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Please can you explain Korean honorifics and the implications of each? Like what it means when Bum and Sangwoo use them towards each other. They're not something I know a lot about and it feels like Lezhin is just ignoring them...

-ssi: You use this for people you’ve just met or your boss or coworkers (after Sangwoo told that old couple he and Bum were coworkers, he called him Bum-ssi.) It’s polite and implies distance. This is what Bum usually calls Sangwoo, even in public. It probably sounds weird for Bum to call his younger “cousin” that, but there you go. Sangwoo sometimes calls Bum “Bum-ssi” just to make fun of him.

-ya/-ah: For someone the same age as you or younger, who you know well. Bum usually calls Sangwoo “Sangwoo-ya” in his head, unless he’s feeling cold toward him, in which case he uses no honorific at all. He also calls him “Sangwoo-ya” during sex, and that time he was being hanged and begging for his life, and when Sangwoo was mad at him and he wanted to soften him up. Sangwoo usually calls Bum “Bum-ah,” which is rude because Bum is older.

-ie (I don’t really know the right way to spell this. It can be -i or -ee): An affectionate suffix for someone, if their name ends with a consonant. Works almost exactly like calling someone named Tom “Tommy” or Fred “Freddy.” Sangwoo usually calls Bum “Bummie-hyung” when they’re in public. Yoonjae went back and forth between calling Bum “Bummie” and “Bum-ah.”

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Hi, thank you voicing this. What makes me sad is that both JM and SG have said they would love to travel together, you name it, desert islands, New York etc and in answering questions, they've said they would enjoy each other's company. But in BV2 it would appear that it's 'arranged' for them not to be together, on one of the rare vacations they get. But they were melded together on Run 21, filmed just before in Chicago, so I'm sure they're fine. It's nearly all behind scenes with YM. Love YM 😘

right !!! that’s the thing that makes it so weird. the fact that they both said they wanted to travel to hawaii and even picked each other as traveling companions…

which makes it that much more confusing about the way yoongi has been approaching jimin so far? granted, we’ve only seen two episodes and everything that we’re seeing is recorded so we don’t know what’s happening behind the cameras but the distance between them is just…baffling.

i’m still not over how rebels completely disregarded every known fact we have about maul’s characterization so they could just destroy every piece of it, treat him without an ounce of respect as either a character or a villain, and give him some bullshit ending because they didn’t know what to do with the fact that tcw brought him back to life

meanwhile kanan fucking jarrus, probably the biggest asshole jedi i’ve seen who’s right up there with yoda, mace, and c’baoth, is still breathing

That one time we were creeping on Alex and saw the most magnificent Mattex moment EVER. And hush, we’re not THAT creepy. Well. Maybe. Also: excuse the zero chill in my voice as I sling a curse word or two. And the zero chill in @notmumrns voice as she puts a voice to “omggggggggg omg OMG”

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I had a dream where ned and peter kissed i cant believe theyre canon

ned and peter would totally be the nerds who sit there in peter’s room complaining about how they’re gonna be juniors in high school and they still haven’t had their first kiss.

and then ned would probably be like, “we could just kiss each other.”

“yeah…. i dunno, man, what if that makes things weird between us.”

and ned would roll his eyes and throw up his hands. “it’s just mouths touching, dude!! and besides, we’re both gonna be really bad at it, we might as well practice on each other so that when he have our REAL first kisses we know what to do and it won’t be as scary.”

and peter would lay there on the floor looking up at the ceiling, thinking about how much sense ned was making. “yeah…. yeah, you know what you’re totally right. let’s do it!”

ned would pump his fist in the air and whoop, “hell yeah, lets fuck!!”

“ned, we aren’t fucking.”

“right, sorry, i got caught up in the moment.”

and they would both be sitting crosslegged across from each other, just awkwardly staring at the floor. ned would cough, and go, “well??”

“well, what? i don’t know what to do either!!”

and ned would just groan, kinda surprised that he’s nervous about kissing peter. he didn’t expect to be nervous when it’s just his friend. his plan seems to be flawed, but he can think about that later. “just…. come here. let’s get this over with.”

peter snorts loudly. “wow, that’s so romantic, ned.”

“hey, we never said anything about romance.”

