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Top 5 Soukoku moments ? 😎

Hi Ann, look at what you’ve done. Thank you for the pain. 

1. “I used Corruption because I trusted you”. All this scene is sort of heartbreaking. Chuuya trusts Dazai so much it physically pains me. He hasn’t used Corruption in FOUR YEARS, and then Dazai comes and says “let’s do it like the old times” / “yes, why not, I’ll just put my life in your hands like I did countless of times despite the fact that you betrayed me and I haven’t heard from you in FOUR FRIGGING YEARS and I could literally die in front of your eyes”. WHO DOES THAT????????? Chuuya Nakahara, apparently. That being said, I can’t believe my favorite skk moment is also the moment that makes me raging THE MOST. Of course I’m still outrageously bitter because Dazai literally called him partner, folded his clothes (yes, I’m bringing back the vintage receipts here), washed his face from the blood and then…left him there??? WHAT THE FUCK DAZAI???

2. When they pull the power couple aesthetic. When they actually work together as a team, they are mesmerizing to watch. You can see that the roots of their partnership are still there, that they know each other so much that sometimes they don’t even need words to communicate. They are not Soukoku for nothing, after all. 

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3. When Chuuya fake killed Dazai (aka, Soukoku in a nutshell). Ah this is such a powerful moment, the cherry on top of a scene where Dazai did everything he could to push Chuuya on the verge of murder, just to see him almost doing it. I can’t help but think how liberating this gesture must have been for Chuuya, he finally let out a little bit of his frustration (that’s why he was there in the first place. After four years he’s still bugged by him, he still wants some sort of revenge, he still needs a closure Dazai is not willing to give him). But that’s it. You can say you’ll kill him all you want, my little Chuuya, but will you really? I don’t think so, because you care and love him so much it’s almost painful to watch. And if you, Dazai, could stop toying with him every chance you get, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

4. Every time Dazai reminds Chuuya that he knows everything about him. Tell us more about those moves and those thrusts Dazai, we’re all ears. 

5. DORKS. First of all, I want Dazai saying “CHUUUYAAAAAA” as the sound people hear passing next to my grave. Second. I feel so robbed because in the manga Dazai actually laugh his ass off at Chuuya’s “little rich girl” impression. 

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- bonus: all the official art involving them is a blessing sent from the gods, I think that Bones ships them as much as we do if not more (remember the park date one? HONESTLY). But there’s one that has has a special place in my heart:

LISTEN. L I S T E N. I could talk about this art literally for two days straight because ??? You can try to convince me all you want, but this is made to be somehow romantic. Look at the way Dazai is tilting his chin up, it looks like he’s waiting for a kiss. And Chuuya is looking in our direction but if he was to look down he’ll be right above Dazai’s lips and ???? WHAT THE FUCK??? Not to mention what’s probably the most fucked up thing here that is THE FLOWERS. It’s a Camellia Japonica, or Japanese Quince, and they are the symbol of love, temptation, passion and deep desire. That’s it y’all. I’m out. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Soukoku might not be canon, but sure as hell they are baiting it…a lot. 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

“..I don’t know how to make this any more clear..”


im trying to start drawing again and im just so in love with this anime♥ like, its so super cute and its honestly just genuinely heartwarming ♥ ♥ ♥

i really want tohru and kobayashi to kiss in the finale tomorrow!。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

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5 for AkaOi

5. Things you didn’t say at all
Thank you for requesting!

It was there in every touch, singing through the silence as they moved together to a beat he couldn’t hear, tracing feathery paths along arms to readjust hands, toes knocking occasionally, polished shoes glistening in the bright afternoon lights.

Tooru smiled, squeezed Keiji’s fingers, and his boyfriend gave a faint smile in return, the subtle twist of his lips dizzying, perfect, leaving Tooru’s knees trembling and weak as he leaned a little closer, chasing after those sweet touches, that gentle warmth. Keiji met him halfway, ghosting a kiss across his lips as they swayed into the next steps, the hand on his hip guiding him along.

