they're not the quality kind of figures but it's very very cute

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Could do a character analysis for Vixx Ravi & Hyuk! I stumbled upon ur writings & they're a lot of fun to read! Thanks for the hard work!

I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed whatever I’ve written so far. I hope you will continue to do the same~
I know I don’t always cover every inch of their personalities in these analyses but i only hope to give you guys a different perspective. that doesn’t take away from the majority of their image that you already have in their head!

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  • kim wonshik is the kind of person who was made to learn. he’s a curious person and he basically just imbibes knowledge. I don’t think it matters to him just what kind of information it is, as long as he can learn something from it and improve himself. the ultimate life long student
  • which clearly means that he thinks a lot, which makes me believe that though his emotional intelligence may not be the highest out there (Seriously so lost in social situations) he has intrapersonal intelligence - which includes looking into oneself, introspection, speculating about one’s wishes/ goals/ ambitions/ morals/ beliefs etc. This is someone who has painstakingly thought about each of his decisions and their implications. but would never vocally discuss it unless he was sure about it
  • but i think he’d be the kind of person who needs to say his ideas out loud to believe in them. like ask other people for their opinions about his songs or fashion choices. but he’ll only seek out those that he truly truly trusts
  • a giver through and through. Would never ask for his share, like that is not how he is built. But I wager he would have picked up that skill in this industry because you can’t be a pretty rich songwriter if you don’t demand your royalties right? but other than money, he’s a giver in terms of emotional and physical help and support. the kind of person who’d be at your beck and call if you desperately needed him
  • definitely doesn’t acknowledge his limits (hyuk does, though) and would be the type to push himself to exhaustion and would have to be told by others to take a break or get some rest
  • is down for chill hangout time anytime unless he’s working, in which case, new phone who dis
  • looks outward for love, affection and validation. an extrovert and an external (really, google these terms, it’s a super cool concept) and possibly finds the most comfort from ken
  • glad that he isn’t the leader because he’d find it too burdensome to have other people’s fates in his hands. that’s why he’s really grateful and indebted to N and leo because with them, he would never have to step up.
  • lowkey i think he loves controlling stuff and enjoys the heck out of being the producer in certain songs so he can tell his members what to do
  • we all know he’s kinky right?

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  • has grown up into a very reliable person and maintains the cute maknae facade out of respect to his fans only. his hyungs are probably suffering behind the cameras.
  • the only other person in the group, other than N, who demands perfection from himself and from the team. i would want to say leo too but i feel like leo just doesn’t like it if things dont go the way he wants it, that doesn’t necessarily mean perfection. like if you wake him up when he feels sleepy, he’s probably ready to kill you. but hyuk understands the concept of sacrifice
  • i think he thinks he needs to give up more because his hyungs have been “taking on his burden” for so long which is so not true excuse me han sanghyuk you made it into this group based on your skillset my man.  i see this quality in jungkook and yugyeom too (my 97 line bowling babies)
  • a very logic oriented person. probably trained himself into thinking that showing emotion was a weakness and nobody ever did anything great while crying in a corner. also someone who would gladly step in as the leader
  • too detail oriented. i would give big bucks to figure out how his mind worked because in my opinion i think “out-of-place” things just stand out in his brain like he can zero in on things that are wrong - which would include finding out mistakes in choreography, figuring out who’s feeling down and why, always catching the liars and even picking out design or lyrical flaws (i read this one detective!sanghyk au and it was so on point wow loved it)
  • such a strong sense of duty. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a young war general in his past life
  • i think even though he has so many people around him that love and adore him, he still feels very alienated. like no one truly ever understands what he feels like. i dont know where it’s coming from but he does space out sometimes and he gets this look of pity on his face like “here i am, in front of 100000 people that are screaming for me, why do i feel so lonely?” its a very sad thing to see
  • used to be so cute i get that but pls LOOK AT THE MAN HE’S GROWN UP TO BE
  • can and will handle a noona girlfriend someday
  • possibly hasn’t been the best brother out there but i think  he knows that and he knows that some mistakes cannot be fixed. you can just try and undo them for the rest of your life by being kinder and paying more attention to things.
  • he has this resigned acceptance to things which makes me think he definitely did not have an easy time growing up to be an adult. i feel very sad about that because i only see that in ravi and N and no one else.