they're my sweet little otp

Remember when people used to say that in elementary school if a kid was bullying you it meant that they liked you?

Well think about little Castiel Novak being the awkward new kid to Lawrence elementary and Dean Winchester instantly annoying the shit outta him. He teases him for the first thing that catches his eye; this bright yellow bumblebee stuffed toy that he’s clinging onto with tiny hands. 

Castiel’s parents told the teachers in advance about their son being incredibly shy and they allowed him to bring the toy with him for comfort, but since Dean started to tease him about it, so did the other kids which means that it ended up causing more harm than good.

Dean feels terrible when the other kids go too far with the teasing that he started. They isolate Cas during playtime and stick their tongues out at him when he’s trying to share during projects. It’s harsh and Dean hates the way he notices Cas’s lip tremble as he clutches his precious bumblebee against his chest and squeezes his eyes closed as if to make them all disappear, trying with all his might not to cry.

One day, Dean decides that enough is enough and brings a stuffed animal of his own to class. It’s a simple brown teddy bear with buttons for eyes and a chunk missing from its ear and all of the other kids laugh when they catch him with it. 

Everyone but Cas. 

Dean goes to sit by him at lunchtime and says sorry for starting trouble. He didn’t mean to hurt Cas. He just wanted to get his attention is all. Castiel blushes at the confession and smiles at Dean, lets him know that it’s okay and if he’s really sorry, he’d be his friend from now on. 

Dean responds by throwing his arms around Cas and holding on tight. That was all he wanted in the first place. The two boys, arms linked together, head back to their classroom after lunch.

The stuffed bumblebee and teddy bear are left behind in place of each other.