almost the exact opposite occurred.

Nico suggests to Kaneki that the One-Eyed King is Eto, and that the One-Eyed King as Aogiri’s leader. He gives this information to Kaneki with no strings attached, to which Itori warns him:

In a way, Nico gives him a half-truth. Eto is the Aogiri leader and the figure that most have assumed is the One-Eyed King. However, as we’ve learned, Eto is neither the One-Eyed King nor is the One-Eyed King Aogiri’s leader.

When Furuta asks Nico about the One-Eyed King (”did the One-Eyed King really exist?”), this is the dialogue that follows:

We’re not sure exactly what Nico says to Souta, but it sounds more along the lines of what is/was true about the One-Eyed King: that he does/did not exist, and that his role is a “story.” A work of fiction/legend meant to represent some symbolism. And then they immediately go on to discuss Kaneki.

Not only did Nico give Furuta an explanation closer to the truth, but their train of thought also implies that Kaneki is related to the One-Eyed King story they had just outlined. 

I’m not sure how Nico knows Kaneki’s role within the One-Eyed King story, and I’m not certain how that will affect their alignment within this new world dynamic. While the reveal of accurate information to Furuta instead of Kaneki would imply that they will stay loyal to Furuta, the following panel to Furuta and Nico’s dialogue is:

Nico certainly seems intrigued with Kaneki following Yamori’s death. And if they imagine Kaneki as “living beautifully,” then the dialogue implies that someone must live for the sake of him. 

Moreover, Furuta seems to have failed to make the connection despite Nico’s insinuating change of subject, unless he has consistently bluffed to Eto about his knowledge about the One-Eyed King. 

Honestly, this shift in understanding raises more questions than answers.

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