they're like all from the same photoshoot

Its happening again guys, All three; Camila, Lauren and Ty have basically confirmed exactly what I touched upon about the “cycle” going on in my previous post. The first day of Camila’s solo tour with Bruno Mars, Ty and Lauren attempt to confirm their relationship, once again removing and destroying any association L has with Camila/Camren. The pictures the girls took at their BEATS 1 photoshoot have been out for a few days now, so why did Ty decide to wait until C’s first show date to post a pic of L on his Instagram story captioned “❤️😍😘”. If they were romantically together, wouldn’t Ty have had access to the pictures at the same time as L? Anyway, now L’s turn. On her Instagram story, she so happened to be listening to “Love U Better” Ty’s latest single. His song was released on the 10th of July, so why has it taken L 10 DAYS to start promoting his music. After C’s performance, it seems like a pretty desperate attempt by management to confirm ‘tyren’ to me. C’s new music screams Camren. Her lyrics “half of my heart is in Havana” and the “stop playing it safe girl/sneaking in LA” all correlate to L in some way. Even asking fans to imagine they're “in Jamaica” a few weeks after L spent her birthday there with Ty. Why did she specifically mention Jamaica? She could have chosen any Island with the same Caribbean vibe, so why Jamaica? These apparent ‘leaked” pictures from a photoshoot taken few years back where both C and L look extremely comfortable with each other, so happened to be ‘released’ a few days before C goes on her first solo tour. Doesn’t this just create a certain buzz/excitement in our little camren fandom? Management know this. It is all too ironic to be a coincidence. Their behaviour is paradoxical to the narrative we as a fandom are expected to believe. 

My prediction is this: The process of attempting to fully shatter any idea of camren will continue. However, both C and L and/or management will drop a (not so) subtle hint confirming a romantic relationship between the two. I think maybe a HD leaked picture of the two is to come out (literally) along the way. As the fandom will have seen L with other people (Lucy now Ty) it will be easier for fans to accept that camren once was a thing, then to finally move on. From that, the shipping will stop and the speculation around camren can then be put to bed. The only way management can rid any trace of camren is to confirm it. There’s definitely big things coming.

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Knowing it all I laughed hard about the co-star, co-worker thing because I simply LOVE the fact that they realized how obvious they were in the EW shoot that they needed to stamp they're very profissional above all... And obviosly they had to post it together at the same time lol they don't want to divert the focus from the show and want respect as actors and alright, that's all, but they don't help themselves it's cute, I can't even you guys!!

Just shows how much of a sham all of this is. I’m sure even they’re embarrassed by it. They’re eye fucking each other and groping each other in photoshoots and then they have to pretend they’re really only platonic friends. I’d feel like a fool if I was them.  

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So between Briana's old snapchats being posted today and Danielle's old photo with Louis' legs being tweeted today ( I suspect they were either from June 19th (same shoes, but change of clothes) or from when they went on that hike and there was a fan pic) we can assume that they're concealing something and that something is Louis' actual whereabouts these days he's been MIA. The timing of it, almost a coordinated effort for the beards to post one after the other to keep the story going.

Yeah it’s almost like they needed to get in some weekly reminders on snapchat, instagram and from the paps (with Daniel’s photoshoot). Covered all the bases. Not let’s see if anyone does anything with it, or if that was all just to get something out there to hold us over till next week. Either way, Louis is very MIA and I am here for him not having to be involved. I hope it wraps up soon and he can stay out of it as much as possible.