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God I really need to know how the conversation about moving in together went. Who brought it up first? How? Did Eskild jokingly say, "if Even is going to be basically living here, he should pay rent too so at least one of you is on time." And then they were just like, huh, you right. They're too much.

hehehe, i love this 💝  

eskild would totally tease them like that, these darlings he actually cares about so much. but when isak tells him he’s moving out, eskild grows serious, and he puts his hand on isak’s shoulder, and tells him “you know i was kidding about even paying rent, right? he knows he’s always welcome here, right?” and isak leans his head to the side, a little smile on his face. and he seems happy, genuinely happy, and he tells eskild “he knows, he knows. but we’re just…ready for this? it’s something we both really want” and eskild sighs, and there’s this understanding look in his eyes as he nods 

and the next morning, isak and eskild find themselves alone in the kitchen, and eskild is about to make some tea when he tells isak “you guys let me know if you need any help with moving out, okay? i’m not working a lot this week so i have a lot of free time” and isak smiles at him, tells him “thank you, eskild.” and there’s a short moment of silence and then isak’s brows furrow a little before he starts saying “thank you, really. for…everything?” he looks up and his eyes meet eskild’s and he continues “i’ll always remember that night at the…gay club. when you came to see me and you brought me here because i didn’t want to go home. you didn’t have to do that, but you did and it helped me and”. he takes a deep breath, and eskild remains silent, lets him say what he wants and needs to say. “you were there for me a lot and i know i wasn’t always the best roommate and i know i said some things that hurt you at some point, but i’m so fucking thankful? i don’t know where i’d be right now if it weren’t for you” 

there’s so much sincerity in his tone, and eskild is speechless for a while. but then he’s quickly wrapping his arms around isak, and squeezing him, and he tells him “why are you talking to me like this is the last time you’re seeing me? i’m not going anywhere, kid. i’ll still be here, and you better come and see me, you and even, diner here at least once a month, okay? at least” and isak lets out a sigh as he hugs eskild back, replies “i’m just really thankful for everything, and i know i haven’t said thank you enough and i know sometimes i’m just bad with, like, words, but i just wanted you to know” and so eskild lets go of him, his hands still on isak’s shoulders, so he could look at him, this boy he had seen grow, this boy he is so incredibly proud of, and a smile spreads across his face as he says “i know, isak, i know” 

