they're not even dating yet

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Courfeyrac runs a tumblr account "dateaboywho" and every single entry is about something Combeferre has done. They're not even dating yet. Courfeyrac is just slightly dying from pining and thinks everyone should go down with him

INCREDIBLE!!!! SUPER CUTE ok but imagine combeferre is completely aware of the account and thinks that courf is posting about someone else?? and is really upset about it but doesn’t say anything to him because who is he to ruin courfeyrac’s happiness and all the others are just so done with them both

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Headcannons: jikook act exactly like phoebe&Joey from friends. They always support each other, take each other's sides in arguments, they flirt a lot, butt slaps, they've kissed a lot, either small pecks on the lips or more meaningful kisses, they always declare their love example from friends: 'are you asking me to have a frenaissance?' (Like friend) 'uh.. Sure?' 'Okay but baby I've never stopped loving you.' Thing is tho they're not even dating (yet??) and it always baffles the members

okiiiee. i’m gonna write this from the other members perspective…it will seem funnier that way i think. i haven’t watched friends in ages omg…maybe i should start again…

+ when namjoon got home he didn’t really expect to find two of his members making out in the kitchen. it wasn’t really something that happened…ever. today was different apparently. 

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I had this hc that Dami loves stealing Jon's clothes, they're not even dating yet and one day one day Jon confronts him about it "Dude you have a billionaire dad, you could be swimming in clothes if you wanted" "but they don't smell like you and the bagginess is pleasant" But Jon the oblivious bean he is "Can't Alf just use the same detergent as my mom" Dami just stands there blinking because how could anyone be this dumb, he want's to make a move but he's afraid to then Jon has the realisation

(It took like till Jon was like 19 to realize Damian liked him. Oblivious to the max)

“….You like me”.

“TT. Why would I be stealing your clothes?”

Jon grinned, “You know, you look cuter..maybe I should burn all your own clothes and just let you have mine~”.

“….Shut up”.


“What do you see in her?”

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Ok so this is super cheesy, but concept: Enjolras, the nerd, changing his 'sexual orientation: aroace' to 'sexual orientation: Grantaire' like right after getting together with Grantaire, and everyone thinking someone hacked his account because no one even knows they're dating yet

I mean CLEARLY he’s joking right? Or they all think Grantaire did it for a joke. And they all call Enjolras like “…Dude you know Grantaire changed your status right? Just giving you a head’s up”

Within the next minute they all receive a snap from Enjolras, looking at the camera, seemingly alone. Then Grantaire closes in the frame and goes to kiss Enjolras’ cheek but Enj turns his head just right to kiss him

Bossuet broke his phone because he threw it across the room