“well, maybe that’s fine for YOU,” peter mumbled, looking down suddenly feeling bashful. “but i want my first kiss to be kinda romantic even if it is with a nerd like you.” peter hoped ned couldn’t see him blushing.

“just.. just come here, pete.”

and peter crawled forward to ned, and situated himself so that he was sat snuggly in between ned’s legs. it didn’t feel sexual really, or even intimate, it just felt comfortable. he and ned had cuddled with each other before, they never really had personal space issues. so sitting this close to ned wasn’t what was making peter nervous, if anything it calmed him down. ned always smelled like cinnamon, it was relaxing.

nah, peter was just nervous because now he wanted a little bit more. he didn’t expect to really want this for anything past just getting his first kiss out of the way, but suddenly he did want more.

“okay now w-what,” peter whispered, so nervous that he felt like he might pass out. he tried to look calm and cool, but his stutter sold him out as did his shaking fingers.

“hey, c'mon dude, it’s just me. it’s just us. hey, we don’t have to do this if you don’t wanna –”

“no, i wanna! do you want to? i mean, do you still want to kiss me? i mean, it’s cool if you don’t, that’s totally cool, i get it, but i –”

and ned rolled his eyes and just kissed peter. the kiss got off to a rocky start bc peter just kind of sat there stiffly in shock. but after a few delayed seconds he began kissing ned back. their teeth clicked against each other’s, and it was clear that neither really knew just how to move their lips. it was clumsy and bad and awful, and peter loved it.

they pulled apart and both began giggling, ned held peter’s hand and played with his fingers.

“you look really pretty,” ned would say, smiling blissfully.

“dude, shut up.”

“you said you wanted romance!!”

“well romance doesn’t mean just saying random compliments, you dork.”

“but you really do look pretty.”

and peter would just bury his face into ned’s chest, not really being able to process the excitement and nervousness still buzzing through him. “thank you,” he mumbled into ned’s shirt.

and then they ordered some pizza and played some video games, both felt really calm and happy for the rest of the evening. after awhile ned called it a night and got ready to go home. peter watched him while he gathered all his things and put them in his bookbag.

“hey ned?”


“i know it was just supposed to be for practice and wasn’t supposed to count, but could our kiss be our real first kiss too?”

and ned would just smile warmly at peter, and nod. “yeah, it can be real. definitely.”

One of the funniest things about woodys roundup is the fact that some anti-sjws are mad and thus making their own blogs impersonating Emporer Zurg and the old ass sheriff dude from toy story 2 (idk his name) trying to get those urls back from the Woodys like you guys 2017 is so wild we have toy story characters fighting each other on a blogging website I just afsjfjflgl

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namjoon and yoongi wrote spring day for each other? i thought it was about them but with other people? (since they have talked about breaking up with friends before) like idk isn't it weird that the song is about missing each other but they're together everyday? lol

sorry for answering late ;; also im terrible at words so im just gonna say the exact same thing my good friend @minpdyoongi said bc i really agreed with her

okay so namjoon and yoongi said that the song is based on their shared experience right ? meaning they both went through the same thing, so it’s not necessarily directed @ each other but their similar sentiments abt a hardship they went through. when yoongi said it’s based on us, he meant on what they both went thru together, their shared memories and experiences that affected them. so the song isnt outlining their relationship itself, it’s most likely directed at something that hurt them both and the way they dealt with it was by reminding themselves they aren’t alone and finding comfort in each other

which is why the only verses where i personally think they directly reference each other are these two parts bc it specifies “friend” and “best friend” 

here it’s only winter
even in August, winter comes
time passes in my heart
the train through snowy country** is all that remains
I take your hand and go to the other side of the world
I want to end this winter
if the longing comes down
just like snow, will spring come?

you know it all
you’re my best friend
the morning will come again
whatever darkness, whatever season
will not last forever - trans cr; papercrowns

and the fact that he says that he wants to reach the end of winter with them and “you know it all” bc they’re both are sharing the same hurt

and about missing you part of the lyrics, i feel like if you listened to some of their other songs where they reference their experiences as trainees, idk i feel like it’s a bit easier to understand ?? 

