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I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.


John: …

Alex: … 

John: So I’m taking that as “one large coffee” for you then.

Alex: …

Alex: Yes, please…

(based off of this post by @dankdotham )


kaleidoscope eyes // panic! at the disco

on wednesdays we wear black  → for trill witches with an internal hierarchy

1. sea lion woman nina simone 2. ima read zebra katz featuring njena redd foxxx 3. rhiannon fleetwood mac 4. voodoo woman koko taylor 5. dance apocalyptic janelle monaé 6. last day of magic the kills 7. nightmare artie shaw and his orchestra 8. bring the noize m.i.a. 9. moonglow benny goodman 10. dark fantasy kanye west


I introduced “slimesonas” to my bestfriend and they already made two- I so decided to make my own too!

my original was actually Zagu until I realized that I needed one more xD @limesmoothie for making these slimesona thing happen :’y

the complete lack of no-homo-ing in buddy system is amazing. they basically spend every waking moment together and take naps leaning on each other’s shoulders and there’s never an ounce of awkwardness, not even a chuckle. this is just how their relationship works, and they like it just the way it is.  they’re best friends and they love each other! it’s! so! good!!!

thanks, rhett and link, for giving us something to focus on today that’s fun and pure and silly. thanks for making your fans smile when they really need it. y’all are aces.

So many sides to Karamel, tho...

Here we have two…

…Adorable dorks being cute af every chance they get.

…Puppy-eyed frenemies seeing things differently.

Allies working together for a common goal.

…Drunk buddies having fun at the bar.

…Lonely friends with a shared past.

…Training partners fighting for the city.

…Planet-wise neighbors.

…Planet-wise rivals.

…Alien refugees.

And I could go on all night.

so this old thing is making the rounds again and i saw these tags

AND BOY ARE YOU IN LUCK @youre-not-really-here because someone recently commissioned me to draw exactly that

Hey so uh i don’t think i ever posted this? It’s old but I’m still really proud of it, these are my kids Clover (left) and Carmen (right) and they have a v big backstory that I’m still working on

Heya! i feel like people dont do this stuff anymore BUT i just wanted an excuse to wish y’all a v happy holidays, i hope you have a fun time however you celebrate or even if you dont celebrate at all! I hope you have good ending to this shitshow of a year and i hope 2017 is everything u wish for! I havent been that active this year but ive been on this hell hole website for a lot of years now and i met some wonderful people here so i just wanted to wish you all the v best and shoutout your blogs so there, okay thats all i have to say, peace out x

(ps. if we’re mutuals and youre not here i still love u v much, i just follow a lot of people, u can curse me out if you want, and if we’re not mutuals but youre following me i love you too and i wish the very best for you aswell, also hmu, be my friend i want to follow more ppl lmfao k bye) 

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Entj (guy) and intj (girl) detective duo !

Oh, this one should be interesting!

ENTJ calls INTJ while she’s looking through the file of a case she’s been investigating for a few days. She picks up the phone without even looking at it.

INTJ: Hello.

ENTJ: We’ve got another one.

INTJ: Are you kidding.


INTJ: Why did we get it?

ENTJ: Because we’re good at what we do.

INTJ: Are we the only ones that are good?

ENTJ: The only ones good enough for this one, evidently.

INTJ: Why can’t INTP and INFP handle it?

ENTJ: Because they accidentally started playing hide and seek on their last assignment.

INTJ: *Pinches the bridge of her nose*


ENTJ: Hello?

INTJ: *Irritated* Yeah, where is it.

ENTJ: Four-forty-one. Madison.

INTJ: I know it. I’ll be there.

ENTJ: I can pick you up.

INTJ: I’m already driving. *Gets up from her desk, grabs her keys and sets out for her car*

ENTJ: Okay.

INTJ: Can you give me a summary of what we’re going there for?

ENTJ: A murder.

INTJ: Figures.

INTJ: I’m so tired of murders.

ENTJ: Well, it’s murder season.


INTJ: That’s actually partially true.

ENTJ: This was three, though. Apparently there was a scuffle, too.

INTJ: Great. Let met guess, everything is in disarray.

ENTJ: What kind of murders have you seen where everything wasn’t entirely fucked up?

INTJ: The murders I wish I could be solving in my dreams.

ENTJ: A.) You dream about murders? My god, INTJ! You need some friends, or something.

INTJ: I have all my own reasons and am perfectly content with my current number of friends.

ENTJ: Which is–

INTJ: None of your business.

ENTJ: Ha. That’s what I thought.

ENTJ: And B.) You have some high standards for being a detective.

INTJ: I never said it was logical.

ENTJ: Don’t you pride yourself in being that way, though?

INTJ: Humans have inconsistencies and I am no exception.

ENTJ: At least you’re honest.

INTJ: Do we have a suspect? Or a murder weapon, at least?

ENTJ: I’m not there yet.

INTJ: So slow, ENTJ.

ENTJ: I’m on the other side of town, so you might get there before me.

ENTJ: Also, I had to ditch my sandwich for this.

INTJ: That’s very sad.

ENTJ: When you get there, if I’m still driving, just talk to forensics and get the whole scoop from them.

INTJ: You usually talk to forensics, though.

ENTJ: I also usually get time for a full lunch.

ENTJ: And anyway, you wouldn’t want to sit around doing nothing, waiting for me to show up, would you?

INTJ: *Sighs* Fine, I’ll do it.

ENTJ: Good.

INTJ has just finished talking to forensics at the site of the crime. ENTJ pulls up in his car and forensics flees from his sight. ENTJ walks under the caution tape.






