they're not really claiming they did it

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Eleanor is wearing different pants in these new photos... did she change or something in between pap walks ?! They're so weird

She has a different outfit on and I think his shoes are different. So outfit change for round two I guess. Not really sure why….it wouldn’t make sense to post an article claiming it’s a different day since he didn’t change his jacket and that’s too obvious….but….yeah I don’t know. 

the signs as your classmates
  • aries: super ambitious, super loud and aggressive af. aries is that one kid who the teacher always call out and then they will obnoxiously say "i didn't even do anything!" when they did everything. they will always stand up for their friends and are loyal to the core.
  • taurus: that one kid who's friendly and down to earth. they will always greet you and smile at you. they're the ones who will break an awkward silence and steer the conversation into another way. they are usually quiet until you mention their favourite book or band.
  • gemini: will probably ask you to play tic-tac-toe with them in the middle of the class. they know all the rumours in your school and will casually bring it up in the middle of class. they're the ones who will tell you to stay away from a certain kid because of a personal reason.
  • cancer: looks all kind and quiet, but turns into a loud social butterfly with their group of friends. they might get carried away with talking at times and disrupt the class. they're the type of kids who will doodle in their notebooks and hum their favourite song in the middle of class.
  • leo: probably talking to the people sitting near them, but somehow they always get away with it. they're loud and fun to be around. somehow never runs out of topics to talk about are always on their phones.
  • virgo: there are two types of virgos. one is the kid who always listens to the teacher in class and the other one always talks nonstop in class. but they're both super competitive and will probably claim that you cheated and demand a rematch whenever they lose. they are very intelligent and will make cringe worthy puns out of nowhere.
  • libra: they're the kids with that mighty aura around them. the one you've mistaken as a cold hearted bitch, but really they just talk to certain people. they don't start conversations, but once you talk to them, they don't stop. libra is that one kid who has a special spot in your heart because of that one special thing they did for you.
  • scorpio: that one kid who everyone has a lowkey crush for. there's something so magnetic about them that you just need to step back and admire whenever they pass by. no one dares to piss them off because they're gonna raise hell if they're angry. they're smarter than they look, but they don't really care about school.
  • sagittarius: they are chill and are always down for some fun. they have loud voices and they have trouble sitting quietly for too long. they're the ones you look forward to whenever you play truth or dare because you just know that they're gonna fuck shit up.
  • capricorn: you know that one brooding kid who's quiet and stares at you a lot? the one who looks like they've just gone on a murder spree? don't be fooled because they're actually really friendly on the inside. they're the literal definition of "work hard, play hard."
  • aquarius: you feel they're always angry every time, but actually that's just how they look like. they look like they don't know much about a certain topic, but they'll always prove you wrong. they have a large circle of friends, are pretty stubborn and are usually dirty minded. beware of aquarius fuckboys.
  • pisces: they are the kids who you're grateful to meet on your first day of school. they're really kind and will tell you everything they know about the people there. they usually know everyone and are friends with everyone. 100/10 would recommend for new kids.

@lovingleon a bunch of redditors are saying that angela has DID too which is such bullshit

DID is not some fucking tacky sci-fi gimmick and if esmail really does pull that shit i’d stop watching the show. its bad enough that elliot’s DID has been hollywood-fied but its at least still respectful towards the disorder

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If you punch a nonviolent neo-Nazi, you're giving them justification to be violent back. You're being the aggressor, and they instantly get the moral benefit of claiming they're defending themselves for any action after. How the fuck do you think Hitler did it? "The Jews have been attacking our way of life and taking our money!" Just watch, he'll use this as justification to call for ethnic cleansing: "All blacks/race traitor liberals are violent, we have to defend against this threat to peace!"


My pal, if they’re a nazi, they’re already the aggressor. If they’re calling for ethnic cleansing, they’re already the aggressor. 

I’m really curious as to how you think the nazis were stopped before. Like we didn’t just sit in circles and sing happy songs waiting for them to come around. So shut the fuck up. 

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I saw an ask yesterday from an anon in the tag saying that there are a lot of people who secretly want to believe in Larry but are afraid to really do it because they don't want to get really into it and then be disappointed if it turns out they're not together. They'll be public about it when they actually come out. Which I thought was interesting. A source did run a (poorly-constructed, poorly-written, poorly-argued) article claiming Larry was just elaborate queerbaiting. I never [1/2]

[2/2] thought of queerbaiting as another way to closet but it seems to have been done so often that it’s had that effect. Obviously, internalized homophobia and heteronormativity play a role but given the fandom context, I can’t help but feel that people look at other “shipper” groups that have seen something gay and been encouraged for ratings or to sell movie tickets and think there’s a connection. Anything gay is fanservice because no one is actually gay is perpetuate by Hollywood.


That makes sense! If there is anything I see a lot of here, it’s people afraid to trust their own judgment–and so they end up accepting a lot of junk out of the fear of being wrong. People trying to hedge their bets like that make a lot of sense. And I think something goodbyeadulthood said once is right on the money–after Harry and Louis come out, a lot of people will completely shift what they say and think, because people largely believe what they’re told to believe. People care about conformity more than they care about consistency, and conformity means you go with the mainstream. Combined with a fear of being punked.

And yeah, I’ve been aware of queerbaiting as a closeting technique before–but that appeals more to people’s internalized homophobia and heteronormativity, so anything not-straight is automatically seen as a joke.

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I'm really curious about something. I like Bonkai, but didn't he give her PTSD? Didn't she nearly have a panic attack at the mere thought of seeing him? Didn't she have a nightmare about him? Didn't he ALSO physically attack/abuse her? Like...I DO think they're hot together, but Bonkai shippers don't need to label any other ship problematic.