Keiji tapped the beat into his hip with small twitches of his thumb. His other thumb stroked the side of Tooru’s hand. Those lidded eyes were on him, those mismatched gray and green irises drawing him in, inescapable. Just like they had been since they’d first seen each other years before across the net, covered in sweat, exhausted, and grinning at the challenge they posed for one another. There was a funny tightness in his chest, a flutter in his stomach, and Tooru could feel his heart pounding in his chest.


He stopped moving, and Keiji stuttered to a stop a second later, eyes narrowing in confusion as his head tipped to the side. Their hands fell apart as Keiji cued to him. “Tooru, what’s wrong?”

Tooru shook his head, pulled back from those telling touches, and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a simple black box as he sank to one knee. He wasn’t even on the floor before Keiji’s hand was over his mouth, eyes damp as he swayed, quivering. Tooru grinned as he raised a hand, damp with nerves despite the confidence that sang hot through his stomach as his fingers formed familiar shapes to the words he spoke, the ones he’d practiced so diligently for months on end, trying so hard to perfect them.

“Akaashi Keiji, I love you like I’ve never loved anyone else, and I want to show you that for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?”

He couldn’t hear the sobs that wracked Keiji, but the nod, fierce and sure, was more than enough to make Tooru surge up and hug Keiji tight, those strong, slender hands curling into his shirt and tugging desperately as he kissed Keiji, love singing in every touch, every move as they pressed closer, tears spilling together over cheeks, lips, and, finally, trembling hands as Tooru slid the ring into place, right where it belonged.

They leaned in close, foreheads bumping, noses brushing, lips seeking, fingers tangled together as they breathed each other in and tasted the unspoken love in every touch, every breath.

Imagine Having An Awkward Moment At Dinner With Your Dads, Charles and Erik, When You Bring Your Boyfriend Home

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(AN: Your boyfriend is whoever you want, I thought about Peter for a second but then I was like WAIT NO THAT’S INCEST so yeah literally anyone but Peter can go in here if you want)

Y/B/N=Your boyfriend’s name

You were relieved that things were going smoothly. Knowing your dads, anything could have gone wrong; Charles was prone to pulling out random facts from your boyfriends’ minds to let them know they couldn’t hide anything, and Erik was very, very protective of any family he had. So far, though, everything seemed to be going alright.

“Daddy, will you please pass the salt?” you asked absentmindedly as you cut off a bit of steak. A few moments passed, and Charles’ arms weren’t that short, so you looked up to see the delay.

You weren’t surprised to see that both Charles and Erik had a hand on the salt shaker. If you didn’t specify which one of them you were talking to, they often both responded or moved to accommodate you.

The third hands, however, was what mortified you.

You blushed as you looked over next to you at Y/B/N, who removed his hand from the salt shaker, like that would have changed what just happened.

“…Y/N?” Charles asked. You ducked your head back down at your food, completely mortified. “Just how serious are you and Y/B/N?”

“I don’t know why you’re so surprised,” Erik murmured thoughtfully. “They’ve always taken more after you, anyway, Charles.”

You weren’t sure how you were going to be able to speak to either of them the rest of the night.

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the nominations, you’ve got five between you:
ryan & danny - best onscreen partnership, ryan - villain of the year, danny - best male dramatic performance, danny - best actor, and also, aaron’s abuse - best storyline


“No matter how much magic you have, hearts are hard to predict”

Don’t imagine Beca throwing a fit because she can’t find her headphones anywhere and Chloe doesn’t know how to calmly tell Beca that they’re around her neck because she keeps getting interrupted

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i have this headcanon where cas, as soon as he's perma-human and starts trying to develop his own tastes and stuff (e.g. stops letting dean dress him) pretty much starts picking out clothes completely regardless of the gender/sex they were intended for (i mean he's an agender wave of light and not at all socialized to gender norms) and so when shopping he's putting skirts and things in with the plaid flannel and steel toed boots and dean is just like 'omg cas why' -because they're soft and nice

oh my god this is a perfect headcanon why can’t i draw