ENTJ: *Reaches INTJ*


ENTJ: Where’s the main scene.

INTJ: Over this way. I’ve not seen it myself, yet. I just got done with forensics.

ENTJ: And?

INTJ: Like you said, three people dead. Two shot, the last one bludgeoned with something. They aren’t entirely sure yet, but I doubt the weapon will be hard to find.

ENTJ: At least narrow it down to all the blunt objects with blood on their ends.

INTJ: Precisely.

ENTJ: Any potential witnesses?

INTJ: Maybe. The lady who called us, obviously. I’ll get to her in a few moments.

ENTJ: You don’t want me to do it?

ENTJ: You always said I’m more of the “people person”.

ENTJ: Why don’t you work on all of this and I’ll talk to her? It’ll be easier.

INTJ: Well, you’re not exactly the most nurturing presence.

ENTJ: *Raises eyebrow*

INTJ: I’m not really one to talk, of course. But you have a much larger stature. If I do the interviewing, she might be a bit more relaxed.

INTJ: I’m not holding my breath, but it’s worth a shot, at least.

ENTJ: Whatever gets the job done.

INTJ: Exactly.

They come to the true scene of the crime and look around for a few moments, taking notes, making observations and listing potential leads and places to expand on for further investigation. Another officer enters and calls for INTJ.

Officer: Did you want to interview the first witness right now, or get to her later?

INTJ: I’ll get a little bit of info now, just so we have something from her, but I’ll need to get back to her, anyway – she’ll probably remember more, in time.

Officer: Follow me.

ENTJ: Hey, good luck, INTJ. Let me know what happens, when you’re done, okay?

INTJ: Sure. And same to you. We’ll have a lot to go over tonight.

ENTJ: We got this.

INTJ: Yeah, we do.

Both: *Fist-bump*

INTJ: *Leaves*

ENTJ: Okay… now…



INFP: You know, I heard ENTJ and INTJ fist-bumped each other, earlier. ESFJ from forensics was making fun of them for it.

INTP: Why?

INFP: Because they were mean to her.

INTP: Oh, right.

INTP: Wow, they fist-bumped?

INFP: Yeah!

INTP: Pfft. What nerds!

INFP: Hehehe, I know.

Both: *Takes sip out of juice box*

I really didn’t even plan all of this one out, so hopefully it came out well enough. I think it did, for the most part. Honestly, ENTJ-INTJ duos in “work mode” would be, like, hella productive. Oh, also, mbtipartyblog, apparently I decided to make it in the same universe as your INTP-INFP cops. 

I’m sorry but can people just… stop making posts about how stimboards are bad because “the Neurotypicals have taken stimming and made it a Trendy Aesthetic! they all just like slime and paint and don’t care about people who REALLY stim!” I just saw another one of these and I’m so annoyed over it.

To be clear, I’m not talking about posts where people say things like “Allistics/NTs people who enjoy stimboards should be aware that autistic people are often made fun of for their body stims and that glitter and paint isn’t all stimming is!” Those are good and fine. I’m talking about the posts I’ve seen where people…. somehow don’t seem to realize that the majority of stim blogs are run by autistic people, people with ADHD, people with severe anxiety… you know, the exact kinds of people who need to stim. (And yes there are NT people who make stimming into an aesthetic, I’m not denying that, it’s just that they’re the minority in terms of people who run stim blogs.)

If you don’t wanna take me at face value on that previous statement, I just went through all of the stim blogs I’m following and here are some numbers–
Blogs run by at least one autistic person: 35
Blogs run at least one allistic but otherwise neurodivergent person (and no autistic people): 29
Blogs run completely by neurotypical people: 2
Blogs that didn’t seem to specify: 14
Let me reiterate: I went through eighty (80) different stim blogs and the amount of those with at least one autistic or otherwise ND mod was sixty-four (64). The amount of those with only NT mods was two (2) and the amount that could go either way was fourteen (14). I think it’s safe to say that tumblr’s visual stim community is largely made by and for neurodivergent people who are genuinely helped by stimming.

But some people don’t seem to be aware of this and they make posts that say things like we shouldn’t be referring to videos & gifs that we literally use to help us audio & visual stim as “stimmy”? That we should just call stimboards “gif moodboards” instead? And that we think stimming is a Trendy Aesthetic when really we’re literally using these things to stim? And then act as if none of us know what it feels like to be made fun of for our body stims? And generally just act like we’re all neurotypical people?

Personally I unlearned so many of my stimming behaviors as a kid, including rocking, flapping, and hair twirling, because I kept getting picked on at school for doing them. Every time I go out I’m afraid I’ll accidentally start doing a “weird” stim in public and embarrass myself. Tons of people who run stim blogs also have body stims; we do know what it feels like be stigmatized for them.

Look, I just… I understand if stimboards don’t do anything for you personally. I understand if you’re bothered that neurotypical people enjoy and share them. I get that. And, like I said, I understand that there are neurotypical people who treat stimboards like they’re just a cool new aesthetic–it’s okay to complain about that. But they’re the ones who should be blamed for it, not us. People getting mad about the concept of stimboards existing without realizing that the majority of those who make them are the kinds of people who actually need them is what bothers me.

Sorry for ranting so much, I didn’t expect this post to end up this long… I guess basically what I’m saying is that we should continue making posts explaining that things like flapping and chewing are also stims and making fun of people for them is wrong, because those are genuinely helpful. But we should stop making posts acting like all stimboards are made by Neurotypicals who want to Steal Stimming, because that’s literally not true and makes me feel bad as an autistic person who runs a stim blog.

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