there’s 2 ways they’re using “you” one is the “you” that’s with them, experiencing the winter (hold your hand, you’re my best friend, etc) and the other is the “you” that they miss, resent for leaving, the one that seems to be the past but there’s a future “you” that they wanna meet

so to me it was like an introspective song about how they changed, from their past, present, to the future they’re awaiting, the past that they sometimes hate bc of baggage (dirty laundry) & they wanna forget it, the present that feels lonely & neverending at times and the future that they’re missing/anticipating but they have to get through this winter to meet the future where hopefully things are better and they’re just comforting themselves with thoughts like “you’re not alone in this” bc they both feel that way

IT’S NOT DEFINITE but this was just one of me and my friend’s interpretations of what the song could mean to them ;; 

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do you ever think about what you're doing and realize how much time we all spend writing about 2 people having sex whom we've never met and don't even know if they're actually together (oh who am i kidding ofc they are) but like we've all devoted so much of our lives to writing about what we want two guys to be doing??? and if we started writing stories about how two people we knew who hated each other in hs were having sex together it'd be weird... idk its 2 am and i'm just ranting k bye ily

honestly ive thought about this but i think it’s actually a really wonderful thing??? Like, think about it. These two nerds on the internet were able to bring together THOUSANDS of people who have the same interests and sense of humor. They brought together a plethora of people who are now able to meet their platonic soulmates because of them, and they’ve encouraged so many people to express their creativity with the internet. I know a lot of blogs who have started doing art or making edits/gifs or writing because they’re so filled with passion for these two guys that they want to shout it to the world! And it’s so wonderful because it becomes a new hobby, one that can grow and blossom into something so wonderful, maybe even something that can get them a job in the future! Plus, fanfiction in general is such a great way to bring a community together as well! The reason I started writing is because I wanted to make people happy with my work and to make them feel hopeful! A huge theme i try to convey in a lot of my fics is hope, because it’s something important to me. And what better way to spread a message like this than through a whole bunch of people who are a part of a fandom?! It would have been so much more difficult to have an impact through an actual novel, because not a lot of people really read large books like that anymore. I can’t tell you how many people i see messaging authors and saying that their works saved them, made them feel better, made them feel like they had a purpose in life, etc. This is so fucking wonderful because these stories affect a large audience, something i dont think paper novels often do. Not to mention, a lot of people i know are REALLY craving lgbt+ books and can only access a lot of it through fanfiction. this is such a wonderful thing! something that can make everyone who’s a part of this community feel like they belong! 
All in all, fanfiction and fanart, and FANDOMS in general are so wonderful because they allow people to share their creative juices with the world, receive feedback, and also meet friends who share the same interests! It’s such a wonderful thing :D

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okay but what about a kiss cam au? sid and geno are both at a baseball game or something and they don't know each other, but end up next to each other(bc like fate idk). they definitely notice each other but it'd be weird to be like "hey stranger please date me". the kiss cam thing is happening and it zooms in on taylor and sid and they're like wtf!! we're siblings!! so sid just takes a shot in the dark and grabs geno by the shoulders and kisses him silly and geno is Shook

taylor brings a sign that says “we’re siblings” everytime they go to a ball game, and when Sidney and Geno are married, the sign becomes “we’re siblings, but my brother’s sitting next to his husband!” 

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Omg yeah the straight girls acting gay thing was so confusing and frustrating for my very not straight very closeted younger self. Sure I understand that for some it's probably that they're not straight and it's a safe way to express it BUT my two very straight friends at school used to pretend to be gfs (whilst both dating guys) held hands to intentionally get reactions in public, kissed on the cheek, faked dating etc. and it always made me sooo uncomfortable I just couldn't figure out why

yeeeaaaahhhhh i felt this so hard like my straight girl friends will cuddle and touch each others boobs and slap each others asses and shit and like… i always felt weird about that? and like at the time of course i was “not gay” but looking back on it i know i assigned a different feeling to physical contact with my female peers than they did; wlw relationships were “jokes” and just “really good friendships” to them while the thought of touching my friend’s boob made my heart race and my palms sweaty. i think a lot of young wlw struggle with this because straight girls dont assign any significance to these things, its all fun and games for them, but for a lot of wlw its stressful and forces us to recognize that theres something about us thats different that we end up repressing

