they're married in this universe

things Spock calls Jim 

  • Captain (but that’s a given let’s move on)….
  • ashayam
  • james
  • my james (please don’t get me started)
  • his sun and moon
  • illogical
  • ‘my love’
  • most beloved
  • T’chn T’gai James Tiberius 
  • mine
  • T’hy’la (of coursee)
  • impossible
  • just ‘jim’ in the softest voice
  • love
  • spock loves him so much it’s ridiculous once he calls him ‘honeybun’in front of scotty and chekov. he won’t make that mistake ever again
  • ughhhh just so many things
  • husband
  • they both realllly  like ‘husband’

things jim calls spock

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hey, on your klance could be canon post you said there was a ship that made you trust your judgment. may i ask which ship it is? :> (i'm nosy af)

these nerds!

i’ve shipped Lapis and Peridot long before they ever interacted with each other, way back when they were just a crackship nobody took seriously. now look at them ;D 

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so there was this fic on ao3, it might be deleted bc i couldnt find it anywhere but id appreciate if you could link it if you happen to see it. dan makes a wish @ 11:11 and switches places w/lawyer!dan, and he's married to phil in this universe, where they're planning to adopt japanese kids. lawyer!dan is shocked when phil introduces his gf to him, and finds out that phil didnt know that dan loved him. the title might have been 11:11, but im not sure. thanks.

11:11In which Dan makes a wish and ends up in a parallel universe where him and Phil got together.



#never forget it #(¬‿¬)

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No don't, Ichigo and Rukia already have the best. They're happily married with Orihime and Ren.

Okay so… in which universe are they the best that Ichigo and Rukia could get? 
if you ship them, go on but I have to ask you to leave my blog because in that case you obviously don’t belong here. 
RenRuki is a slap into Rukia’s face. She deserves far more than a guy who abandoned her for years, who decided his PRIDE is more important than their friendship, who was okay with her being EXECUTED. If that is what she deserves in your opinion than you clearly don’t even like her. 
As for Ichigo, well… He deserved far more. FAR MORE. I don’t think I have to explain myself on that one.