they're my boyfriends too


Inktober 19: Birthday Nagekis!!

I still feel so bad for not drawing anything last year, haha! I mean, I started 3 draws for his last birthday, I just never…finished them…embarrassing

“Morning sunshine, there’s some coffee if you want some” says Dean knowing plain well Cas doesn’t sleep and there is no need for him to tell him goodmoring because Cas is literally always up and has never slept because he’s a damn angel of the lord and is a godly thing sent from above and delivered with harps and all things holy. Then offered him coffee when he knows damn well he doesn’t drink or eat food but yet still offered him some because it’s what good boyfriends do and good boyfriends don’t give a rats ass that you don’t eat or sleep because it’s the fucking thought that counts and omg they’re going to be the death of me!