  • Alex: okay but what would Oikawa be
  • Nico: .............
  • Nico: Omega
  • Nico: But only his teammates know
  • Alex: Iwaizumi knows firsthand
  • Nico: Iwaizumi spent his first heat with him
  • Alex: I think Oikawa would be really scared of bonding
  • Nico: Yeah
  • Nico: Okay but like
  • Nico: What if their parents aren't home or s/t
  • Nico: And nobody expects either of them to be an omega
  • Nico: And then Oikawa goes into heat
  • Nico: And at first Iwaizumi thinks he's just messing around but then he realizes Oikawa is blushing and breathing a bit heavier so he presses his hand to his forehead
  • Nico: And then Oikawa moans because he's overly sensitive
  • Nico: And slowly backs off
  • Nico: They can be like 15 or s/t
  • Nico: And then he runs
  • Nico: Ok anyway Iwaizumi is surprised but also worried so he goes looking for him
  • Nico: Finds him in a corner and Oikawa is crying and blushing and doesn't know what to do
  • Nico: Both of them are kinda panicked and kinda aroused but Oikawa is worse
  • Nico: Iwaizumi doesn't know what to say but then Oikawa just goes "Iwa-chan..." and sounds really helpless and Iwaizumi's like okay I gotta do something
  • Nico: Begins calming him down
  • Nico: Tells him everything is gonna be okay, that he's probably in heat but don't worry, he's not gonna do anything to him
  • Nico: Oikawa eventually takes a deep breath and is like "okay"
  • Nico: Asks what they're gonna do
  • Nico: Iwaizumi tells him they should have stuff that suppresses heat and tells him to wait while he goes look for it
  • Nico: Finds out they've run out
  • Nico: So he goes back and tells Oikawa, but tells him he's gonna call the nearest clinic to see if they can go there
  • Nico: Okay so he calls them.
  • Nico: and they tell him they open at 6am so he's like "okay, what do we do until then" and the person tells them to get rid of Oikawa's boner because that will calm him down
  • Alex: best professional advice 10/10 would recommend
  • Nico: Yeah but like what else can they do
  • Nico: Okay they probably just tell it as an alternative and then tell them some tea supposedly helps and also a cold shower
  • Nico: And preferably if Iwaizumi keeps his distance
  • Nico: But Oikawa's just "don't leave me Iwa-chan"
  • Nico: So Iwaizumi doesn't
  • Nico: Oikawa does as instructed but it doesn't help
  • Nico: At which point Oikawa begins crying and apologising because Iwaizumi has to see him like this and he's scared because he's pretty sure he wants Iwaizumi but Iwaizumi probably doesn't feel like that and if they bond he doesn't know what to do because how do you relationships?? And he's afraid Iwaizumi will be disgusted or that things will change between them
  • Nico: And Iwaizumi's like "no no no don't cry"
  • Nico: Grabs his shoulders
  • Nico: Oikawa thinks he finally snapped and his instincts kicked in
  • Nico: And there's nothing more Iwaizumi wants to do than to fuck Oikawa at that moment but he knows that's gonna fuck their relationship up completely and hurt Oikawa beyond repair
  • Nico: But Oikawa is panicking and not thinking clearly so he jolts and then freezes and is scared out of his mind
  • Nico: So Iwaizumi just goes "ok listen. We're gonna get through this somehow and i'm not gonna do anything that you want me to do and I know we both can't really think clearly right now but I want to help you and will do whatever you'll allow me to do to help you"
  • Nico: Oikawa is sobbing but he nods and buries his face in Iwaizumi's chest
  • Nico: So Iwaizumi just
  • Nico: Holds him there for a while until Oikawa is calm enough
  • Nico: Then Oikawa takes a breath and asks him what he proposes they do
  • Nico: Iwaizumi takes a deep breath and asks him if he can touch him
  • Nico: Then adds that he'll stop whenever Oikawa tells him to and won't do anything else
  • Nico: And that it's almost impossible for an alpha and an omega to really bond that way
  • Nico: Anyway, Oikawa is quiet for a moment but then he nods, face still hidden in Iwaizumi's shirt
  • Nico: Iwaizumi slooowly reaches out his hand and begins stroking Oikawa's side
  • Nico: Oikawa shudders and wraps his arms around him
  • Nico: Eventually he moves lower until he's at the waistband of Oikawa's pants
  • Nico: Asks him if he's okay
  • Nico: Oikawa just shakily replies with "yeah, go ahead"
  • Nico: Iwaizumi slides his hand in, then into his underwear and Oikawa's breath stutters but he grabs Iwaizumi and tells him it's okay, he can go on
  • Nico: He's pretty much stopped crying by then
  • Nico: Iwaizumi's just "okay, i got you" and begins stroking his dick
  • Nico: Oikawa shudders again and moves his hips into it
  • Nico: Iwaizumi somehow manages to not touch himself even as Oikawa begins moaning and gasping
  • Nico: Both of them get lost in the moment and neither of them knows how long it took but eventually Oikawa comes
  • Nico: Oikawa is still shuddering but he's much more calm
  • Nico: He looks at Iwaizumi's crotch and is about to say something but Iwaizumi's just "no, it's fine"
  • Nico: They're probably on the floor so Iwaizumi helps him stand up and change his pants
  • Nico: Then tells him to go sleep
  • Nico: Oikawa surprisingly doesn't protest but then Iwaizumi stands up and he almost begins crying again
  • Nico: Iwaizumi's just "calm down, I'm gonna wait here until you fall asleep"
  • Nico: Probably adds some comment about Oikawa's sleeping habits and that relaxes him because Iwaizumi's not mad
  • Nico: And as Oikawa is just about to fall asleep, Iwaizumi mumbles a good night and kisses his forehead because fuck you it's ooc but I don't care
  • Nico: Iwaizumi then goes to jerk off in the shower, returns and falls asleep next to Oikawa's bed
  • Nico: Iwaizumi wakes up at like 6am to get the anti-heat pills
  • Nico: Leaves Oikawa a note on the table with a glass of water and goes back to sleep
  • Nico: Oikawa wakes up
  • Nico: Takes the pills
  • Nico: Wakes Iwaizumi up and forcibly puts him into his bed for him to at least get some proper sleep
  • Nico: Then takes a long shower and rethinks his entire life
  • Nico: Then gets something for breakfast
  • Nico: Iwaizumi comes down like an hour later and sits down
  • Nico: They both speak up at the same time by which I mean Oikawa goes "sorry" while Iwaizumi goes "don't"
  • Nico: Annnd idk what happens next

very, very messy art style experiments ahead!

