they're like little kids getting in trouble

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Imagine that when ruby gets a little older she picks up making jokes like Yang except they're kinda dirty. That'd make people stop treating her like a kid.

I’m not even so much against Ruby’s innocent nature - I’m more against this idea that everyone around her is protecting her from things. Like I get the whole protecting her from Salem/Silver Eyes (even if they shouldn’t be). But stuff like covering her eyes when she walks in on people kissing or her not understanding basic relationship concepts or being completely ignorant on sex are when I have trouble. 

I much prefer, if people choose to imagine her in such a way, that it’s her choice and not something she’s unaware of. I think it makes her look kind of unintelligent and Ruby is far from that. 

I will say, Ruby telling filthy jokes with a completely straight face would be hilarious. Especially with Yang in the background in shock, Weiss blushing like crazy and Blake saving them to tell Sun and Neptune later. 

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Ok but imagine little Apollo Campers getting in trouble and trying to cover it up but they're awful liars since their father is the god of truth.

lmao I just imagine them being those kids that drag everyone but they don’t even mean to you know?? like they have no ill intent but they just can’t even pretend to like someone they don’t so someone’s like “do you like me?” and they’re just like