they're not getting any better


If the whole cast attended NYCC 2017..

“He’s not proposing. He’s not proposing. Except he’s about to give her a ring only days after he’d asked her to stay longer, if only in so many words.

It’s not a proposal.

 It’s not a proposal.

 It’s. Not. A. Proposal.

For once, Kylo Ren chooses to go with unabashed honesty.

“It’s not for Katherine,” he says, taking a step forward. Rey doesn’t move back, her sadness replaced by puzzlement. “It’s for you.””

From Chapter 30 of ‘A Proposal by Any Other Name by @thelucidlucy.

I just had to draw this scene! :D

I’m really interested in the common ground between Kim and Lydia. They both have profound anxieties about money and status: Rhea Seehorn has talked about Kim struggling to get a foothold in the world of middle-class professionals and “not be found out as other”, while Laura Fraser has said that Lydia grew up in foster care and believes “the more financial security she has … the safer she’ll be”. Kim’s been struggling with the realisation that she can follow all the rules, do everything right, work her fingers to the bone, and still not get rewarded, and I think something similar might have happened to Lydia in the past. And if that assumption is correct, what could that mean for Kim? Does Lydia function as a representation of what happens when someone like Kim loses or abandons their moral compass?

@2nu shippers, and anyone who ships Noodle with Russel or Murdoc:


Edit: 2NU shippers can GET THE FUCK off of my post because there is literally nothing you can say to justify your nasty ship.

I understand that not ALL 2NU shippers are awful people but the majority of the ones I’ve met are awful. 🤢

Oh, and click that^^

Edit x2: Since most of you dimfucks can’t figure this out yourselves, “Heterosexual Agenda” is a joke. Y’know, satirical? Making fun of those asswipes who think the “Gay Agenda” is ruining their lives?

Fuck yeah, I’m pure salt. Am I gonna stop being pure salt? Nope.

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imagine Tom overhearing something that sounds distinctly not-appropriate-for-his-daughter, (”Mmm, you know just how I like it~”) and trying to interrupt like the nosy father he is, only to find Marinette scratching Adrien under the chin or something

imagine Marinette greeting her father as though petting her boyfriend like he’s some kind of cat is the most normal thing she’s done all week
(“Oh hey Papa, what’s up?”
“I uh… was just checking if you kids were hungry”)

Adrien immediately perks up bc cookies maybe?? As Tom is leaving he catches Marinette reaching up to scratch behind Adrien’s ear while she teases him about how much he likes cookies

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Huerta and Press are for sure the best duo in the nwsl, they're both badass af! And they're pretty damn hot too, you can't get any better than that 😏

Somewhere In The Afterlife
  • Graham: So have you heard what's going on?
  • Marian: I know.
  • Neal: Don't ask man, just I can't believe it.
  • Daniel: Me neither.
  • Johanna: What happened?
  • Eva: Oh well apparently it was okay that we all died but the man who threatened to murder them all, then changed his mind at the very last minute they're all going to hell to bring back.
  • Daniel: It doesn't get any better when you hear it the second time does it?
  • Neal: When I said find Tallahassee this is so not what I meant.
  • Billy: It's absurd.
  • Marian: Hey how do you think I feel? I died twice.
  • Daniel and Neal: Ditto.
  • Graham: So what do we do?
  • Eva: I guess we stay stuck here in the afterlife...
  • Cora: Forget that. I say we make our voices heard! End the bullshit!
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Daniel: I don't think it ends...

Competitive!Mix blaming the interviewer despite getting the highest score  ≧◡≦ 

“don’t expect celebrities to speak out on every important issue ever”

I don’t, but I do totally expect them to not consistently be a piece of shit. I’m allowed to be pissed off when celebrities say terrible things so stop trying to derail the conversation. I’m not calling them out for something they “said five years ago,” (not that they ever apologized for that thing or have shown any indication that they’ve changed) I’m mad because of what they’re saying NOW.

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And with clexa getting a sex scene I'm out. I'm now very sure Lexa is gonna die but I will not watch this trash until she's gone. I'm tired of them placing this much focus on a guest star. They're biting themselves in the ass though because ratings are down and clexa is center stage. They're not gonna get any better and they co to ur to alienate the audience.

All I know is that Jason said both sides would be happy this season, but if they’re rushing CL this much, I’m not so sure I’d want Bellarke anymore. I’d be too afraid they’d get treated the same way.