‘what would TP look like with WW style textures?’ basically.

That doesn’t mean i wanted it to look like Wind Waker though. I find TPs textures to be far too noisy (even when they’re not blurry) but i didn’t want to end up with an environment that is as clean as wind wakers are.

the grass in WW, for example, largely just looks like one flat colour because the details are all low contrast but for TP it made more sense to have more highly contrasted detail with more colour variation. More detailed than WW but less noisy than vanilla TP basically.

Thought it was very important to keep the same general colour scheme too. because i do believe that desaturated environments with lots of brown hues can look good and i wanted to show that (not that there aren’t some great looking areas in vanilla TP already, they’re just not as numerous as i’d like). but there were some minor alterations colour wise. desaturated some things slightly, shifted some of the blue-hued greens to a more yellow colour and darkened some stuff to cut down on all the bloom.

roughly took about.. 10-12 hours? it’s mainly composed of my WW textures but with lots and lots of photoshopping and overpainting. There’s some painted-from-scratch ones in there too though, like the flag stones and the very-annoying-to-paint grass. all very rushed of course.

I could still fiddle with the overall contrast to improve readability but i’m mostly happy with it? The important stuff (link, path etc.) are highlighted well enough and, as a whole, it’s a lot less noisy with more areas of rest than the original.

anyway i like how much cleaner it looks without moving completely moving away from vanilla TP. Link especially. the shading on TP Link has always looked weird to me. i could write an entire post on all the stuff that was wrong with the original that i attempted to fix when making the textures more ww style (in fact i might…)

and no, there’s no download, it’s literally just the area in front of links house + link and i ain’t doing anymore

(…i hope)

Cube is making my hair fall out with all these horrible decisions they’re making for CLC. First they get TWO new members to join an already cohesive and well-balanced  group, but I said “yeah they’re cute, I’ll believe in you Cube and I’ll support these two new daughters of mine, Eunbin and Elkie.” Except Eunbin is also on Produce 101 and the trainees on Produce 101 have a contract stating that they may not conduct promotions while on the show. But I guess Cube forgot that along with their ability to plan out proper schedules and activities for their artists. So after all the pictures and teasers for the comeback have ALREADY been released, Cube takes Eunbin out of the group “temporarily” and cuts out all her parts in the song and music video and further damages her chances to even become a part of Mnet’s new girl group, let alone become active with the now dying CLC. This results in a fucking SHORT VERSION MV that has no dance parts, nothing from the teasers shown, just long, awkward close-ups of each member. And it doesn’t even showcase the full song to add more shit to this trainwreck. And now they just banished CLC to Japan, after not even a week of promotion, after not even giving them a chance to succeed in Korea with some actual promotional material that was thought out and the backing of a company that actually knows what it’s doing. CLC has so much potential to be something great, I mean just look at Pepe. Cube’s management had even superbly fucked up 4minute’s comeback, G.NA’s entire solo career, and now CLC’s. And I bet they’ll just be moving on to their next target and wondering why they’re company is still in the negatives. Anyways, Cube is shit and I’m angry 

Dreams Come True - Chapter 7

(You could also read my story on FF and AO3~. ^-^ Okay, here goes the roller coaster of feels.)

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Adrien jumped inside his window and detransformed, walking fast towards the bathroom and ignoring Plagg’s snickering. He put the shower on before taking his clothes, to let the water get warm first. He doesn’t want to get a cold after all, even though cold water might be refreshing to him too. He takes his clothes off and stood under the shower, leaning his head against the wall and letting the water drip over his body. He thought back about the times he spends with Marinette, it was really fun, honestly it was as fun as being with his lady. He even feels the same warmth with Ladybug as being with Marinette. He still remembered her face close to his when she checked his temperature, the time he kissed her hand, the time she was holding the cat plushie and thinking how cute she looked. Adrien turned the shower off, put a towel around his waist, a towel around his neck and looked at the mirror. He really wondered what Marinette is to him. Maybe he really only sees her as a little sister. To test his feelings out, he imagined him kissing her. Him as Adrien kissing her feels even more real and possible than he imaged and he didn’t dislike the idea, in fact, he really loves it. He splashed some cold water against his face and looked at the mirror again, only to see a boy blushing till his ears.

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