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Hey, I was just wondering if you had an opinion on the theories people are coming up with concerning Viktor leaving Yuuri like in the eros story in episode 3? Also I have always loved your art and am so psyched you're into this show too.

first of all thank you so much <3

about the theories… it’s obvious there’s going to be angsty bits, too, but i’m not sure how deep they’ll go with this? well i HOPE it won’t end in victor abandoning yuri but instead in yuri seducing victor and make him fall for him for real

victor seems to be really fickle in his promises and his whole personality screams I DO WHAT I WANT whenever i want. as seen as he did with yurio? but for now i want to believe in good things, and i also believe in yuri

yuri has skills, yuri has charm, yuri is incredible… he just lacks confidence. so i hope victor can make yuri believe in himself, too… so that yuri manages to keep victor by his side. that victor realizes that he really doesn’t want to leave, because he grows so fond of yuri. because yuri is amazing. that his feelings grow from “let’s play a game” … to something very serious

yoi gave me already more than i ever hoped it would so i want to hold onto that feeling as long as i can. i was talking to my gf about this, and we both were okay, but really, this is too good to be true, so where’s the catch?

maybe this is it, but my faith in this show is very strong this time

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you do not think 1d is coming back as a band? why so? idk i think they will but wanna know your thoughts :)

Thanks for the question - it’s a really interesting one. I don’t not think they’re coming back (if that makes any sense).  I don’t think I’ve ever commented about this before. The short answer is: I don’t know.  but has anyone who follows this blog knows, I’m really bad with stopping at the short answer. 

I think predicting the future is a fools’ errand at the best of times - and demonstrably more so one it comes to 1D (there are things that have been clearly signposted - but the band is also the epitome of that moment in Buffy where Whistler’s voice over is all “the big moments - you never see them coming.”

What I’m most sure of at the moment - is that there is messy behind the scenes negotiations that are limiting what Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall do.  I think there are plenty of signs of this.  Whether it’s Dawbell not announcing Harry as a client, Liam not being able to release his Juicy J collaboration, Louis signing with a management company whose demonstratable skill is to get people on British TV, when the official story is that he’s in LA for the indefinite future.  

But more importantly than any of that - is that nobody is trying to make money off of them at the moment - either individually or collectively.  The nice thing about capitalism is that it does help make things clear.  And if you have a brand as valuable as One Direction and no one is trying to making any off of any part of it - it’s pretty clear to me that no-one can at the moment.

If One Direction were definitely breaking up - then I’d expect one or two of them to try and launch a solo career relatively quickly.  Their brand and fanbase will dissipate during the break.  And the speed with which Zayn’s solo career was launched is I think indicative of that. 

So I think the big question will be - what happens when things start happening.  I basically see three options - either the thing that’ll happen will be an announcement of what One Direction is doing next, or it’ll be the launch of solo careers in a way that is incompatible with One Direction doing more for a long time, or it’ll be the beginning of smaller scale solo projects with One Direction still officially ‘being on a break’.

Basically I don’t think we’ll know anything until people try and make money off of 1D, individually or collectively - and when that happens we’ll have a lot more information.

If I was going to guess I would guess at the moment they think they’re coming back. Just because what people can do at the moment is position themselves for what happens next.  And apart from maybe Niall, they don’t seem to be positioning themselves for solo careers.  But I don’t really know enough about the range of ways that band members have positioned themselves before going solo to make that judgement.