they're like that

radiohead are such a feel good band.

like ppl always talk about how miserable they are and how gloomy their lyrics sound but when you have thousands of people singing along at the top of their lungs to a song that came out 20 years ago and is being played by a band that’s been around for 30 odd years and like every person in the field and on the stage and watching from their laptops around the world is smiling so wide their faces look like they’re gonna split open, that is what a feel good band is. and it’s radiohead. doesn’t matter what they sing about, it’s how it makes you feel.

i wanted to try comparing their heights… abubear is so small oh my god

someone : Gardienne cried too much in episode 15

me : while i disagree with this statement, i respect your opinion and acknowledge that not everyone would react the same way if they were in place of Gardy

also me :

Sometimes I feel like we forget that most of us can differentiate between literal children and literal adults, so when we call draft prospects “kids” we don’t mean that they’re literally kids. Like as someone who does watch junior hockey, I call them the babies/kids now and then bc they’re well…often a lot younger than NHL players. But me calling them kids offhand doesn’t mean that I’m gonna let shit slide like I can call one of them a kid and still hold them accountable as an adult when it comes to actual srs bsns


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I'm in a polyamorous relationship and its so good???? Like the communication and shit is 👌👌👌 I'm legit so fuckin happy like my partners are so lovely and we get to have cuddle-piles 😍😍😍 idk I just wanted to gush a bit to someone 😁😁 (also both of my partners are beautiful and intelligent and im like hOW did I get this lucky omg?)

You: The communication is good
Me: God Bless, they’ve found the only true Life Hack

I’m happy for you!!!