Yeah ptsd that lasted all of 5 seconds. We already know what Kai did. You forgot the part where Kai saved her life, oh wait, Damon conveniently neglected to mention any of that to Bonnie. You “claim” you are a bonkai shipper yet you don’t know anything about the bonkai fandom, considering we don’t go around labeling other ships as problematic unlike those others fandoms that do.

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Hi! I looked around a bit but couldn't find these new "sightings"... are people really posting pics from september claiming they're recent? That's hilarious lol

Yes, people are really posting pictures from September and inferring they are recent. And that just shows you how much planning is involved if this person takes a picture w Josh and holds it for almost 4 months. And she just happens to post it the week that other people allegedly see Josh in Spain?  Did she forget?  Did she lose her phone and just find it?  And this person happens to have ties to entertainment and has 11k followers on IG. 

This has been happening all year where pictures all of a sudden show up and people purposely don’t say when they were taken but with a little digging you see they aren’t recent. 

Even professional pictures get released when news is needed and not necessarily when the pics were actually taken. The most obvious one was the infamous Closh Valentine’s dinner and walk through Madrid. Turns out those pics weren’t taken Valentine’s weekend but the previous weekend because some of the pro pics had fans in the pictures and they had posted their pics w Josh the previous week.  But a burrito dinner on Feb. 6 just isn’t as romantic as Valentine’s Day.

Don’t believe the lies!

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Did you. Did you just try to claim that aces/aros can't be queer unless they're also sga. What the actual fuck. --an sga arospec ace person

some of the responses on here regarding ace/aro people are kind of “ehhhh”?? like cishet ace/aro people aren’t straight, acephobia and arophobia absolutely do exist, split-attraction model isn’t homophobic or biphobic by merit of existing, etc. idk this recent thread of questions is making me feel really uncomfortable. if there are any ace/aro mods who know what i’m talking about, can they please have a discussion about this with others?

Alright I’m ace??? and I’ve answered literally most of these questions?? Cishet aces/aros shouldn’t use the q slur because they don’t face homophobia or transphobia…which are the groups that the q slur is used against. Like bro saying “you can’t reclaim this slur” isn’t saying “u don’t belong here” like non-psychotics shouldn’t use slurs against psychotic people, that doesn’t mean all non-psychotics are Abled or some shit lmfao there’s just a different set of experiences and non-psychotics don’t experience what psychotic people do, period.

Nobody said acephobia/arophobia doesn’t exist (although tbh as an ace person the majority of ace/arophobia is actually just ableism, which is part of why the ace/aro communities pushed disabled aces/aros out, and I’ve said that before too :) ). I also specifically said that the split attraction model isn’t inherently bad literally right here “it’s fine by itself since all it does is allow for people to explain otherwise confusing ideas.”

Like no offense but instead of coming up here to tell me shit I already said, you can address the fact that the ace/aro community is driving out literally everyone who isn’t white, cishet, or abled and has been doing so for years because they refuse to listen to PoC, sga, trans/nb, and disabled aces/aros but like using us as props?


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you know what bothers me most about what happened with the xkit guy? tumblr probably ruined so many other people in the same way, without any apology. they ain't sorry they did this to him. they're sorry they lost their precious extension.

It actually really pisses me off to think about what happened to the xkit guy. He ain’t do SHIT to deserve that. Is this really the thanks he gets from this piece of shit website? And yes, the ungrateful fucks are only upset because they won’t get their extensions and shit.

This website needs to shut down already, honestly. Not even gonna get into how false rape claims fuck shit up for everyone

These people are twisted, that’s all I have to say tbqh.


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Omg jez did u see that in one of the dialog options for the final trespasser scenes solas reveals that skyhold was once his castle? I find that really crazy, he claims not to be a god but i feel like he really was, shouldn't ultra powerful mages technically be gods, since they're much more powerful than everyone else? What do you think allowed them to have such power?

If power alone defined godhood, then I suppose an argument could be made that Solas and his kind are gods. But it never is that simple.

The gods are supposed to be immortal, unkillable beings. We know they are not. They do not die easily, but they are mortal. The gods are not omniscient, nor are they omnipresent. They are not omnipotent. There are limitations to their power. There is no reason to believe that they hear or answer prayers. They do not shape the universe by sheer will alone. Their influence on the world is a reflection of great power but it’s still defined by the limitations of the world they exist within. 

As for how they got that much power - I couldn’t begin to guess. It could be something inherent to their being as the first of their kind. It could be something they gained through their own explorations into strengthening themselves in times of war. 

But yes. I did see that Skyhold was his, once. I suspected as much. I assume it was the birthplace of the Veil as well. 

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You should really,really check Radios1D ask fm. So many pressed anons about how Louis wouldn't go back to LA now that Liam is gone and about Harry wouldn't work with him and write with him,about the rumours of them clubbing together with Liam were fake and about how Harry is rude to Louis and dislikes his family. The answers will shock you,they changed their narrative totally and they talk about how they're friends and close and their families and close and they did indeed go clubbing and he is

indeed in LA. Months ago they would claim that they know where the boys are all the time,now they’re like,we only see a small part of their days so who knows if they’re hanging out. Also someoe brought up Haylor and they said they’re not sure if they ever dated. Honesty,it’s interesting to see the change in te way they’re talking about Louis and Harry!


I just looked through up until a day ago… I dunno what they were like before but they’re kind of just answering a lot with diplomatic answers. Like ‘idk’ and 'maybe’ and 'probably’..

They’re adamant that Louis is in LA and 1dexclusives was right about them partying together on the 15th though! Which is good haha