they're just too cute i can't

- You must have a very sweet tooth.
- No, they’re not for me. I give tea to some Russian refugees every Tuesday and Thursday. They love cake.
- I love cake!

I have this headcanon that Haruka likes to wear Rin’s clothes.
And then we have Haruka who gives Rin his favorite t-shirt not once but in two different occasions.
And this is how a new headcanon is born: Haruka likes to see Rin wearing his clothes for two reasons: first off, he gets to watch his boyfriend’s muscles thanks to how tight the t-shirt fits him. Secondly, when Rin will eventually take off the shirt, Haruka can then wear it once at night, so that Rin’s scent can linger in the air longer and at the same time he can feel safe thanks to Loosey-kun. Rin + Loosey-kun is like heaven for Haruka.
(I’m so deep with these two)


-But what about the surprise?
-What? I just wanted to walk home with you.


This is my favorite scene out of the whole show. I’m not kidding.


#you’re going to wish your kids were a little more removed as well rod #like i can’t be the only one who noticed that ascanio and gabriella are actually the cutest relationship on the show #just one scene but THEY’RE. SO. CUTE #these gifs are too small for you too see all of her little smiles #OTP.