they're like the same people i dont get it

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how each of the rfa members would react to mc being pouty and asking them for a piggy back ride? like maybe they're walking somewhere and she gets tired? xD

A/N: I don’t give people piggy back rides I usually just pick the person up when they least expect it and keep walking like i doNT HAVE TIME TO STOP WE GONNA GET GOING ILL JUST CARRY YOU THE REST OF THE WAY ~Admin 404


           -The two of you ask each other at the same time

           -He wants a piggy back ride too, MC!! ;A;



           -You don’t even have to pout for long, he’ll do it for you because??? He’s gotta prove to you he’s not a cute little kid

           -Though he complains like a little kid

           -10 minutes into the ride, he’s slowing down, dragging his feet, and complaining

           -“MC, you aren’t heavy, I’m just…tired, I promise”

           - where’s your arm strength Shooting Star?? i thought you were a big strong warrior

           -Seriously, you have to carry him further than he carried you, but he absolutely loves every minute of it


           -You don’t have to ask him twice

           -So happy to give you a piggyback ride!!

           -He thinks you’re so cute

           -He would have let you pout a little just to see your cute little face, but!! Couldn’t bring himself to do it

           -Plus, this gives him a chance to show you how easily he can hold you

           - totally not trying to show off his strength

           - feel my muscles mc

           -He’ll put you down whenever you want, but would rather not

           -It doesn’t matter where you are, if you ask, he is carrying you in a heartbeat



           - She will suPLEX YOU IF YOU ASK HER TO

           -It actually takes a lot of pouting and begging to get her to pick you up

           -“MC, you’re an adult, can’t you walk?”

           - but i dont wwwaaaaannnnnaaaaaa

           -Sometimes she’ll give you a piggy back ride just because she’s tired of hearing you ask

           -But only around the house, MC, we’re adults

           -Once you tried to surprise her and jump on her back but it didn’t go well AT ALL

           -Meaning the both of you fell flat on your faces

           -From then on, you try not to jump onto her

           -Because of that though, she’ll be more lenient about carrying you, just, don’t knOCK HER DOWN AGAIN PLEASE


           -In public, don’t even think about it

           -But at home? y e s

           -He’ll give you a piggy back ride all around the penthouse

           -Scratch that, all around the building

           -It’s childish but the look on your face is so cute!!!

           -He can’t help himself! The smile on your face makes him so happy

           -The first time you brought it up, however, was a no-go

           -You had to pout for h o u r s until he finally agreed

           - lowkey only made you pout that long because it was cute

           -Sometimes he refuses to put you down. He’ll talk to anyone who walks up to him completely calm and collected, as if you aren’t hanging off of his back


           - tackles you for a piggy back ride first

           -He usually picks you up and carries you around anyway

           -So you wanting a piggy back ride is no problem for him!!!


           -Although sometimes you aren’t sure why you bother

           -Because he likes to hold you hostage

           -You want down? Too bad, he’s got a tight grip on your thighs

           -The door frame has been broken a few times from you holding onto it when he walks through


           -Once tried to Naruto run with you on his back and both of you hit the wall, Saeran filmed the whole thing


           -If MC wants a piggy back ride, MC gets a piggy back ride

           - has tried to take pictures of the two of you and has failed

           -It happens a lot, especially when the two of you go on hikes

           -He get to hold the camera and take whatever pictures you want while he carries you

           -You never have to pout to get him to carry you

           -He can’t handle the pout!!! He feels so bad!!

           -Sometimes, he’ll ask you to get onto his back so you can get a picture for him

           -Always so gentle with you! He’ll kneel so you can get down softly instead of just jumping off

           -He avoids any place with low ceilings or door frames, so you don’t hit your head

           -Please just ask him for a piggy back ride, MC, you literally have nothing to lose


           -What, are your legs broken?

           -No MC I’m not gonna give you a piggy back ride

           -A lot of pouting is needed to make him change his mind

           -Go ahead MC, pout for days, he loves it

           -Seriously, the only way you can get a piggy bag ride from him is to jump onto him

           -At first it was a bad idea to jump on him, because you scared him and he dropped you on your butt

           -But after a few times, he’s gotten used to it

           -He just walks around as if you aren’t hanging off of him

           -To get you off of him, he’ll tickle your thighs

           - secretly loves when you hang off of him though, but he’ll never tell you 

do you ever think about Professor Malkin, Head of Slytherin, standing up and screaming his lungs out while furiously clapping when the sorting hat yells out “Hufflepuff” for his youngest daughter, while said daughter turns red and hisses back, “PA you’re embarrassing me sit down!!!!!” but she’s pretty stoked that she’s in the same house as her Dad and that Pa is so on board with this.

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why dont some people get that this is a /ticcimask/ blog and yet people still ask for other character stuff here like??? that bothers me its so easy to just find a suitable blog for that wyd

It honestly doesn’t really bother me. It’s actually nice to take a break from ticcimask and answer one ask on another character (cause drawing the same two characters over and over can be tiring). Besides if I get too many asks on other characters I can just, you know, delete them.

