they're olympians!

Can people like? Stop sexualising Will and Nico’s relationship? They’re like 14/15 years old. They’re kids. They’re going to hold hands around camp, feed each other marshmallows, and still blush when they kiss. Because they’re kids. Stop talking about how much you want your m/m ships to fuck in general. it’s weird and over sexualises m/m relationships 

Jason flying and hanging upside down in front of Piper and her pushing his glasses up as she giggles “ever seen spider-man?” And proceeds to kiss him


lgbt pride month moodboards (4/30)

will solace, son of apollo - percy jackson and the olympians // the heroes of olympus

‘Nico smiled thinly. “I have a note from my doctor.”
Will raised his hand. “I’m his doctor.”‘


My gift for @fic-writer for this years @pjosecretsanta2016! I really hope you like it! It’s my first attempt at these type of things. Pearcabeth, Solangelo, Frazel, and independent cinnamon roll Leo

Paul and Sally

Okok so these are my Sally and Paul (and baby blofis) headcanons I knoooow its long but just hear me out

- Baby Blofis is the first mortal (other than potential oracles) to come to Camp Half Blood and she just sorta… waltzes in? And at first Chiron’s got his knickers in a twist because this is technically not allowed but does she give a shit? No. This is just as much her world as Percy’s. She ends up bonding with the Hermes kids, becoming a sort of jack-of-all trades, helping out in the infirmary and Someday™ she’ll take over CHB’s mortal world coordination.

- Annabeth loves Baby Blofis so much she helps Sally babysit and tries to teach her how to read (which is a huge mess because Annabeth is hella dyslexic too)

- monsters do not dare bother Percy and Annabeth when they’ve got Baby Blofis because they will kill anything to keep her safe

- Sally double-majored in history and English before she had to drop out for her uncle, and even though she only majored in English this time around, she’s still a huge history nerd and she loves talking to Nico about historical culture

- she mothers tf outta Nico if you think he’s not there with the rest of the homeless demigods for Christmas and thanksgiving you are wRONG

- Paul loves making dad jokes and bad puns.

- Paul and Sally will aggressively parent any demigod whose parents aren’t around. Their apartment is too small to be a halfway house but SOMEBODY has to teach these kids how to drive and file taxes and apply for colleges

- Sally and Annabeth talk all the time (email more often, since it’s safer). Sometimes Percy forgets to check in and Annabeth likes to let her know he’s okay. Sally sends Annabeth recipes for special occasions and the occasional baby picture to blackmail Percy with

- Paul buys a ridiculous amount of condoms and just like… places them around the apartment whenever Percy is home. He’s not even subtle about it there’s a box of Trojans in every room but he refuses to actually talk to Percy about it

- Annabeths dad has dinner with Sally and Paul sometime and Frederick is discussing how with Athena he had a ‘glorious meeting of the minds’ and he asks Sally if that’s how it was with Poseidon

- “lol nah we fucked on the beach lil sandy but good”

- Paul chokes on his mashed potatoes but his wife literally does not give any shits

- but he loves her anyway because she screwed a god and she still loves him? Incredible.


I got a new sketchbook, so here’s some of my recent doodles!!

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Solangelo headcanon!

I have this headcanon that Nico gets vaguely uncomfortable about his age

And like it’s not a big deal at first but Will calls him old man (innocently, of course) but Nico takes it kind of hard and stews over it

because really, he IS supposed to be an old man by now and doesn’t that make him dating Will kind of creepy (his logic not mine!)

and he’s about to make a big deal and fucking soliloquy about it to the world and Will can tell and he’s just like

“dweeb you look and act like you’re twelve calm tf down”

and then Nico’s like “…..wait what the hell does that mean sOLACE-”

And he throws a hissy fit and Will is just smiling to himself because This. This is what he means.

  • Percy: I check behind the shower curtain every time I go to the bathroom.
  • Annabeth: Why would you do that????
  • Percy: Monsters, Annabeth. Monsters.

Zoe all formal and aloof like a princess, Thalia with her ratty clothes and her rebel attitude. But there was something similar about them, too. The same kind of roughness. Right now, sitting in the shadows with a gloomy expression, Thalia looked a lot like one of the Hunters. 

in the beginning of the pjo series, chiron told percy that names have power and that he shouldn’t just be going around saying gods names. As Percy grows older and becomes even more rebellious, he goes around saying the gods’ names without a care and angering them all. Soon after, the younger campers who look up to percy start doing it too but the gods can’t kill the demigods for fear of losing an army and invoking the wrath of the demigod’s godly parent.