they're not getting lucky


tae is lucky to have him

Post-it Q. Taehyungie what is Jimin’s charming point? ©
Taehyung: 1) Eyes 2) Abs 3) Voice 4) Park Jimin’s very existence 

LadyAlyaBug from @imthepunchlord‘s newest fanfiction Lucky Fox Paradox

I’m super excited to see how this one will go, with super serious Ladybugya calling the shots. I extended her mask to hide her beauty mark, considering that’s a DEAD give away. And I love the decision to give her a cape <3

Hang in there Chat, we’re rooting for you.

baneismydragon replied to your chat “Lucky Us Ch. 16: Juleka’s Story II”

See now I just want Juleka taunting Marinette about her hot “Not boyfriend” but refusing to give her details because SHE was the one who said it was supposed to remain anonymous

Marinette: Thanks for doing me that favor.
Juleka: Any time. ((Girl I see u))
Juleka: *casually* Hot boyfriend.
Marinette: *drops her purse, stares*
Juleka: ?
Marinette: Is… is he hot? Is he really hot?? Not that it matters.
Juleka: ???
Marinette: Like how hot, would you say? Like on a scale of one to ten? And he’s a guy, right? HOW HOT IS HE????
Juleka: ((Omg… she dOESN’T KNOW.))
Marinette: *clearly agitated*
Juleka: *hands Marinette her drink* Gorgeous. ((Rest in pieces, my friend.))

“SHOES, is it? We used to DREAM of shoes! When I were young five of us used to have to stuff our feet into two old hanky boxes, and all shuffle to school through the snow. We didn’t Lord it up like you with SHOES and everything.”


So @nycswiftie gave me wonderful AU to write a coliver fic and I didn’t let her down for once also enjoy

Oliver thought everything in his cute little life would feel different once he got diagnosed, but he was wrong. The next morning at work after he’d spent his night with tears and alcohol, he thought everything would have colossally shifted, and that he’d been thrown into a life of enternal dispair and all that jazz.

But there was that same chair at that same desk. Same picture of a a family with more dogs than cousins, more hugs than necessary, more smiles than bickering. Same old unpredictable copy machine right behind his desk.

Same cute boy at work.

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David Tennant and Kelly Reilly from Look Back in Anger (2005) for Tennant Tuesday

Richard Wilson is directing David and Sir Ian McKellen in a new Audio Play of Look Back in Anger for BBC Radio 4 this April (2016)

I know they’re not attracted to each other but imagine how amazing they’d be as co-parents.

My mom talking about Tyler and Korey (during a discussion about The Amazing Race).

I meeean, what can I say? She’s not wrong..