they're just super adorable

Happy Birthday Izuku! May all your hopes and dreams come true, Hero :>

Bonus: Later at school…

Bakugo can’t wrap presents for shit.

okay but can we talk about fem!cullen

I’ve been thinking about this all day and just need to vent a bit because fem!Cullen would be amazing. Literally Cullen, as is, but who has always been a lady. She’s still Commander of the Inquisition, (which is now ruled by a bunch of ladies who get shit done), and still blushes and stutters when she’s around cute girls and puts her soldiers through their paces with all sorts of authority and won’t take shit from anyone. Her hair is always a curly mess because she’s been growing it out for the first time since she joined the Templars and has no idea what to do with it. It’s always in a messy braid or bun to keep it out of the way, but by the end of the night when she’s up to her elbows in reports half of it has fallen out of the braid because she’s not very good at braiding yet. 

Okay but also fem!Cullen, who has big boobs and a flat butt and big muscled shoulders on top of a broad ribcage, and strong thighs covered with stretch marks on top of knobby knees. Fem!Cullen who, no matter how hard she tries to get abs like Cassandra has never managed to, and instead has a soft tummy that she’s come to accept. Fem!Cullen whose hips don’t stand out too much because of her waist isn’t super tiny, who looks fantastic (but miserable) in a corset and so looks best in soft leather trousers and a well worn loose white shirt because that’s what she’s comfortable in. Who doesn’t mind wearing dresses but refuses to wear heels because she never learned how to walk in them. Fem!Cullen who can fight through red templars for hours on end without a break, who smiles like the sun when she sees her partner, who is struggling through recovering from lyrium withdrawal and PTSD and all of the side effects that come with it but is fighting through it. 

Fem!Cullen who finally gets taught how to braid her hair properly by the Inquisitor, who has long hair that needs to be mostly out of the way for battle all the time, and ends up with glorious viking shield-maiden braids. Who can’t do the really intricate ones herself so will sit on the floor with her back against the Inquisitor’s legs as they brush out and braid her hair as she reads them their reports out-loud and plans out battle strategies. Who is falling for the Inquisitor quickly and is slowly gaining her confidence back around them. 


glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥

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Yo I love your overwatch stuff :D it's awesome and cute and sexy could we get Hanzo confessing to his fem!crush (like the one you did with McCree) but they're both super awkward and shy around each other and it just being adorable. Bonus if Genji, McCree, and Tracer are watching from behind a corner squeeing because their OTP finally happened

Sorry this took me so long! I hope you like it.

Hanzo Shimada was the loveliest man you had ever laid eyes on. You had only spoken a few words to him since you’ve been here, but those were some of your best memories. It was safe to say you loved him, a man that would never return those affections.

Here you were staring at him again. You always loved to watch when he trained and it wasn’t only because he did it shirtless. He moved so fluidly and precisely that it was strange that he even had to train at all. He looked in your direction suddenly and you turned away so quickly that you ran into someone.

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Go ahead and make an acrobatics check


Their height difference kills me, Marinette looks so smol compared to Adrien

“I’m sorry I took so long, guys…!”

——Welcome home, Roy.

Aaaaaugh I just have so many feels about Roy being back in Smash 4, it’s ridiculous ;x; Finally, all of our nerd babies are back together. So I did a little celebratory doodle, because I just want these nerds to be bff swordsmen forever. It’s a bit late, but have these three being adorable. And yes, OoT Link since he was with Roy originally shush.

Idek what’s going on with the bg ha ha

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