they're on top of each other most of the time

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Jessica, I don't know what it is, but when Narry are both dressed in all black I start feeling a little extra. Like, it's not at all out of the norm for Harry, but it's such a stark contrast with Niall's pale skin and bleached hair. AND THE MATCHING. I also get a little emotional when they swap and Niall's in black, but Harry's got on a white top. It's like they're each other's yin and yang and I'm feeling too much about most likely inconsequential wardrobe choices someone stop me


Remember Harry’s shirt in parts of This Is Us? Nicely fitted, all buttoned up with the sleeves rolled up? I want that back in my life.

And the slightly see-through jumper? That stretched one that’s too big that Niall wore that I stubbornly believe is Harry’s, because he’s worn one like it multiple times?

And Harry in this jumper??

And Niall that day he wore the black hoodie?


And this??

And the two of them… matching… in Dublin of all places???

I mean why don’t you stop me instead…

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If you would have to say that one ship is real, which one would you choose? (As in which one you think is most likely to be real)this is a if question so I am not saying that they are together or saying that they're gay (I wouldn't care if they were)

jIhoPE, Oh mY GoD, THey’Re JuST aLL oVEr EaCH oTheR ALL ThE tiME liKe

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but in all seriousness, I do think they’re the most likely in this hypothetical situation assuming they swing that way… yoonmin’s a close second for me tho

- Devi *^^*

FOR REAL, I’m hardcore Yoonmin trash but that top gif is the gayest thing that I’ve seen in my entire life. Bless.

-Avery ;P

“Honestly. I came out to have a good time and I’m having such a good fucking time.” she exclaimed, taking a drag from the cigarette wedged between her manicured fingers. At one point during the year, she’d almost given up on her dreams yet here she was; having released her second single only yesterday and today it was topping most charts. The festival was definitely a turning point — her image was finally restored along with her happiness and faith. “What´cha say? You want a drink?” she asked the person sat across from her, whom she’d joined only seconds ago, although before they’d had time to answer she was already waving the waitress to their table. 

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Also, if you don't mind, I'm wondering what your fave ziam fics are. Like right off the top of your head, the ones that automatically come to you bc they're so damn good. Thank you so much!! Xx

heyyyy *hope u dont mind me publishing this, as i recently got a similar ask from an anon* but omg…. these r so ANCIENT bc i havent read any ~FRESH~ fics lately eventhough i’ve been meaning to :-( but ANYWAY these are my GO-TO holy grails, i love all of them nd more <3

~~ULTIMATE fave fics ever aka holy trinity;

Not Happening:

  • Zayn and Liam are roommates. They hate each other. (Most of the time.)

Silence And Sound:

  • Frustrated and tongue-tied, Zayn does the only thing he can think of in that moment and he surges forward, pressing his lips against Liam’s. The last thing he expects Liam to do is kiss him back. Or the one where Zayn’s jealous of Louis and Liam’s closeness after Liam splits up with his girlfriend and it takes them a year to figure it all out.

The Bittersweet Between My Teeth:

  • Liam and zayn grow up together, Louis, Niall, and Harry tagging along later on.

~~and the others, in no particular order:

Permanent, Recovery, I’ll Be Bad To You, The Way It Is, Straight Shooter: *ask me for link*, Kids That I Once Knew, Unravel Me, Everything You Want, Only Place I Call Home, Sonnets Behind The Flame, But The Sun Comes Up Instead, Wrong Side Of Love, If Only Time Could Just Turn Back, Lover Dearest, Hollow Creatures Don’t Feel The Earth Shake, I’ll Be Strong For You. xx