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Resident Bad Man and his cat

Older late night doodles because I sometimes twitch with a craving to draw Kosaku’s hair and I don’t know why


I fucking love Killing Stalking ok it’s the best manhwa ever….
(Believe it or not, it’s not the nastiest thing I’ve ever read. That would be Feeding Lamb)
Most is from Sangwoo’s prespective, but some is stalker Bum’s view.
Anyways here’s a playlist for the most controversial and problematic ship of the year


  • A Little Piece of Heaven- Avenged Sevenfold
  • I Almost Told You That I Loved You- Papa Roach
  • Body- Mother Mother
  • Dead Bite- Hollywood Undead
  • Tear You Apart- She Wants Revenge
  • Stalkers (Slit My Wrists)- Mindless Self Indulgence
  • This Hurts- Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Good L_ck (Yo_’re F_cked)- Celldweller
  • Lady Killer- Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • Kill of the Night- Gin Wigmore
  • The Horror of Our Love- Ludo
  • I Can’t Decide- Scissor Sisters
  • Murder!- BoyinaBand, Minx, and Chilled
  • Bernadette- IAMX
  • Bound and Gagged- Creature Feature
  • Another Way Out- Hollywood Undead
  • The Dark Half- Aesthetic Perfection
  • Sarcasm- Get Scared
  • Super Psycho Love- Simon Curtis
  • It’s Murder- Mayhem


Friendly reminder that serial killers are pieces of shit and shouldn't be hero worshipped and deserve to rot in prison/die :^)

This goes for school shooters and mass murderers too. :^) :^)

Concept: Young Justice AU where everything’s the same but there’s a teenage croc and scarecrow there and they’re still former villains but 50% of their job is to babysit the team.

And they’re doing a really bad job.  Not that they’re negligent, that they’re assholes who keep either copping out of missions for stupid reasons or straight up holding back because watching the team flail around is entertaining.

We went our separate ways at the party; I danced with Ted once or twice and noticed that he seemed to be having a good time, talking with several women. He seemed to be completely entranced with a young woman who belonged to Seattle’s Junior League, a Crisis Clinic volunteer whom neither of us had happened to meet before. Since some shifts never coincided, it wasn’t unusual that volunteers’ paths didn’t cross. The woman was married to a young lawyer with a “future,” a man who is now one of Seattle’s most successful attorneys. Ted didn’t talk to her; in fact, he seemed in awe of her, but he pointed her out to me and asked about her. She was a beautiful woman with long dark hair, straight and parted in the middle, and dressed in a way that spoke of money and taste. She wore a black, long-sleeved blouse, a straight white silk evening skirt, solid gold chains, and earrings. I doubt that she was even aware of Ted’s fascination with her, but I caught him staring at her several times during the evening. With the others at the party, he was expansive, relaxed, and usually the centre of attention. 

Since I was the driver, Ted drank a good deal during the evening, and he was quite intoxicated when we left at 2:00 A.M. He was a friendly, relaxed drunk, and he settled into the passenger seat and rambled on and on about the woman at the party who had impressed him so much. “She’s just what I’ve always wanted. She’s perfect- but she didn’t even notice me…” 

And then he fell sound asleep. - Ann Rule talks about a woman Ted was fascinated by at the crisis clinic christmas party in 1972. 

Source- The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule

so at some point later in season 4 iris, cisco, barry, and caitlin have to go back into the speed force and barry is kind of like “oh we can crash at my place” and caitlin kind of goes “??????”

and because like, barry wasn’t being tortured in the speed force or anything, he was j chilling the entire time and because he hadn’t talked about it they all assumed it was mildly traumatizing?? which is the thing that happened to other speedsters in there, but no not barry not ~the flash~

so they’re just like, walking through the speedforce and a door materializes out of no where and barry’s like “aw, yeah, it’s my crib!” and they walk in and iris is like “barry this is your college dorm room”
barry: yes, yes it is

and it’s like, decorated and shit too. there are a bunch of cute pictures of team flash and the allens on the wall and cisco is like “dude. how.”
barry: i dunno i just thought it and it was there
caitlin: you took the time to think about lightning patterned bedding?
barry: i had to stay on theme you know

there’s a hugeass “do it for her” poster on the wall that’s just like, pictures of iris and she looks at it and cisco starts laughing and barry’s like “i can explain” and cisco pulls out a “do it for him” poster from his back pocket that his barry on it
iris, head in her hands: cisco i thought i told you to throw that out
cisco: she wouldn’t let me hang it up in cortex, but i do it for you, bro
barry, tearing up: bro

Collab with @asktobyr!!! They did the sketch and I lined/colored chkddgvkhsdluhv it’s a lot of fun to work with them their art is so nice and they’re a lovely person!,, by the way this is meant to be,, in the forest after Toby set fire to his neighborhood to escape the coppers,, and it’s transparent so you can drag it around!