  • me@myself: okay so he has shown signs of 'liking' u but its just playful banter. this man loves his job. he didn't go to a top university just to get the sack for having a relationship with a student. anyway if he did 'like'u back that would be weird. why would a young man be searching for love at the school HE TEACHES AT. no no no. immoral shit right there. he's already done enough damage, so try forget about him. he isn't even attractive or anything. and he's nice to everyone, not just you by the way. haven't you noticed?
  • also me@myself: okay so he has shown signs of 'liking' you and it has to be more than just playful banter. the way he looks at you, how he's always trying to make you smile and lift your spirits... surely that means something. the little glances and sneaky smirks he does in class when he makes a joke or if someone makes a dumb point make you feel like more than a student to him. he talks to you as if you're a friend. and he's shown signs of being attracted to you if i do say so myself. and i adore his voice, his mannerisms, his dry wit. the way he pensively strokes his beard. when he rolls up those shirt sleeves. when he joins in our conversations and helps us with out of school issues, despite not being our form tutor. yeah, he tries to be nice to everyone but can come across as sarky, even to you. but thats just what teachers are like. he's a good guy, despite what your friends say about him 'liking' you. God you're so in love with him that you wouldn't care if he liked you back. you'd make a move. we'd be the cutest couple, honestly. your friends think he 'likes' you back. they've seen how both your behaviours change when you're around each other. they think its weird how much he likes you. they say he treats you differently, and they're right. you know that. but why? does he love you? does he want you as much as you want him? you'll never know.
  • these are the pains of having a teacher crush.

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I absolutely adore the friendship with Lili & Madelaine. They seem like real genuine friends. More like sisters actually. Not to say that Lili & Cami don't have a genuine friendship. Just when I see pics and videos of them together I get that vibe. They have a real close bond. I hope to see a friendship develop between Betty & Cheryl in season 2. I mean they're practically family after all.

I absolute love this too about them!! Maybe it’s the fact that they used to be roomates and, you know, spent even more time together but they seem so cool and comfortable around each other! I just love when they do lives together because they chat randomly and they have this sibling banter? I mean all these vegan jokes that Lili uses to tease her and then Mads teasing her about her weird pet peeves; they are so genuine and completely themselves around each other. And now Lili has made Madelaine her model and Mads is uploading pictures of them and I’m just here grinning at how gorgeous and close they look. Here’s to hoping for more Cheryl and Betty scenes in the future! I bet those two can bring the Blossom family back together and help the company (legally) thrive again. Just picture them both CEOs in the maple syrup central offices. Such badass women in power!


Matt Bomer & Liv Tyler as Ted & Jessica in Space Station 76

  • Dick Grayson: When you guys first came in, we were as wholesome as the family in the Brady Bunch. Now we're as dysfunctional and incestuous as the cast of the Brady Bunch.
  • Artemis Crock: I agree with Dick. This is getting creepy.
  • M'gann M'orzz: No more creepy than when Conner wears tight jeans and you say, "I'd like to slap those buns on the grill!"
  • Artemis Crock: First of all, I don’t talk like that, and second of all where I'm from it’s perfectly normal for women to talk about their male friends' backsides. You don't see me saying anything about Dick and Wally's weird little relationship.
  • Dick Grayson and Wally West [to each other]: They're just jealous.
We might as well be strangers
We might as well be strangers

"As you get older you realise that things just get more complicated and it's just never a simple 'everything's delightful' - I mean I find that I feel very happy with that side of my life, but at the same time there always bad things and always difficult things, and I'll always like taking those and expanding on them and thinking where they might go and using those as ideas for writing. I don't know if that just means I'm a 'glass half empty' person or whatever, but in a way those are the most interesting things to write about - it's not particularly interesting to write a song about how 'everything's really lovely'. I think people are just very interesting, and those sorts of funny things that people say and do, and you don't really know if they're good or bad, but they're just weird. The way people behave to each other is so strange. We Might As Well Be Strangers is definitely one of my favourites songs I've written because it's so ... unbelievably depressing. I feel that it builds up and it just sort of explodes, it's like it smoulders along for a while and then there's a big cry of frustration, and then it just hangs its head, and then goes back to the 'for all I know of you now' bit. It's a very sad song." - Tim - Strangers DVD

Kagehina Colors

I just realized Hinata and Kageyama’s hair colors are Karasuno’s school colors. The school ships them.