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hey sheep i get where youre saying when you prefer sejeong and doyoung to sing individually,, i just listented to star blossom and i feel the same way too;-; their voices dont really match(?) and i cant @ doyoung's awkward acting HHAHAHA

i’m telling you yall… it’s one or the other it can’t be both. they just compete with each other so. but it’s whatever as long as other people like it and doyoung and sejeong like it.

listen though it didn’t help that she was just as awkward as him. like those two….


…and Thranduil prized these gems above all else in his halls, and upon the death of the King of Dale wore them always as a symbol of his undying grief.

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People who dont know abt Shoot are missing a lot tbh. Like, I've been in fandoms since 1999 but this ship is one of the, or maybe even THE, most emotionally fulfilling one for me. Like u said,we got to know them separately first before they get together so they're powerful characters by themselves. That's actually rlly rare?? Most shows just skip this part which leads to non satisfying result. I can write essays abt how Shoot breaks the typical ship mold tbh, they're so good n I miss them sm ;-;

(–same the same anon as bf) ALSO I LOVE HOW THEY MAKE SHAW A MIDDLE EASTERN DESCENT AS THE BISEXUAL sobs that’s so fucking rare on fucking tv and as a fellow bi middle eastern descent I was nearly sobbing when I found out about her. POI has powerful women in non typical roles and I love it. Shaw and Root is like the topping of an already great cake. this show ended too soon. IM SORRY I ENDED UP GUSHING I HOPE U HAVE A GOOD START TO 2017 kiss kiss

Yes anon, exactly!! What a precious ask tbh. Also wow at how long you’ve been in fandom. That’s impressive :o but yes, I love how even if they never had actually happened I would’ve still loved them. That’s how good they were. Plus like you stated, they were just amazing rep all around. For WOC, for bisexuals, for people with personality disorders, for partially deaf people, etc I mean the list is endless. 

Also you can gush to me whenever. I live for people talking to me about Shoot, I can go all day lol; hope you have an amazing 2017 too love!

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hi ah well you see i'm asexual and i've been told that because i'll say a drawing of one of my otp/real person is "cute" or "adorable" or "beautiful" (male or female, doesn't matter) that doesn't count and it automatically makes me heterosexual. but its not like im actually yk attracted to them, or want to do whatever, or think they're sexy (idk what that even is). like i think someone is "attractive" in the sense of aesthetics but i dont feel anything towards them, really. i just don't know

Being asexual doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy how a person looks.  I don’t understand how people don’t understand that.  Heterosexuals can still think people of the same gender are beautiful/cute and no one suddenly starts calling them gay/bisexual/pansexual/etc., so… why do asexuals get so much shit?  Like… why do we have to prove ourselves so much?  I can say Jensen Ackles is hot, but I still don’t want to bang him.  Sorry people are such shits to you.  Just ignore them and keep being awesome.

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you know another great thing about clexa? the show somehow made it Not A Big deal to "casual" viewers, like my very heteronormative friends just accept it and don't even think about the fact that it's two girls, and my straight bff also doesn't go "oh yeah two girls hot" he just think they're badass etc. it's just normal? i think it's the same with your dad? i think the only people really upset about it are blarkes, the general public (you can read it on facebook and stuff) likes it

i know :’) my parents dont even blink when i talk about clexa its getting such a genuinely good main ship treatment i love it

i heard this guy talking about how some girl he knew got raped at a party but her outfit was “really revealing so it was kind of her fault” and i just looked at him and said “what about prison rape? everyone’s wearing the same clothing but prisoners still get raped and no one says its their fault. How is what happened to that girl any different?” and he stared at me for a moment before saying “Yeah you’re right, im sorry” and he looked genuinely embarrassed for saying what he did like its really that easy to explain to someone

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it kinda makes me chuckle a bit when people are like "dont ship novahd romantically they're going to get uncomfortable" or smt bc james and aleks literally dont even care what the fans do as long as we support them i mEAN sometimes they even egg them on esp the other creatures like intern joe and dex and dan and someone asking james if he ships novahd and being like "who doesnt" i love how chill they all are

i agree 100% anon, i think the same way. novahd will never get old.

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Nah. Lucas is leading Maya on the same way Riley was leading Charlie on, yet you dont say anything bad about Riley doing it? They're tweens, they're gonna make mistakes like that. Lucas likes Riley more but is trying to get hip to Maya as a rebound.

I have said, and I quote: “Riley is doing Charlie dirty.”

If you honestly believe that Lucas would use Maya (of all people) as a rebound, if you honestly believe he would trample her feelings and use her like that…how could you possibly want a person like that for Riley? Riley using Charlie is one thing, they aren’t friends. It’s still not nice, but they aren’t friends. Lucas and Maya are. So again, if you honestly think Lucas would just USE a close friend like that, why would you want him for Riley? She could do WAY better than a guy who would do that, don’t you think? Or do you just not care about that?