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A lot of people say the music of Gorillaz saved them and inspire them. What about the characters? Do the characters also do the same for you?

Oh, YES, they do!! A lot!!!!! ❤️ I have SO much to say about the characters all the time! They’ve definitely helped me, and lots of others, out! For so many reasons!!

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But something I really love about Gorillaz is how the characters aren’t perfect people. In fact, they all have possible mental issues and can be very interesting and real people, despite being cartoons.

Murdoc was abused as a child, and grew up constantly being told he was ugly. He has extreme mood swings, a drinking problem, and possible schizophrenia. He was also implied to be sexually assaulted when he was a child.

2D was abused as well, by Murdoc, and is in pain constantly. He went through major accidents that damaged him mentally and physically. He’s addicted to pills and is constantly stressed out. He’s always called stupid and his mind is often scrambled.

Russel grew up being vulnerable to possession. He lost his friends in a drive-by shooting, and their souls invaded his mind and body. He’s also constantly insulted for being fat. He had to take medication for his depression and has attempted suicide. He’s terribly paranoid and isn’t sure who to trust, and just wants to rest.

Noodle was brainwashed into forgetting all her history and suffered from constant nightmares as a child. She was raised by three unstable adults and never knew her true parents. She was gunned down and constantly on the run. She had been trained in a super soldier programme that could turn her into a killing machine.

Each Gorillaz member has gone through trauma, and sometimes they still struggle today. They are not flawless, and their lives aren’t either.

But they have each other. They’re all pretty much stuck together, and are a family. A crazy, dysfunctional family that fight and dance and perform and laugh and cry and have fun and try to survive.

I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

They’re important to each other. It’s complicated, and oftentimes sad, and usually fun, and always, always crazy.

They’re all kind of tragic characters, but at the same time, they’re so inspirational and powerful.

They show us that no matter what problems we’re facing, we can always get up and improve and make music and go on adventures and meet amazing people.

We can get better, we can enjoy ourselves, we can fall in love, we can live life. Despite ourselves doubting it all the time.

We can be happy.

Gorillaz have each other, and they always will.
And they’ll always have us and we’ll always have them. ❤️

Okay, but I need more of 2D and Noodle being the best siblings??? This includes:

  • 2D had a panic attack and Noodle calmed him down
  • Noodle is having a sexuality crisis and, even though he doesn’t really understand it, 2D helps her figure out how she identifies
  • Whenever someone catcalls Noodle in the streets, 2D acts like it was meant for him
  • 2D is having a hard time understanding something, so Noodle helps him out
  • They have movie nights where they sit in big fluffy blankets and eat ice cream and make fun of bad movies
  • Noodle drive 2D around when he’s dissociating to help him calm down
  • In return, 2D offers a shoulder to cry on when she’s having a rough time
  • They both have not-so-secret shit lists of people that have done harm to their sibling


  • Murdoc is on both of their shit lists but they don’t kick his ass bc they’ve agreed that Russel will be the first one to get him
  • Russel sometimes joins them for movie nights

(Unlike Bee and Boris, Bendy and India don’t really care about the fulfillment that comes with slow and steady courtship; caution and patience are values that neither of them share, and they’d be happy to get married and move onto the next adventure. Unfortunately, *because* Lampblack is toon-central, that’s where state law has pushed back hardest against toon/human marriage laws. In California, however… -HG)

LOOK AT THESE HAPPY MEN‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

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Have some love for these two, ‘cause I couldn’t stop drawing them and I felt like sharing. There’s not enough 2russ art out there, why? this ship is 💕pure💕lov e💕 Whatever, enjoy the gay trash y’all 👌👌👌


Iain De Caestecker & Elizabeth Henstridge for Agents of SHIELD, Wondercon 2017.