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Back again. @ynngaa said that older Keith and Lance from my latest klance time travel au comic look like they’re dancing a tango. I’ve always thought they’re made to dance tango together (the passion is evident) so I decided to draw it.

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shatt: I love you the way a knife loves a heart the way a bomb loves a crowd the way your mother warned you about, essentially.

(Wondering what this is?  This is the 800 Followers Special!  Find out more here.  These requests are now closed.  Don’t wanna see these because there’s a lot of them coming over the next couple of weeks?  Blacklist ‘800 Followers Special’.  Hate reading on Tumblr?  These will be going on AO3 as ‘This Paradox Place’ a couple of days after posting.  Thanks to Xagrok for betaing!)

(Forgive me for this, Nonny, but I love the dichotomy between idealized and internal versions of relationships vs the realities, and characters struggling with that.  So have some Shiro musings that are Less Fluffy Than Probably Intended) 

I love you the way a knife loves a heart the way a bomb loves a crowd the way your mother warned you about, essentially.

There was something unhealthy about what Matt and Shiro were together.

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What's your favorite javid au??

Ok so I love javid??? Like, adore it. It’s one of my faves.

Here are some good fics:

This is a fantasy fic mixed with canon era. It’s super good. Featuring sprace as a side paring

Don’t Be Afraid and Don’t Delay
6k words of some pining, with a side helping of smut thrown in at the end.

Mountain Ridge Camp for Boys
Summer Camp AU! 62k words, very well written. Pulitzer is a dick.

Canon era, autsitic!davey gets overwhelmed and jack takes care of him

Davey is an oblivious idiot and doesn’t realize he and Jack are dating. Pining.

The Fact Remains
Davey’s mom is awesome.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Another summer camp au! Over 100k words. In character! Very good.

If you want anymore recommendations let me know!

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Pia this is a stupid question but like... Please help me... You and several authors write that a person growls or something and I'm just like... In the same way that predatory cat growls?? Like I just have never heard a human person even do that. Do you have an audio reference for an actual person growling? I get that augus is a predatory waterhorse but I imagine it's different from how a cat would growl. Please and thank you!!!!

It usually just means that a voice is rougher / lower than usual.

A great example is Christian Bale’s standard ‘Batman’ voice (which was parodied excellently by Will Arnett in Lego Batman, and also by Abed in Community, when he plays Batman. He’s literally speaking the entire time in a ‘growly voice.’) The first ten seconds of the first video alone gives you an idea. That sort of deep, rumbling delivery is what another character might deliver as a ‘growl.’ It mostly indicates that the tone is no longer clear and no longer at normal speaking pitch. You might also substitute in ‘roughly’ - but roughly can be used for any kind of dialogue emotionally (also teary, upset, afraid etc.) whereas the growl is specifically indicated to mean anger or frustration, and sometimes fear (i.e. if someone is more likely to get angry when afraid than like…other things).

But basic rule is: ‘growled indicates a person is talking lower than their standard tone and their voice is no longer smooth also they’re kind of angry or determined or fierce or w/e.’ In dialogue it usually only indicates a moment of speech, and not the general person’s voice. For a more general description you might say ‘he had a rough voice, the kind that rumbled even when he wasn’t angry.’ But those people can have ‘growly voice’ too - it just goes lower and even more rumbly than their standard speaking voice, lol.

People will also tend to talk in this voice in the day to day without realising, when they growl ‘NO!’ at a cat or dog doing something wrong (or rumbling ‘get out!’ at a sibling who is pissing you off), but do it in a deeper, rougher voice than usual. Most people have had Dads / teachers / coaches etc. talk like this to them once or twice. Like, congratulations, that’s your growly voice. People can also make these sounds in frustration, with no dialogue, and this is sometimes described as an angry grunt or groan too. If you’ve ever been frustrated enough to just make a deeper noise in your chest without any words attached, that comes close too.

It’s the same when someone says: ‘the character purred.’ They’re not actually purring. It usually means the voice becomes smoother, more deliberately seductive, more ‘unctuous’ (but because most people don’t know what that means, purring is a great mid-level substitute) etc. and is sort of more like, a coded indicator of a very specific kind of delivery. Vs. ‘a literal purr.’

(That being said, sometimes Augus literally just growls. If it says: ‘Augus growled’ without any dialogue before or after it, he’s just pissed and being a predatory waterhorse, lol).

(Like tl;dr none of us are thinking of cats unless we’re writing cat shifters - a growl is something most animals can do, including humans, and a growly voice is something many of us do without even realising).

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Look at them all busy on our lemon tree:

The last one flew right into my face, the precious idiot. Protect them.

They’re a cult, but they make a damn good sandwich.
—  white woman, in Boulder, on Yellow Deli

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