they're missing out on a great series

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i know this is a bit late and i'm not the same anon, but re. your ask about wips... i actually *don't* tend to watch tv shows or read book series or anything like that until they're finished for exactly that reason

This is referring to this post.

And I mean, I get it. I understand the frustration when a WIP is abandoned, but you’re also missing a lot of great fanfic. (And TV. And books. Does this mean you also avoid movie series, like the MCU?)

You’re also - in an indirect way that should not make you feel guilty, but I’m still going to put it out there - discouraging authors from completing those WIPs. If we feel no one is reading, why continue? Why not only write one-shots?

It’s not fun posting fanfic to the tune of dead silence. Basically you’re asking authors to do exactly that until they have finished their stories, which could take months of them working for you for free. And then, once they have slaved for dozens and dozens of hours, then you finally deem the story worthy of your attention and maybe give a single comment that says: “Great job!” That’s a lot of work for two words. Having multiple instances of that “Great job!” comment does more for an author’s endurance than you can even imagine.

It’s a negative feedback loop. No readers? Author doesn’t want to update WIP. WIPs don’t get finished? Readers don’t trust the authors of WIPs to finish them. 

Someone needs to stop that negative feedback loop.

There are two people who can do that. The author can persist. Or the reader can, you know … read. Both are necessary for a healthy fandom.

It’s a personal choice, and I choose to take the risk because the enjoyment greatly outweighs the chance of disappointment. I know how difficult it is to write and put yourself out there. Authors don’t get paid. So I pay them in the only way I can. In kudos, comments, and general cheerleading for people who don’t owe me a damn thing. It’s basically my way of supporting the life of fandom.

I am also blessed with a very vivid imagination. When the need presents itself, I simply write the ending of an unfinished fanfic in my head. And isn’t that what fanfic is anyway? Us writing out something we feel wasn’t given to us in canon? Apply the same principle to things you weren’t given in fandom.