they're long gone now

*Ragnarök calls* New squad who dis

the more i think about the bs finale the more i realize the tragedies underlying the happy endings, so as of today i’ve decided to be dumb and blind. im taking the easy way out lads. subtext does not exist. all is well (ノ◕‿◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hosted a party in our (not so big) home for thirteen adults and four kids, two of whom just turned two years old (hence the party) and it all went pretty well and both the adults and kids had fun, but, God. Five hours of loud conversation and yelling children and running back and forth with food and drinks and trying to be a charming host instead of introverting like i’m used to feels like it took five whole years of my life.

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feel free to not answer obviously but how do you make those cool edits? where they're gifs and the edits are like moving? i think you just posted one of harry? they're really cool btw :)

I use photoshop to draw doodles onto the canvas, and if I want to animate the drawings I draw everything frame by frame :) Every animation’s a bit different so I can’t really get into depth, but here’s a good tutorial! People also make doodle packs if you don’t want to do it yourself, which you can probably find on blogs like @yeahps and @itsphotoshop

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Gone From There Now: what about when Nyota discovered she was preggo or the moment when Amanda was born?

Set at some point while they’re still on Earth after What We Will Find and before Gone From There Now

The first morning she walks downstairs and dumps out the coffee Spock made for her, she gets a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t like the smell,” she tells him, rinsing out the sink as quickly as she can.

“That is the same type of coffee that you have preferred every morning for the entirety of our acquaintance.”

“I don’t feel well,” she tells him, deciding the sink is clean enough and there’s no other offending smells that are threatening to make her that nauseous.  She walks over to where he’s sitting at the kitchen table and leans against him when he wraps his arm around her waist.

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